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The first episode of the Comedy, Talk, series Real Time with Bill Maher season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 was released in 2004-01-16 by HBO. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Bill Maher. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode inch

January 16, 2004

air daily: 2004-01-16

Guests: Ret. Wesley Clark, artist Moby, Rev. Al Sharpton, celebrity Ron Silver, congressman Darrell Issa (RCA)

Topics: American values, Iraq, MoveOn.org, air

Episode 2

January 23, 2004

atmosphere daytime: 2004-01-23

Guests: Actor Richard Belzer, novelist Farai Chideya, senator John Edwards, David Frum, Ralph Nader

Topics: Iowa caucus, The Apprentice, Olivia Goldsmith, novelty in islamic Foreign places

Episode a Few

January 30, 2004

air daily: 2004-01-30

Guests: Actor Larry Miller, celebrity Sean Astin, prior Bush-Cheney 2000 media secretary Mindy Tucker-Fletcher; online satellite television to get personal computer Max Cleland and Michael Moore

Topics: Democratic Republican applicants, gay union, Israel

Episode 4

February 06, 2004

air afternoon: 2004-02-06

Guests: Author Andrew Sullivan, journalist Ron Suskind, celebrity Rob Schneider, fighter Carol Moseley Braun, fighter Jennifer Granholm

Topics: Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl stunt, Martha Stewart, specific pursuits’ power within politicians

Episode 5

February 13, 2004

atmosphere daily: 2004-02-13

Guests: Actor Jason Alexander, writer Deborah Simmons, celebrity William Baldwin, Bill Burkett (II), James Moore[(II), Heather Wilson

Topics: Bush Limo assistance, The Passion of this Christ, porn

Episode 6)

February 20, 2004

air afternoon: 2004-02-20

Guests: Comedian D. L. Hughley, creator Debra Dickerson, celebrity Jon Favreau, George Allen, Rep.

Topics: John Kerry, John Edwards, out Sourcing, shameful heritage

Episode 7

February 27, 2004

air afternoon: 2004-02-27

Guests: Actor Ian McKellen, fighter Christine Todd Whitman, Sandy Rios, Kwame Kilpatrick, Ralph Nader

Topics: The Passion of this Christ, homosexual union, air

Episode 8

March 05, 2004

atmosphere afternoon: 2004-03-05

Guests: Comedian Martin Short, discuss present server Tavis Smiley, economist Stephen Moore, Sen.

Topics: Bush’s brand new ads, Kerry, Haiti, steroid scandal in baseball, Super Size Me and rapid foods, Martha Stewart found Liable

Episode 9

March 12, 2004

air evening: 2004-03-12

Guests: Author John McWhorter, comedian George Carlin, prior Canadian PM Kim Campbell, HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, NPR radio sponsor Sandra Tsing Loh

Topics: Religion, indecency in networking, Madrid bombings

Episode 10

March 19, 2004

atmosphere evening: 2004-03-19

Guests: Journalist David Frum, comedian Eddie Izzard, founder Gore Vidal, Previous governor of Vermont Howard Dean, Business Man Russell Simmons

Topics: Madrid bombings, renewal of those Patriot Act, more youthful voters, voting devices

Episode 11

July 30, 2004

atmosphere afternoon: 2004-07-30

Guests: Rep. David Dreier, prior Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell, film-maker Michael Moore, artist Andre 3000, Gov.

Topics: Iraq, 7 min of silence, Nader’s candidacy

Episode 12

August 06, 2004

atmosphere evening: 2004-08-06

Guests: Comedian Steve Harvey, Rep. Kay Granger, prior Rep. Bob Barr, and writer Cokie Roberts

Topics: Terrorism, Kerry’s warfare file, corn Ricky Williams, homosexual union

Episode 13

August 13, 2004

air evening: 2004-08-13

Guests: Comedian D. L. Hughley, prior Sen. Gary Hart, creator Michelle Malkin, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, and also columnist Maureen Dowd

Topics: Muhammad Khan, president Bush, racial profiling, Jim McGreevey

Episode 14

August 27, 2004

air evening: 2004-08-27

Guests: Author Michael Eric Dyson, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, author Ashleigh Banfield, founder and Vietnam veteran John E. O’Neill, Brigadier General Janis Karpinski, discuss present server Chris Matthews

Topics: McCain–Feingold Act, Iraq, air

Episode 15

September 03, 2004

atmosphere evening: 2004-09-03

Guests: Actor Jason Alexander, Andrew Sullivan, Arianna Huffington, Howard Dean and Pat Buchanan

Topics: Republican National Convention, Iraq

Episode 16

September 17, 2004

atmosphere evening: 2004-09-17

Guests: Author P.J. O’Rourke, thinker Cornel West, celebrity Julie Delpy, writer Kitty Kelley, correspondent Christiane Amanpour

Topics: Bush loved ones, attack weapons ban improved(antidepressant medication

Episode 17

September 24, 2004

atmosphere daily: 2004-09-24

Guests: Screenwriter Larry Gelbart, columnist Maureen Dowd, caricature artist Aaron McGruder, Rep. Charles Rangel, celebrity Drew Barrymore

Topics: Dan Rather, Kerry advertising effort, tobacco litigation resolutions

Episode 18

October 01, 2004

air daily: 2004-10-01

Guests: Comedian George Carlin, correspondent Katty Kay, economist Stephen Moore, The Dixie Chicks, talk present sponsor Tucker Carlson

Topics: Presidential election disagreements, religion

Episode 19

October 08, 2004

air afternoon: 2004-10-08

Guests: Lt. Michael Steele, comedian David Cross, commentator Tony Snow, Film Maker Michael Moore, columnist Frank Rich

Topics: Presidential election disagreements, terrorism, and religion in politics

Episode 20

October 15, 2004

aviation: 2004-10-15

Guests: Singer Alanis Morissette, prior Rep. Howard Dean, radio current server Garrison Keillor

Topics: Election disagreements, networking from politics, Iraq

Episode 21

October 22, 2004

air evening: 2004-10-22

Guests: Former CIA manager James Woolsey, prior Asst. Of State James Rubin, celebrity Bradley Whitford, environmentalist Robert Kennedy, Jr. And White House adviser Dr.

Topics: Iraq, influenza vaccinations, Bill O’Reilly suit

Episode 22

October 29, 2004

air evening: 2004-10-29

Guests: Actor Richard Belzer, General Wesley Clark, celebrity Kevin Costner, columnist Thomas Friedman, commentator Ann Coulter

Topics: Osama bin Laden, Missing Compounds in Iraq, elections

Episode 23

November 05, 2004

air afternoon: 2004-11-05

Guests: Former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson, celebrity Susan Sarandon, linguist and political analyst Noam Chomsky, comedian D. L. Hughley, columnist Andrew Sullivan, and preceding U.S. Representative Pat Schroeder

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