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Viyda belongs to some celebration hosted by Pong In and sees that Sood Samoun a nurse has been already scoring details together with Pong In. She makes the decision to seduce Pong In. Pong In denies her and then she dismisses off their relationship and drinks in rage. Keitchai who’d been following her at hopes to getting together with her thought once he’s slept with her he’ll go and ask for her hand in marriage but she disses him and emphasise him stating he has no family name that same evening.
After getting his learn at 13, Nou Cha gets back from the usa. Wiparwarn boils seriously to bangkok and tells him of what exactly is happening in between Monthai along with Bpee along with also the 2 want to make them comprehend one another Viyada realizes and tries to tear Bpee’s face and embarrass her in front of everybody else but it fails out she puts angry which the two had planned to help Bpee along with Monthai therefore she moves and take revenge simply by going to watch Nang Noun Nou Cha’s mum and convincing her that Nou Chai and also Wi Par Warn does not match together since they’re unequal in status. His mommy subsequently asks him to break it off with Wiparwarn … Nou Cha really loves his mommy a lot, allot therefore he sets Wiparwarn as much as misunderstand by putting Bpee’s earing inside his automobile for her to misunderstand. Bpee locates out a way for the 2 to work things out.
In order to obtain back together with Maen Ward Pong in after a tireless effort makes the decision to go house so he moves and says goodbye to Bpee in Mahatweit and gives up . . Viyada calls Monthai and sees and Khun Jian will come along with discontinue them and requires them to watch Khun Ying tap on Tim. Harness Tim tells Pong so should he wishes currently Bpeeyachat he needs to do it accurately and come back throughout the doorways. Pong In laughs and tell the everyone else that is Maenward and they’re confused. By inviting Maeward and Pong In into the shore for a break along together with him and Viyada Accompanied by Establish and Bpee Tee Monthai afterward decides to assist. Although there Monthai and Bpee gets closer but Viyada interupts. Straight back Monthai determines that it’s time for him to receive his union plans together with Viayda on the way. However, Khun Ying drop inducing Monthai need to push at on the marriage. Nou Cha had demonstrated himself to Wiparwarn’s mother and father and so they enable them to get married because many of it was due of Bpees help. Khun Ying requires Monthai to tell him that if she gives all of her money and wealth to Bpee will nevertheless marry him and is very keen on this? Monthai is sure that Viyada does not care about riches and the wealth also tells her to do as she awakens. Viyada who is eavesdropping tries to locate a means and then outside hears this.
Monthai wants to get romance moments towards Bpee by hugging and kissing her Jian to where Khun Jian has already established to remind him. However, Khun Ying Harness Tim enjoys it and backs up them to secure closer. She suggests Monthai to take out Bpee. While out they both bump into Establish and Maenward Tee ward considering that Australia. Bpee asks Monthai to take her and send out a telegram therefore she inform him about Maen Ward and can telephone Pong In. Monthai faults which her fan is being called by her therefore he sarcastically sends one.
Viyda starts a warfare and pretends to be Lukkana. Viyada fantasies that she and Monthai will marry and receive Mahatwiet however when they open the will Viyada comprehends that Khun Ying gave 1 / 2 an fifty percent to Monthai and Bpee of her belongings. Viyada accuses of pretending to be the ghost to scare her of Lukkana bpee. Bpee does not have everyone to support her and she does open her mouth to refuse. Monthai is incredibly upset therefore tells her to go off.

Monthai Mahataweit the a young guy of 18 yrs older is astonishing and fine at every way whether it is instruction or his family’s title. He’s likewise the only son of a wealthy writer Jao Khun Mahat along with Khun Ying (girl) Tap Tim. He’s the enthusiast of Viyada Hiranwat a young lady who’s permitted by Khun Ying Harness Tim since she’s equal in status and rank she wants to them to get participated before Monthai proceeds into faculty.

On your day which residence is returned by Monthai Guer is. Monthai asks about his mommy illness. Guer tells him that his mum is becoming far better simply because Viyada has been taking good care of her inducing her to get much better. Monthai return back into Mahataweit but is upset to find that she’d lied and pretended and that it has Bpee to be Viyada. Harness Tim is really angry that Monthai tries to make them marry and also is back . . Monthai seeing that her didn’t discontinue. He assumes that she’s hoping to come across the possiblity to marry him. Bpee is really mad therefore she reacts that she already has a lover.
His dad dies, right after Monthai proceeds to continue school as her heart is mourning and his mom falls ill. She is sick having a heartdisease and psychologically. Wipahwarn suggests Bpee goes and manage her who doesn’t want to move. She sees Faucet Tim therefore she gives her hands to adhesive Tim moving to a jolt transplant after Bpee arives. Jian will come and also see also understands that its Bpee which has been delivered and maybe not immediately after mending the wounds of Bpee she Viyada takes her up to provide admiration and greet grin Tim. Therefore Jian tells Bpee to pretend to be Viyada for awhile tap Tim will not don’t forget Bpee and calls her Viyada. Because Harness Tim has improved alot since Bpee arrived Guer who’s Harness Tim’s physician and Monthais buddy comes and is shocked. . He starts off to confuse Bpee for Viyada Monthai’s lover.

1 day Yai Tiam is accidentally hit by soaked Viyada’s father. Before her passing She’d questioned Weit to treat Bpee. Her mum uses and Viyda and abuses Bpee as she is a slave . . The only person has been the little sister of Wiparwarn Viyada. Viyada starts applying Bpee being being a messenger among her and monthai . . Providing a possiblity to reach know how gentle and sweet Monthai is inducing her to worship him more to Bpee. He purchases a day dress to join the party delivering him off. Viyda is quite angry and supporting Monthai she covertly pinches Bpee out of jealousy and tells her to go house. Bpee goes and yell at a bushes and falls asleep.Monthai will come by and sees her and conveys her home. He bumps into Lukkana inducing her into screeam, while moving residence. Harness tim and Jian stems and watch them and thinks who have hid to flirt about. She subsequently proceeds and defeats Lukkana and smack her mum. Monthai tries to discontinue his mommy but it will not work. Monthai asserts to greatly help prove Lukkana’s innocence at the morning, however before the afternoon Monthai and his mommy has to find a image Lukkana had chased herself. Once Monthai admits that he will never come home to let his mommy watch the association between son and mother falls apart.
Viyada gets Monthai telegraph and moves down into mahataweit to watch him and Monthai is fearful that she won’t have the ability to face his mommy so Bpee moves and admits the fact to Harness Tim rather than getting angry she is nevertheless attached with Bpee due to her kindness. As soon as Viayda gets there she knows Bpee … On Pong In side gets Bpee telegram and immediately boils into bangkok hoping to getting back together with Maen ward but no matter what it generally does not appear to get the job done so he moves and get Bpee for help. Monthai errors and strikes him for the lover.

Jao Khun Mahat is actually a playboy type that’s many wives and at those comprise the mum of nuan Nou Cha. Nou Cha is currently the half brother and someone who Monthai really loves and is close to of Monthai. Harness suggestion is fearful that Monthai is going to be similar to his dad so she harrassed Lukkana a innocent lady and the mum of this female kitchen maid. She’s this because she’s fearful that Lukkana will seduce Monthai inducing Lukkana for pounded and beat around. Without a decision Khun Jian which is mind house-keeper and Harness Tim’s bestfriend warns Monthai to keep far and abandon Lukkana for awhile, simply because he thinks of Lukkana just as a sister, but Monthai does not imagine her.

After that Bpee has to proceed to Chiang Mai with Viyada’s loved ones Viyada is not the same person who see person at an identical time. The newest guy that Viyada had place landscapes on is Por Liang Pong At a loaded and very attractive person whoever owns a lumber business at an identical period that Monthai continues to be writing love letters into Viyada always without knowing that the full time that it is in reality Bpee that he is writing into him. . Bpee is aware which the key reason is because he has a beyond with Maen Ward Bpees english language instructor from school and is close to Pong in.

On his passing Bpee follows to ship Monthai off and giving him a handkerchief along with his name stitched right into it Monthai then picks up an asoke flower that’d slipped to the ground and gives it to her and tells her that no matter how much he moves he will always give her service.

1 day the small lady Bpee climbs the fence whilst Viyda was imploring and whiny with Monthai; inducing Bpee to no longer grip within her chuckle; humiliated Viyada begins to conquer and hit Bpee however Monthai helps her and asks her till he finds out that she lives together with her grandmother “Yai Tiam” in the broken down hut; also that she climbed the gate since she required to decide on the “Asoke” (Indian Flowering Plant) for food. Monthai out of shame presents a little sum of cash to her. That positioned Monthai as her benevolent individual and had made a marker within her heart even though it was modest to Bpee it was many money.