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Through episodes that are later Ton’s Uncle Pisai tries to take control the firm, and Ton grabs him at the act of embezzling income from Ton’therefore business. But becauses mum, the situation has been dropped, Jay ends up dead for some period of time and until eventually Ton ’ s mother. Pisai ultimately ends up studying about the Rark Boon box as a result of an evil spirit that wishes to conserve the box, when Jay admits that she would like to need for the box. Can Ton keep lifeless? Is his mum moving to live? Who’s the evil spirit?

Jay interns to get Ton’s company since an embalmer. When Ton ’ s dad goes away he leaves into Jay, his best buddy and his kid. Jay takes also her brother, along with care of her mother who is identified as having cancer. As Jay will work her educator in embalming, using the uncle, she finds that a box called Raak Boon in his workplace. Jay realizes that the Raak Boon meets dreams to chosen few, should they even help three ghosts fulfill their desires. The uncle talks concerning his experience of desiring his spouse to get much better from Ton ’ and prostate cancers daddy who had to live longer. Because of this, Jay hopes that the box may pick her to own a 6 sense therefore that she is able to desire her mother well, however, her cousin warns her that when she doesn’t meet the deadline to greatly help each ghost that the box will eliminate her. Ton ends shooting Jay up, but finally rehires her although throughout many.