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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, series Static Shock season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in 2000-09-23 by The WB Television Network. The TV show was created by and directed by Dwayne McDuffie. Actors in the cast include Phil LaMarr. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Shock to the System

air day: 2000-09-23

Virgil Hawkins is a great, humorous teen that will get beat up by gang chief Francis, who calls himself “”F-Stop.”” The different gang chief, Wade, protects him a few instances, however says he cannot be there on a regular basis for him. He needs Virgil to affix his gang. Virgil duVirgil would not wish to be a part of a gang since gang gunfire killed his mom. He tells Virgil to point out up on the docks and afraid to say no, he does. They give him a gun as F-Stop’s gang reveals up, and gang fights start. mps the gun within the river and hides because the police arrive. As quickly because the police get there, they shoot, however it hits some gasoline canisters, inflicting the canisters to leak out everywhere in the docks and into the town. Virgil runs house and the following day, discovers he can management electrical energy and something metallic. He goes over to Richie’s home, his finest good friend, and so they pick a fancy dress and a superhero title for Virgil. And Static Shock is born.

Episode 2


air day: 2000-09-30

Metahumans are all over the place and most of them are doing crimes. Virgil begins to combat crime as Static, however when the bully “”F-Stop”” comes again as a metahuman himself, in a position to management hearth, Virgil tries to beat him as soon as and for all. “”F-Stop”” renames himself Hotstreak. Virgil additionally learns that Alva and the Mayor had been liable for the gasoline that brought on the mutations, however must show it. He sneaks into Alva’s workplace to get proof, however has to combat off one among Alva’s henchmen to get it. Later, as he fights Hotstreak once more, the disk will get destroyed with all of Alva’s data on it. Static powers up and eventually beats Hotstreak.

Episode three

The Breed

air day: 2000-10-07

Asked to tutor a monitor star, Virgil discovers that he’s one other “”bang child””, who mutates right into a 7-foot bruiser and has been recruited right into a prison gang run by a shadowy mutant named Ebon.

Episode four


air day: 2000-10-14

While combating Carmen Dillo, Static encounters a big amoeba with a style for meat, primarily individuals. Static shocks it and grabs a chunk of it to review. He and Richie go into faculty after hours to review it, and run into Frieda and her associates who wish to write a protest about lack of funding for the varsity newspaper. After learning the amoeba, they be taught it was mutated by the massive bang however are uncertain cease it. The amoeba escapes the lab and runs via the varsity with Virgil giving chase. But the big amoeba hones in on its lacking piece, and runs via the varsity grounds searching for individuals to eat. Static finds out that the amoeba is harm by disinfectant, and grabs two giant canisters of disinfectant, dumping it on the creature. It dissolves and Dakota is saved.

Episode 5

They’re Playing My Song

air day: 2000-11-11

Rubberband Man breaks right into a document firm, looking for the person who stole his hit track from him. A document government says it was Ice Pack. Ice Pack resides off of RB Man’s wealth now since he has that track. RB Man assaults Ice Pack, however is stopped by Static. RB Man defeats him and continues chasing Ice Pack. Robert makes Virgil get a job, so he applies at Burger Fool. When Freida performs Ice Pack’s music, an individual will get mad and walks out. While Ice Pack is signing CD’s, RB Man reveals up and kidnaps him, placing him on prime of a spire. RB Man claims to have written the music Ice Pack raps to, however Ice Pack has no thought what he is speaking about. At Burger Fool, Virgil sneaks out to go to the state of affairs. When Ice Pack begins to fall, Static catches him. As it seems, Ice Pack’s producer was the one who ripped him off. RB Man, whose actual title is Adam Evans, confronts the producer. The producer admits to it and locks him in a vault. Static reveals up and figures out RB Man is caught. Static free

Episode 6

The New Kid

air day: 2000-11-18

Virgil’s dad and Principal agree that he’s too sensible to remain in Dakota High faculty. With the assistance of a scholarship, they ship him to a complicated Science and Technology faculty, the place he meets geeky bullies who change into upperclassmen and his academics. All the opposite college students are a snore besides Daisy, who is gorgeous and humorous, and helps Virgil together with his initiatives. They work on a brand new prototype program that absorbs electrical energy. Virgil fingers it over to his academics who use it for an enormous robotic that rampages the town. The robotic belongs to Edwin Alva and the varsity is funded by him. Alva tells the academics the prototype had higher cease Static, the bane of his existence, however Virgil and Daisy sneak in and overhear every little thing. The academics see them and so they run away, solely to have the enormous robotic assault them. Virgil modifications into Static and he fights off the robotic he helped construct, finally defeating it by figuring out its weak spot. Back at his outdated highschool, Virgil is comfortable to find that D

Episode 7

Child’s Play

air day: 2000-12-02

Dwayne appears to be like as much as his step brother, Aron, who simply received out of juvenile corridor and moved again in with them. Virgil is aware of Aron hasn’t modified his thieving methods, and needs Dwayne did not admire him a lot. When a water fountain provides cherry soda, and a online game character involves life, Aron and Virgil work out that Dwayne is a metahuman. Aron tries to trick Dwayne to steal stuff for him. After combating off Dwayne’s dangerous guys as Static, Virgil methods Aron into saying how he actually feels about his little brother, and Dwayne stops utilizing his powers for his brother’s pleasure.

Episode eight

Sons of the Fathers

air day: 2000-12-09

Virgil wonders why Richie by no means invitations him over to his home to hang around. Richie tries to keep away from the query, however Virgil presses and Richie invitations him over on an evening he thinks his father might be out. Things are advantageous till Richie’s father, Mr. Foley, reveals up and begins saying derogatory feedback that Virgil tries to disregard. But when Virgil overhears Mr. Foley make a racist remark, his naivete is gone. Richie argues together with his father, then runs away. Mr. Foley goes to Virgil’s dad to see if he is aware of the place Richie is, and so they reluctantly work collectively to seek for him. Static finds him and says they’re nonetheless associates and to go house. However, within the shadows, Ebon lurks, overhearing this and kidnaps Richie to lure Static right into a entice. Robert and Mr. Foley discover Richie first and attempt to take out Ebon and his henchman, however quickly Static finds them and makes a rescue. Richie’s father modifications his racist perspective and tries to hearken to his son now.

Episode 9

Winds of Change

air day: 2000-12-16

A bang child named Slipstream, who can management the wind, makes use of his powers for meals and destruction. Richie comes up with new methods for Static to combat crime, however Virgil simply needs to hang around with Daisy and would not care about Richie innovations. Richie turns into jealous and he and Virgil cease talking to one another. Richie thinks he can save the day together with his innovations higher than Static and tries to cease Slipstream. Richie will get clobbered, together with Static, however he makes use of one among Richie new innovations to save lots of the day. They make up and agree that Static’s the hero, Richie’s the sidekick and neither wanted to be jealous.

Episode 10

Bent Out of Shape

air day: 2001-01-27

Sharon dates a rapper who seems to be the escaped prison, Rubberband Man. He actually does like Sharon however goes on the run. She convinces him to show himself in, however Virgil would not see any good within the man. Meanwhile, two metahuman bounty hunters wish to acquire on Rubberband Man and attempt to seize him.

Episode 11


air day: 2001-02-10

Static’s arch enemy, Edwin Alva, opens a brand new civic heart. Alva’s son, Alva Jr., tries to get his father’s consideration, however is repeatedly ignored and scolded. Junior tries to assist his father by telling him he is found out the properties of the serum that created the metahumans, however his father refuses to pay attention. Angered by this, Junior makes use of the serum to turn into Omnifarious. He controls and chooses his mutations, and makes use of this skill to destroy his father’s delivery companies and warehouses. When Static tries to cease him, he acknowledges him as Alva’s son. Alva makes use of his powers to be taught Static’s identification, and threatens to inform everybody if Virgil tries to cease him once more. Static goes to Alva Sr. and tells him his son is destroying his firm. Alva confronts his son, then orders his guards to try to cease him. They attempt to kill him and Alva Sr. cannot cease them. Static saves Omnifarious, who confronts his father once more, however he nonetheless would not hearken to his son. Omnifarious makes use of all the meta ga

Episode 12


air day: 2001-03-03

A washed up youngster actor with a grudge goes on a stealing spree on the mall. He is a metahuman with the power to duplicate himself. Static stops him and chases one among his copies to an deserted carnival. He fights the unique because the constructing falls down round them, knocking Static out. Static wakes up and goes house solely to see himself on the information occurring against the law spree and attacking the police. The police activate Static and so they put out a reward for his seize. Even his finest good friend, Richie, would not consider him. Virgil figures out that Replay should have duplicated Static and convinces Richie to assist. Static corners Replay on the TV studio and Richie movies every little thing dwell as Static fights his duplicate, whereas Replay confesses to all of the crimes. Static’s title is cleared and Replay heads for jail.

Episode 13


air day: 2001-05-12

Virgil is attempting to cope with the lack of his mom as his father and sister put together a memorial service in her honor. A metahuman, who resembles the Incredible Hulk (solely purple) goes on a rampage in a restaurant after which at Virgil’s faculty. Richie and Virgil assume it could be a fellow classmate, Thomas Kim. When they go speak to him, their suspicion is right as he transforms and goes after them. Static, remembering what his personal mom stated about tantrums, lures Thomas away the place he will not do a lot injury and he quickly turns again to regular.

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