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The first episode of the Documentary, series Modern Marvels season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 was released in 2001-01-08 by H2. The TV show was created by and directed by Bruce Nash. Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Battle Gear.

air day: 2001-01-08

From battle armor to bubble gum, you is likely to be stunned by what troopers have carried into battle–and what they’re going to carry in future wars. In this take a look at the event of weapons–from the Roman soldier’s gladius to the M16 assault rifle to infrared scopes and organic weapons safety–we additionally uncover the evolution of physique armor–from knights to Kelvar-protected “Land Warriors”. And we’ll additionally discover out what the “Future Warrior” will appear to be.

Episode 2

Proving Grounds

air day: 2001-01-16

Where are you able to hearth a missile with out scaring the neighbors? Or raise thousands and thousands of kilos in pursuit of a few ounces of gold? On a proving floor, in fact, the place efficiency is the one factor that issues. Because within the warmth of battle or head-to-head competitors, no excuses might be given. We’ll go to the US navy’s Cold Regions Testing Center in Alaska and desert proving grounds in Arizona, the Olympic Complex in Colorado, and the now-defunct Packard proving grounds in Michigan.

Episode Three

Commercial Jets

air day: 2001-01-22

Commercial Jets traces the evolution of business aviation from the stumbling beginnings of the De Havilland Comet to the wide-body rocket ships of as we speak. This is the story of a high-tech worldwide competitors amongst a area of excessive stakes gamers. Billion greenback offers experience on cutting-edge designs to hold extra passengers father, sooner and safer.

Episode four

Apollo 13

air day: 2001-01-29

The Apollo 13 mission was meant to be a “routine” journey to the moon. But when an oxygen tank exploded, the spacecraft was crippled and its Three-man crew positioned in mortal hazard. The Lunar Module, meant for deployment on the moon’s floor, as a substitute grew to become a lifeboat. Scientists and engineers on earth fought a race towards time to save lots of the crew. We’ll study the mission, which practically led to tragedy, however as a substitute was a powerful success, and in some methods grew to become NASA’s most interesting hour.

Episode 5

Survival Technology

air day: 2001-02-07

In an historic survey of man’s adaptation to killer environmental circumstances, we journey to the desert, the Arctic, the ocean, jungle, and house, charting the physique’s physiological responses to excessive circumstances comparable to frostbite, heatstroke, and hypothermia. We speak with navy survival consultants and study concerning the newest cutting-edge survival gear, in addition to the gear aboard the house station, and look to the longer term, when nano-technology will create a brand new sort of expertise.

Episode 6

Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel

air day: 2001-02-12

Named one of many seven engineering wonders of the fashionable age, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel connects Virginia correct with its easternmost landmass. Stretching 17 miles throughout the historic Chesapeake Bay, the construction represents a man-made boundary between the Bay and the Atlantic. The construction contains two 2-lane highways supported largely by trestles, 4 man-made and one pure island, two truss bridges, and two revolutionary sunken tube tunnels.

Episode 7

Garage Gadgets

air day: 2001-02-22

The family storage serves because the at-home sanctuary for the fashionable American male. Most males think about themselves to be “handy around the house”. Fathers and husbands see it as their function to offer for and deal with the household’s dwelling and possessions. From garden care merchandise to snow elimination and outside cooking, the Garage Gadgets of Do-It-Yourselfers have developed over many years to face the ever-changing challenges of sustaining a house.

Episode 8

Construction Machines

air day: 2001-03-01

Feel the earth transfer underneath your ft and dig into the fascinating story of earthmoving gear–from the straightforward spade to as we speak’s highly effective steam shovels. Meet legendary giants like John Deere, Jerome Case, and the founders of Caterpillar, who helped forge America’s monolithic development trade. Ride on specialised behemoth dump vehicles, delve beneath sea stage to view dredging gear, and depart the planet altogether to discover earthmoving house gear on this 2-hour particular presentation.

Episode 9

Hadrian’s Wall

air day: 2001-03-12

Leonard Nimoy hosts half hour documentaries which discover uncommon pure and supernatural phenomena. In this episode, he takes a take a look at Hadrian’s Wall.

Episode 10

Monster Trucks.

air day: 2001-03-19

Ride shotgun in our rollicking historical past of the Monster Truck, and meet the daddy of the mythic beast, Bob Chandler, whose EM Bigfoot /EM gave start to the game in a cornfield years in the past! Weighing 10,000 kilos, the behemoths entertain utilizing brute drive. Thrill to breathtaking stunts in California, Indiana, and Florida, as mounted cameras show the shakes, rattles, and rolls drivers expertise; and meet the lads who race these mechanical mammoths in one of many world’s fastest-growing motorsports.

Episode 11


air day: 2001-04-11

From the earliest recognized lighthouses, such because the Pharos of Alexandria, one of many Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, to modern-day automated buoys and solar-powered lantern rooms, this historical past of lighthouses is wealthy with private tales of lighthouse keepers, daring development efforts, and ingenious optical discoveries. Today, as lighthouses are usurped by extra environment friendly aids to navigation, these elegant constructions are being transformed to bed-and-breakfast inns and environmental retreats.

Episode 12


air day: 2001-04-16

From colossal gadgets designed to save lots of the world to mind-expanding, world-shrinking machines, we hint the evolution of mice and menus. Learn concerning the world’s strongest pc, IBM’s ASCI White, that operates at 12-trillion calculations a second. See how the primary room-sized computer systems, comparable to ENIAC, modified the world. Bite into Apple’s historical past, the machine that made computer systems a family equipment. And peer by way of a microscope to see the molecular computer systems of the longer term.

Episode 13

Engineering Disasters Three.

air day: 2001-05-07

When design flaws fell tasks, the fee is usually exacted in lives as we see on this take a look at engineering disasters. Why did the Tower of Pisa start to lean by as a lot as 17 ft; what induced the primary nuclear accident in 1961 in Idaho; what killed three Soyuz 11 cosmonauts aboard the world’s first orbiting house station; how did a winter storm destroy the Air Force’s Texas Tower Radar Station, killing 28; and what errors led to NASA’s lack of the Mars Climate Orbiter and the Mars Polar Lander?

Episode 14

Chemical And Biological Weapons

air day: 2001-05-14

This episode of Modern Marvels examines the historical past and expertise of chemical and organic warfare, which might be traced again at the least four-thousand years, to the wars of historical India, when troopers used poisonous fumes towards their enemies.

Episode 15

International Airports II

air day: 2001-05-21

In this historical past of worldwide airports, we deal with a number of airports for example the developments and expertise of their development and operation, starting with Miami’s Dinner Key and together with New York City’s LaGuardia and JFK, London’s Gatwick, Dulles close to Washington, D.C., Los Angeles’ LAX, Denver International, Japan’s Kansai, and Korea’s new Inchon. It all started on a farmer’s area close to a flat seaside–the subsequent step might even see them develop into interplanetary platforms!

Episode 16


air day: 2001-06-08

Whenever a tradition reaches a stage of sophistication in literacy, science, and language, codes spring up spontaneously. As the social lifetime of a group will increase in complexity, the calls for for personal communication between two or extra folks inevitably result in cryptology–a system of secret symbolic messages. We discover the wealthy historical past of speaking with secret symbols–from Egyptian hieroglyphics to Caesar’s encrypted directives, from WWI and WWII codebreakers to our on-line world.

Episode 17

The M-16

air day: 2001-06-11

The strongest assault rifle ever utilized in fight, the M-16 grew to become the image of our misplaced battle–Vietnam–and might simply be known as America’s most unloved gun. Yet, 30 years after its introduction, it stands as a potent icon of U.S. navy power worldwide. We’ll clarify the way it virtually ended up on the scrap heap!

Episode 18

The Colosseum

air day: 2001-06-19

Modern Marvels brings the guts of the Roman Empire again to life by way of the wealthy historical past of this well-known amphitheater. Built in 70 AD, the Roman Colosseum seated 80,000 folks, boasted a retractable roof, underground staging gadgets, marble seating, and lavish decorations. To at the present time, it serves because the prototype for the fashionable stadium. The complexity of its development, the fantastic thing about its structure, and the performance of its unique design made the Colosseum the proper place for enormous crowds to congregate for the bloody spectacles it was constructed to comprise.

Episode 19

The World Trade Center

air day: 2001-06-25

An historic take a look at the technological engineering of the World Trade Center. The particular was accomplished and the interviews passed off earlier than the tragic occasions of September 11, 2001. Rather than remake this system to mirror the horrors of that day, our program stands as an historic file to the surprise it as soon as was–from the development of this technological feat to the each day working of its advanced system. The program gives a number of the final inside footage of the Twin Towers.

Episode 20

Hardware Stores

air day: 2001-06-26

Modern Marvels explores the evolution and way forward for the issues that maintain our world collectively. From the blacksmith to the Home Depot, it’s the story of nails, screws, mollybolts, duct tape, and tremendous glue. We will go to one of many oldest shops in America, Placerville True Value and wander the aisles of the mega-giants like Home Depot and OSH Hardware. This program chronicles the rise of the “Big Box” tremendous shops and the way the mother and pop, native shops, nonetheless handle to outlive.

Episode 21


air day: 2001-06-27

From a computerized liquor-dispensing system in trendy L.A., to a ladle and a tin cup in an 1850′s mining camp, MODERN MARVELS investigates the historical past and expertise of the American saloon.

Episode 22

More Gadgets

air day: 2001-07-24

A salute to the instruments and toys which have stood the take a look at of time–from the Zippo lighter to the Palm Pilot, the 21st century’s first nice gadget. As we deal with the expertise behind acquainted devices, we see the refined methods they’ve modified our lives. Other objects embrace the flashlight, transistor radio, security razor, and the metronome. We additionally go behind the scenes at Herbst-Lazar-Bell, a cutting-edge industrial design agency, and Gadget Universe, a fledgling retailer attempting to topple the Sharper Image.

Episode 23

Cattle Ranches

air day: 2001-07-25

From the 19th century’s legendary cattle drives to the million-acre ranch kingdoms that sprang to life with the tip of the Open Range to 21st-century methods that embrace synthetic insemination, embryo transplants, and genetic engineering, we overview the historical past of cattle ranching. We’ll experience herd with trendy cowboys as they twirl ropes and model calves, and look to the cattle ranch of the longer term, the place cloning will produce the best meat-producing steer with a persistently juicy, low-fat carcass.

Episode 24


air day: 2001-08-21

Cannons have fired balls of iron and atomic bombs, modified the best way wars are fought, and now come geared up with sensible weapons. Beginning with 13th-century cannons that have been designed to penetrate forts of the day, we’ll see how cannons have been first forged and later solid, and present how massive cannons terrorized civilians and troopers in WWI and WWII. Moving to the current, we characteristic the 40-ton self-propelled Crusader that launches 100-pound metal artillery shells greater than 33 miles.

Episode 25

Nuclear Subs

air day: 2001-08-28

The most priceless jewels within the arsenals of a handful of nations, some nuclear submarines carry extra firepower than all of the bombs dropped in historical past. Since the 1950s, these deadly metal sharks have been a cornerstone of U.S. protection coverage. The Cold War launched an underwater race for supremacy with the Soviet Union. The consequence: engineering miracles, which roam 70% of the earth’s floor, offering deterrence to enemies, intelligence about adversaries, and an abiding sense of dread.

Episode 26

Air Shows

air day: 2001-09-04

From barnstormers to Blue Angels, vintage plane to supersonic jets, every year there are an astonishing 425 air exhibits in America alone, entertaining over 18-million spectators. From futuristic festivals to billion-dollar expos, we discover the world of wonderful aerobatics and their ever-evolving plane and see how aviation expertise has affected air exhibits–and the way air exhibits have superior aviation. Find out why these high-flying occasions are second solely to baseball as America’s favourite household occasion.

Episode 27

West Point

air day: 2001-09-11

For practically 200 years, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, has educated college students within the artwork of battle. Located 50 miles north of New York City, its 25 buildings overlook the Hudson River on a 16,000-acre authorities reserve. During the Revolutionary War, West Point stood guard over the river, defending it with artillery and a 136-ton chain! From humble beginnings, the academy grew with the nation, as every battle pressured modifications to maintain tempo with America’s increasing world tasks.

Episode 28


air day: 2001-09-18

Dynamite explodes hills to bits, drills divide sheer stone partitions, 400,000-pound blocks are pulled from pits by big cranes, and males work across the clock to wrest rock out of the earth. Not diamonds or gold…rock, the uncooked materials of civilization! Without rock, trendy society would not exist. Roads, sewers, dams, bridges, buildings, paint, glue, make-up, antacids, and even chewing gum want crushed stone. From historical days to the current, we discover the evolution of quarrying methods.

Episode 29

Diamond Mines

air day: 2001-09-19

Half a mile beneath the earth’s floor, males mine for tough diamonds–a pure carbon substance. Brilliant when reduce and polished, they’re marketed as probably the most valuable gem on the earth. From the earliest mines of the 4th century BC to as we speak’s technological wonders in South Africa, we discover the historical past and expertise of the diamond mine.

Episode 30

The House

air day: 2001-10-15

If partitions may communicate…And within the subsequent two hours they are going to, as we construct a home actually from the bottom up, step-by-step, room by room. We’ll pour the inspiration, body the partitions, wire the electrical energy, set up the heating, dangle the drywall, tile the roof, and carpet the flooring. All to point out you the way and why it’s finished. We even take you again in time to see the bitter energy struggles, unintentional discoveries, and monumental breakthroughs behind as we speak’s constructing strategies and supplies.

Episode 31

Work Clothes

air day: 2001-10-16

From the riveted blue denims of the outdated ’49ers, working the gold mines of California, to the million-dollar fits astronauts put on in outer house, we see how “dressing for success” usually means with the ability to get the job finished. With the suitable work garments, folks have been in a position to go anyplace and do any job.

Episode 32


air day: 2001-10-17

From the earliest bunkers of WWI by way of the ultra-futuristic ones of tomorrow’s wars, we hint the story of defensive fortifications. In the fixed battle to carry off ever stronger types of assault, bunkers operate in quite a lot of types. Three mammoth block constructions comprise a submarine bunker at Lorient, France, in a position to home 20 subs. We go to Churchill’s Cabinet War Room and Hitler’s Berlin bunker, in addition to yard Cold War bunkers and those who shield nuclear weapons themselves.

Episode 33


air day: 2001-10-23

More than 2-million folks die within the U.S. every year. That works out to about 5,500 burials a day, with roughly 80 p.c taking the lengthy goodbye in a casket, and the remaining 20 p.c electing to be cremated or discovering some various methodology of crossing eternity’s threshold. We check out coping with the useless all through the centuries, and at as we speak’s $20-billion funeral trade. Any means you take a look at it, it is a wholesome enterprise, with new generations of consumers 12 months after 12 months!

Episode 34

War Games

air day: 2001-10-24

Modern Marvels seems at how military maneuvers have modified from easy “hide and seek” video games to extraordinarily advanced and complex operations that use pc simulations.

Episode 35


air day: 2001-11-13

Join us for a experience by way of the historical past of car-culture commerce from the primary fuel station to the drive-thru funeral parlors and wedding ceremony chapels of as we speak. We chronicle the start of the primary drive-in eating places that paved the best way for a billion-dollar fast-food dynasty, and have many lesser-known drive-thru venues, comparable to dry cleaners, flu-shot clinics, liquor stands, and drug shops. And we’ll take a journey to the longer term to see what merchandise is likely to be passing by way of the drive-thru of tomorrow.

Episode 36

Times Square

air day: 2001-11-27

The Crossroads of the World, New York City’s Times Square is the screaming market of our tradition and time. It’s city life pushed to the restrict–probably the most electrified, visceral, crowded, and vibrant space on the earth’s most dynamic metropolis. A singular district that eternally modifications its face, it sank into crime and sleaze within the 1970s, solely to rehabilitate within the ’90s right into a doubtful household leisure paradise. Join us for a visit to America’s Town Square on the intersection of Broadway and seventh Avenue.

Episode 37

Los Angeles

air day: 2001-11-29

Unruly and eclectic, Los Angeles is dwelling to an array of engineering and development marvels that rivals any metropolis on the earth. No single phrase can sum up the L.A. expertise, however the 5 marvels we profile give a way of the breadth and scope of town’s achievements: the brand new Red Line Subway system that barrels by way of a mountain vary; the freeway system; Los Angeles Colisseum, in-built 1923; the billion-dollar Getty Center that homes the household’s art work; and Disneyland, the primary theme park.

Episode 38


air day: 2001-11-30

Glass could also be our most versatile materials. It sheathes skyscrapers, comprises liquids, aids imaginative and prescient, permits communication at unimaginable speeds, and but stays a medium for creative expression. We see how, when man realized that heating sure rocks and minerals collectively may produce glass, this remarkably clear but robust materials started working its means into our tradition and on a regular basis life. As we glance to its future, we study that the one restrict to what glass might do is our potential to think about it!

Episode 39

Firing Ranges

air day: 2001-12-01

Discover how navy and police personnel, in addition to non-public residents, hone their capturing abilities with one of many oldest of coaching methods after we overview the historical past of firing ranges–from a easy knot on a tree, outdated bottles, rusted tin cans, and freeway indicators to high-tech targets and advances in weaponry.

Episode 40

The St. Louis Arch

air day: 2001-12-04

It is an impressive construction that rises boldly over the Mississippi river–40,000 tons of metal and concrete that create the largest arch of its form on the earth. Nothing prefer it had ever been constructed earlier than, nor tried since. We’ll see how its easy and stylish kind outcomes from outstanding achievements in development and engineering.

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