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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Drama, series Renegade season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was released in 1995-09-11 by USA Network. The TV show was created by and directed by Stephen J. Cannell. Actors in the cast include Lorenzo Lamas, Sandra Robinson, Branscombe Richmond, Stephen J. Cannell. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Sawed-Off Shotgun Wedding

air day: 1995-09-11

Reno Raines succeeds it to make along with Bobby Sixkiller and Cheyenne two Dealer innocuous – in such a approach it appears not less than at first. On the police station they have to expertise nevertheless that one of many two drug sellers enjoys immunity, since he’s the vice-president of the banana republic Costa Verde. But thus Reno Raines doesn’t need naturally to be happy. It offers entrance to the message and tries, at data over the vice-president Cortez to come back…

Episode 2

Honeymoon in Mexico

air day: 1995-09-18

The two head cash hunters Reno and Bobby need to stretch in Mexico, to get pleasure from solar, sea and nice society. When the bridegroom of a pair freshly trusted disappears with out hint, its girl turns to the 2. Naturally Bobby and Reno of the younger spouse can’t refuse the help. When Bobby tries to catch up on the police inquiries one places him for brief hand into the jail. For the 2 head cash hunters a haarstraeubender case begins.

Episode three

The Ballad of D.B. Cooper

air day: 1995-09-25

Bobby Sixkiller arrives at fairly uncommon approach at secret details about a capital felony: A Poker opponent desires to settle its playing money owed with Sixkiller, by telling him the hiding place of D.B. Cooper, one essentially the most well-known Ganoven of all instances. Cooper succeeded it earlier than 25 years to commit a spectacular airplane hi-jacking and escape. Until immediately the F.B.I. suspends a reward on its seizure, the Bobby to not be escaped to not find a way desires…

Episode 4

Most Wanted

air day: 1995-10-02

Bobby and Reno hunt Felipe. This is simply a small bounty, however that Bobby acts moderately with out motivation, it’s exceptional: Since he was chosen by beneath the ten most in demand Singles, he’s solely occupied with the women. Bobby stays nonetheless grasp of the state of affairs – nonetheless then he falls in love with Laurie. And now the person is all of a sudden ineffective. Reno distrusts to Laurie, however Bobby has for it no ear thereby has Laurie just one objective: It desires to kill Bobby.

Episode 5

Liar’s Poker

air day: 1995-10-09

The Julie condemned due to an armed armed theft breaks out of the jail, in an effort to get the booty from the hiding place in twin of case and disappear. Bobby and Reno are sooner: While Bobby speaks with police head Turner, Reno & Julie snatches itself. It tries to persuade the pinnacle cash hunter of the truth that Turner of the authors is. Julie leads Reno to the hiding place, the place additionally Turner emerges a bit later. Two additional males seem after which the state of affairs escalates.

Episode 6

Dead Heat

air day: 1995-10-23

Reno and Bobby should come this time a mysterious horse killer on the hint: Several beneficial operating horses had been already killed in brutal approach, which made an insurance coverage firm distrustful. Reno takes thereupon a job on the stud on, on which the horses had been killed. Already quickly it proves as a superb horse specialist and wins themselves the arrogance of the proprietor Donna MacKenzie. That doesn’t please the foreman SAM in any respect…

Episode 7

An Uncle within the Business

air day: 1995-10-30

After the dying of an expert killer, that was set on Reno as soon as, Bobby and Reno frightened about its daughter Lisa. Now with it’s damaged in and a bug is put in. As seems, the gangster is Snyder behind a observe guide of the useless one in the past, wherein all homicide orders are registered. Reno brings Lisa from the hazard zone – and should it up thereby over its felony father clear. Afterwards fear it and Bobby about Snyder and its accomplices.

Episode eight

Offshore Thunder

air day: 1995-11-06

On the event of an accident with operating with combed boats Reno meets the sister of its murdered engaged Val once more. Debbie, which is first not impressed to see Reno once more examines this accident. Finally they arrive collectively a weapon smuggler on the hint, which makes use of the speedboats for its soiled enterprise. Reno may be employed as drivers, in an effort to acquire proofs. During operating all of a sudden the management precipitates.

Episode 9


air day: 1995-11-13

An previous good friend of Bobby’s, who’s presently being hounded by her ex-husband for custody of their youngsters. Now she has been seeing an expert escort and when she comes residence she finds her residence has been robbed and was about to name the police when the man warns her to not trigger if she does her ex-husband will get photographs of her with him. She then calls Bobby and asks him to get the negatives who instructs Reno to hitch the company. Reno does and instantly one in all theif purchasers chooses him. Reno does not give in to her overtures however implores her to inform them that she had fun. Eventually they get the negatives.

Episode 10

Another Place and Time

air day: 1995-11-20

Bobby Sixkiller desires to completely seize Tony Spano, a very scruples much less Mafioso, which killed its personal cousin on its engagement celebration. On Spano’s head is suspended a excessive premium, and Bobby desires to not naturally find a way which to be escaped. It receives help from its previous good friend Sonny, an proprietor of evening membership, who can name it the hiding place of the gangster: the Penthouse of a big lodge. Now Bobby desires to have the ability to be transferred there as a guard…

Episode 11

Sins of the Father

air day: 1995-11-27

Dutch Dixon’s son Donnie is likewise measure-guesses/advises like its father. When Donnie will dismiss from the jail, Bobby suggests a enterprise to him: He is its father to measures to provide with and proofs for Reno’s innocence to show. Donnie, which hates its father, offers with it. As people gelaeuterter within the jail it places its father in right here. In an previous church it comes to indicate down. Reno Dixon, which is shaken by the frequent plans of its son, saves the life.

Episode 12

No Place Like Home

air day: 1996-01-01

A easy order and a quick cash, suppose Bobby Sixkiller: It is to accompany the intercourse offender Ted Fisher dismissed on probation to its domicile, which was assigned to it by the legislation. But Bobby is mistaken. In every metropolis, which they drive by way of, the residents protest towards the discharge Ted Fisher. Also on the vacation spot just isn’t it totally different. Nobody believes Fisher, who nonetheless protests its innocence. Also Reno goes to Fisher nearly on the glue.

Episode 13

Baby Makes Three

air day: 1996-01-08

The straight two head cash hunters Bobby and Reno discover a child earlier than their door! While they struggle, they uncover the infant to windings on the strampelanzug the signature of a store for child clothes. In hope to come back over this enterprise to these bodily dad and mom make themselves the 2 on the search and decide quickly wonderful: The nut/mom of the infant is Mary Ann Scholl, a very good acquaintance of Bobby and Reno. And is into giant difficulties…

Episode 14

Hound Downtown

air day: 1996-01-15

Hound Adam emerged once more. Hound is with all touchdown on water washed cheats. It is within the possession of a cartridge, which might show Reno’s innocence. In order to strategy at Hound, Reno should nevertheless to New York. Reno will get out, how Hound out-cheats its victims, and waits in a sure place for it. After some misses Reno reach putting Hound. In this instantaneous additionally the police emerges. Reno turns into the soil too scorching.

Episode 15

Stationary Target

air day: 1996-01-20

Reno pursues a killer and causes a heavy visitors accident. Days later it wakes up within the first-aid publish. The Ambulance Driver helps him to beat his Amnesia. Dutch Dixon skilled from the accident and drives into the hospital, in an effort to kill Reno. This escapes within the wheelchair. Now Dixon Reno’s good friend Bobby buttons itself forwards. In the meantime Reno can stop a homicide. Bobby from Dixon’s drive may be launched by a skillful trick.

Episode 16

Rio Reno

air day: 1996-01-27

By a mysterious time bounce Reno comes immediately into the wild west. There it meets a merry Charlatan named Bobby Fourkiller. This sells brewed cures to the individuals. Besides he’s a coffin carpenter and head cash hunter. Reno is on the seek for its previous enemy Swede Mason alias Dutch Dixon within the current. But Reno of Fourkiller is caught a bit later and delivered to the Sheriff.

Episode 17

Paradise Lost

air day: 1996-02-05

Reno is hunted by a legislation guardian crosswise by the desert . The state of affairs appears hopeless. The fairly Kelly Anderson one lures the Sheriff on a unsuitable monitor and brings Reno to a Oeko farm. There it maintains Reno wholesome. All inhabitants are stranded existences. Here they need to start a brand new life in conformity with nature. The Idyl is misleading: Peter Bancroft tinkers gladly bombs and deposits her with choice at animated locations.

Episode 18

Love Hurts

air day: 1996-02-12

Undeclared attendance for Bobby. Its stepmother Amanda is situated all of a sudden within the door – with Bobby’s cousin Brittany. The cousin is moderately fairly, however not less than simply as naive. The woman, who desires to review within the giant metropolis, finds Bobby’s job extraordinarily thrilling. On a district she turns into acquainted with a pleasant policeman, and now she is throughout content material. But Brittany’s new life is sensitively disturbed, when the harmful bed room assassin emerges.

Episode 19

Hard Evidence

air day: 1996-02-19

The former member of the air Force Pete Flood affords Bobby Sixkiller 10,000 greenback reward. It is to hunt out a container, wherein the wreck is a part of a UFO. Bobby and Reno regard Flood as a crank. But 10,000 greenback is already an argument. The two make themselves on the search. With their determinations Reno and Bobby uncover an icy wall of the silence. It appears that FBI and air Force have to cover one thing.

Episode 20

The Dollhouse

air day: 1996-04-15

he two head cash hunters become involved in a gathering with a woman journalist. Finally they hope to have the ability to load thereby the corrupt policeman Dutch Dixon. Dangerous approach emerges the girl nevertheless as spirit-disturbed. You are just one due to the center: It want to maintain their household collectively after the dying of the tyrant father. And however you might be every means fairly additionally homicide! She kidnaps Reno into its home, the “house of the dead dolls”.

Episode 21

Hog Calls

air day: 1996-04-22

On the seek for the cartridge as proof of its innocence Reno and Bobby within the agency of the ice-cold mafia legal professional Johanna land. It engages Reno as bodyguard and a possible lover. But the intelligent legal professional will get moderately quick out, who their new “gorilla” is actual. Reno and Bobby obtain the order to seek out the kidnapped bride of the Mafioso Pena. As wages talked about cartridge indicators.

Episode 22

The Road Not Taken

air day: 1996-04-28

Reno pursues his newest bounty (one Henry Travers) at an amusement park.He captures him.He himself is captured nevertheless,and arrested,and together with Travers is put into the identical cell.While awaiting for the arrival of Dutch Dixon,who had been contacted,Reno begins having regrets about his life,and expressed,and wished he had by no means been born.He,and Travers would quickly escape from jail,and from the second that they do,they’d enter that world that Reno wished for:’that he had by no means been born’.He would encounter among the individuals in his life’his pals,and foes’ whose lives had turned out both good,and unhealthy.

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