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The first episode of the Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, series Mew Mew Power season 1, 2 was released in 2002-04-06 by Fox Broadcasting Company. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Veronica Taylor, Amanda Brown, Amy Palant, Andi Whaley, Andrew Rannells, Bella Hudson, Jason Griffith, Kerry Williams, Rachael Lillis, Scottie Ray, Sean Schemmel, Tom Wayland, Mollie Weaver, Sharon Feingold, Kether Donohue. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Turning right into a Cat – Justice lies in a Girl in Love ~Nya!

air day: 2002-04-06

While Ichigo Momomiya is on her first date with Masaya Aoyama, she is bathed in an odd gentle and sees herself being merged with a cat. Afterwards, she begins to show cat-like behaviors. The subsequent day, Ichigo follows Masaya right into a park, the place an odd jellyfish-like creature takes over a rat’s physique, turning it right into a monster. Ryou Shirogane saves Ichigo and provides her a pendant permitting her to remodel into Mew Ichigo. With her new powers, she defeats the monster, turning it again into a standard rat. Afterwards, Ryou refuses to elucidate what simply occurred, so the newly arrived Keiichiro Akasaka presents to take action as a substitute.

Episode 2

A brand new comrade – Justice lies in an actual girl ~Nya!

air day: 2002-04-13

Ryou and Keiichiro inform Ichigo that the creature she noticed was a parasitic alien, referred to as a chimera anima. To cease them, the Mew Project infused 5 ladies with the DNA from particular endangered species, enabling the women to grow to be “mew mews”. Ichigo begins working at Cafe Mew Mew whereas looking for the opposite 4 ladies who bear the Mew marks. Keiichiro offers her a robotic, Masha, to assist together with her work. While going house, Ichigo meets Mint Aizawa and her canine. Later, Ichigo visits Mint’s house to return a handkerchief, however Mint’s canine turns into contaminated by a chimera anima. During the battle, Ichigo discovers that Mint is the second mew mew, Mew Mint. They defeat the monster, returning the canine to regular. Mint joins Ichigo in working on the café

Episode three

Ghost Story from School: Finding the Ghost’s true id ~Nya!

air day: 2002-04-20

Ichigo meets a shy and timid lady named Lettuce Midorikawa. Later on the café, Ichigo sees her with three different ladies, who’re attempting to coerce an unwilling Lettuce to attempt to a rumored faculty ghost. Ichigo “accidentally” dumps parfaits on them to get them to depart Lettuce alone. After work, Mint and Ichigo go to the college to research the “ghost”. Instead, they discover Lettuce who was afraid of being remoted due to her new powers and began “haunting” the pool. After a short combat, Ichigo and Mint calm her by explaining her Mew powers and welcome her to the workforce. While Ichigo is strolling house, an alien named Kish seems, steals her first kiss, and introduces himself earlier than disappearing once more.

Episode four

A Tearful Date – the key I can not inform Aoyama-kun ~Nya!

air day: 2002-04-27

Upset about her first kiss stolen, Ichigo avoids Aoyama, even declining a date with him. While searching for chimera animas, Masha leads her to the park the place she runs into Masaya. Resolved to overlook the kiss, Ichigo agrees to spend time with him. Kish assaults the park, turning a lion right into a chimera anima. Ichigo leaves a anxious Masaya behind as she hides to remodel and combat. After Mew Mint and Mew Lettuce arrive, the three defeat the monster. When Ichigo finds Masaya, he scolds her for working away. As they stroll house, he explains his fear about her, and Ichigo guarantees to not do it once more.

Episode 5

Stormy Rhythmic Gymnastics – turning into a Star with a Cat’s dance! ~Nya!

air day: 2002-05-04

The faculty rhythmic gymnastics workforce sees Ichigo keep away from the trail of an on-coming bus by leaping over it, and the workforce recruits her. A promise from Masaya to return and cheer for her on the competitors modifications Ichigo’s participation from reluctant to enthusiastic. After Ichigo’s spectacular particular person efficiency, Kish assaults with a chimera anima. After the Mew Mews defeat the monster, competitors continues; however Ichigo’s efficiency drops throughout her workforce’s spherical resulting from exhaustion from the combat. The workforce is proud of their second place win and names Ichigo the workforce’s Most Valuable Player.

Episode 6

The Piano of the Heart – It’s the heart-pounding dance celebration! ~Nya!

air day: 2002-05-11

While cleansing the café, a girl approaches Ichigo and Lettuce and begins talking to them in English (Spanish within the 4Kids dub), however they can’t perceive her. Masaya seems and interprets for them. The girl, Mary McGuire (Maria Rivera within the 4Kids Dub), is a pianist who Ryou requested for a efficiency at an upcoming formal celebration to reward the women for his or her good work. During the celebration, Kish seems and makes use of a brand new method to steal Mary’s (Maria’s) spirit to create a chimera anima. During the battle, he mentions the title of the mysterious alien chief, Deep Blue. The ladies use Mary’s (Maria’s) music to weaken the monster, enabling the women to defeat it and return her spirit again to her physique.

Episode 7

Enter Pudding – The Ears and Tail are Part of the Act!

air day: 2002-05-18

Returning from the grocery retailer, Ichigo stops to relaxation on a bench. A younger lady, Pudding Fong, begins performing acrobatic methods in entrance of her after which calls for a tip. Ichigo offers her a chunk of sweet then runs off. Angered, Pudding causes Ichigo’s cat ears and tail to come out. Amazed, Pudding chases Ichigo wanting her personal set of ears and tail with a purpose to generate profits. Ichigo lastly yells at her however later on the café feels sorry for the lady as they surprise why she desires to generate profits so badly and goes to apologize. The subsequent day, Kish makes an attempt to steal Pudding’s spirit, however the Mew Mews cease him. Using the spirit of one other human stolen earlier, he assaults with a chimera anima. While defending Ichigo and Mint, the monster’s assaults; Pudding’s mew mark is revealed and she or he transforms into Mew Pudding. She shortly helps them defeat the monster and is ecstatic to affix the Mew Mews.

Episode eight

To the Hot Spring! The Mysterious Mountain’s Miracle of Love

air day: 2002-05-25

The ladies win a day-trip to a resort within the mountains. On the way in which up the mountain, they cease at a shrine to eat lunch the place a boy named Masazou Aoyamada yells at them for desecrating the shrine of Bacchigappa, the god of the mountain. The ladies discover a pure scorching spring and cease to loosen up. There they study that the resort is underneath development and that their prize journey is for the next 12 months. Masazou tries to cease the development staff, claiming that the work has scared away the native otters and is destroying their habitat. Kish arrives and steals the boy’s spirit to create a chimera anima. The Mew Mews defeat the monster and restore Masazou’s spirit. The incident prompts the opposite villagers to affix in Masazou’s trigger to oppose the development.

Episode 9

Dearly Beloved Brother – The Memories lie within the Picture

air day: 2002-06-01

While at Mint’s home to borrow a costume, Ichigo meets her older brother, Seiji, who’s going to check overseas. She is saddened to study that they’ve grown aside after seeing an previous photograph of the 2. Wanting to assist the siblings reconcile, Ichigo invitations him to attend Mint’s subsequent ballet efficiency. When the women carry Seiji to Mint’s dressing room earlier than the efficiency, Mint maintains her distance from her brother. As he’s leaving, a chimera anima assaults and Seiji tries to guard Mint. After the Mew Mews defeat it, Mint once more tells Seiji he mustn’t waste his time there. He offers her a bouquet of flowers and tells her that she remains to be vital to him.

Episode 10

The Last Member – The Legendary Lonely Wolf

air day: 2002-06-08

One night time, a mysterious lady saves two folks from a chimera anima. At the café, the women learn a newspaper article concerning the incident and notice that none of them is the lady proven within the image. Mint arrives and acknowledges the lady as Zakuro Fujiwara, a well-known mannequin whom she idolizes. Ryou sends the women to an audition to fulfill her, however Pudding’s methods almost get them kicked out. That night time, the women discover her praying at a church the place she is attacked by a flock of crows contaminated by chimera animas. Before the women acted, Zakuro transforms and defeats all of them. Afterwards, the women are shocked with she refuses to affix them and dismisses them as annoying.

Episode 11

Hollywood Mew Mew

air day: 2005-04-30

Mint is upset by Zakuro’s rejection, and the others attempt to cheer her up. Ichigo and the others go to speak to Zakuro. Meanwhile, Kish approaches Zakuro and presents her a deal to return her physique to regular if she joins him. When the women arrive, Kish traps Mint, Lettuce, and Pudding in an alternate dimension. He then calls for a combat between Ichigo and Zakuro in trade for the trapped buddies. Ichigo refuses and returns to the café the place Ryou encourages her to belief in Zakuro and share her emotions. While capturing a tv present, Zakuro is attacked by a chimera anima. Ichigo arrives and battles the monster whereas Zakuro saves the others. After its defeat, Zakuro agrees to be part of the workforce. Apparently, the whole battle was aired on stay tv, and they also introduce themselves to Tokyo because the protectors of justice, “Tokyo Mew Mew”.

Episode 12

Identity Revealed – An Out of Season Cherry Tree Falls Away

air day: 2002-06-22

Masaya takes Ichigo to Inohara Park to point out her a big cherry tree that’s unusually blooming out of season. The subsequent day, Keiichiro discovers that 5 cherry bushes have been contaminated by the aliens explaining the early blooming. The Mew Mews got down to destroy them concurrently, or the bushes will launch a poison harmful to Tokyo. Mew Ichigo takes the tree in Inohara Park, the place Kish waits for her. A combat retains Ichigo from attacking the tree, and it begins releasing its poison. Ichigo jumps into the tree and efficiently destroys it. After Kish leaves, Mew Ichigo finds Masaya standing behind her after he referred to as out “Ichigo”.

Episode 13

Intersecting Hearts – Aoyama-kun is Targeted

air day: 2002-06-29

Worried Masaya found her id, Ichigo avoids him. Later, Ichigo intends to cheer for Masaya throughout a kendo match however is unable to face him. Later, a jealous Kish assaults him with a chimera anima able to recreating itself when attacked. Ichigo tries to combat the monster however is unable to destroy it. Kish tells her that he’ll let Masaya go if Ichigo turns into his, however Ichigo refuses and as a substitute dives into the slime and grabs Masaya’s hand. Her physique begins to glow and she or he breaks free, destroying the monster. Kish retreats and Masaya apologizes to Mew Ichigo for calling her “Ichigo”, explaining that she regarded like somebody he knew. Later, he thanks Ichigo for coming to cheer for him and ties a bell collar round her neck so she can’t run from him anymore. Disappointed in Kish’s continued failures, Deep Blue sends two extra aliens, Pie and Tart, to assist him destroy the Mew Mews

Episode 14

Akasaka’s Secret – A Tale of Sad Love

air day: 2002-07-06

Keiichiro begins making an attractive birthday cake for somebody, and the women ponder whom it is likely to be for. Later, Ichigo meets a girl named Rei learning butterflies. She later learns that Rei is Keiichiro’s ex-girlfriend, and the meant recipient of the cake. Even although they separated resulting from their totally different pursuits and jobs, he continues making her new birthday desserts for her. The ladies attempt to get them meet once more to resolve their lingering emotions. At Rei’s home, her spirit is stolen by Pie and Tart and used to make a chimera anima. With assist from Keiichiro, they’re able to defeat the monster and retrieve Rei’s spirit. In the tip, Rei and Keiichiro actually go their separate methods.

Episode 15

A Little Hero Masha – Friendship on the Risk of His Life

air day: 2002-07-13

The ladies surprise about Masha’s usefulness past simply detecting chimera animas and consuming the parasites. The dialogue leads Masha to query his confidence. While the Mew Mews combat a chimera anima, he tries to combat alongside and finally ends up swallowed by the monster. Tart and Pie retreat to the alien dimension. Upon discovery of Masha, Pie tries to extract Masha’s information. In flip, Masha makes use of the connection to the aliens’ computer systems to ship a message to the women, enabling them to discover a option to the dimension. Before they depart, Ryou offers Ichigo a brand new weapon, the Mewberry Rod. When the women attain the alien space, they’re shortly captured, however Masha will get himself free and rescues them. Ichigo makes use of her new assault to destroy the chimera anima, permitting them to return to their very own dimension. Masha guarantees to not attempt to combat anymore.

Episode 16

Lettuce’s Love – Longing within the Library

air day: 2002-07-20

Lettuce meets a younger man named Norihiro on the library. She falls in love with him and begins going there on daily basis to see him. When he offers her a gift, the women encourage her to inform him how she feels. During their subsequent assembly on the library, they’re attacked by a chimera anima. Seeing Norihiro rush to guard the younger librarian, Satsuki, Lettuce realizes that she is the lady he actually loves. The different Mew Mews arrive, however the monster begins studying a boring e-book in a hypnotic voice, placing the entire ladies to sleep besides the e-book loving Lettuce. She transforms and defeats the monster. Later, she sees Norihiro offers Satsuki an engagement ring. Though unhappy at how her old flame ended, she says she is comfortable she was capable of love somebody.

Episode 17

he Knight in Blue – I’ll shield you!

air day: 2002-07-27

The information gathered by Masha reveals that the aliens initially inhabited the earth, however needed to depart due to modifications within the surroundings, ending up on a fair worse planet. Ichigo is upset at this, however Ryou reminds her that it’s not an excuse for attempting to kill people. Ichigo goes on a date with Masaya, which cheers her up, however the subsequent day she is sick with a chilly. The ladies and Masaya go to, however after he leaves Kish seems. Ichigo escapes out a window, whereas the others put together to battle a number of chimera animas launched by Pie and Tart. Too weak to combat, Ichigo is unable to guard herself from Kish, however is immediately rescued by a mysterious alien who introduces himself as The Blue Knight.

Episode 18

Mid-Summer’s Love – Ichigo’s Swaying Heart

air day: 2002-08-03

While the 4 Mew Mews are combating the chimera animas created by Pie and Tart, the Blue Knight battles Kish. He is injured whereas defending Ichigo, however the arrival of the opposite Mew Mews causes the aliens to retreat. Before leaving, the Blue Knight tells Ichigo that he was born to guard her. Ryou seems out of nowhere to catch Mew Ichigo as she faints from her sickness. At the café, the women surprise who the Blue Knight is, and resolve it should be Ryou however he claims he doesn’t know something about it. While on a date with Masaya, Ichigo is distracted and imagining she is seeing Ryou, however ultimately discovers it’s really Lettuce and Pudding who have been spying on the couple out of concern for Ichigo. After Masaya leaves, Ichigo admits she additionally believes Ryou is the Blue Knight. That night whereas Ichigo is cleansing the café, Ryou surprises her by inviting her to go to the seaside.

Episode 19

The energy of kindness – O Wish, Come true within the Sea

air day: 2002-08-10

At the seaside, the women get pleasure from swimming and enjoying within the water. However, Lettuce doesn’t know learn how to swim. A lady named Iruka is being picked on for her incapability to swim regardless of having a reputation that means “dolphin”. Lettuce presents help. Later, Iruka admits her means to swim however she has a worry for water. To encourage her, Lettuce jumps into the water however almost drowns shaking her confidence. The subsequent day, the aliens assault the seaside with chimera animas and trigger a storm to look. During the combat, one of many boys from the day earlier than falls into the water. Iruka jumps in to save lots of him, and Mew Lettuce follows to rescue them each. Struggling to swim, Lettuce’s legs change right into a porpoise tail, enabling her to swim simply and save the youngsters.

Episode 20

Memories of mom – Onee-chan is in hassle

air day: 2002-08-17

When Pudding falls sick, Ichigo, Mint, and Lettuce conform to go to select up Pudding’s little sister Heicha from faculty. Heicha’s instructor explains that Pudding’s mom died and her father is at all times touring, so Pudding is the first caretaker of her 5 siblings. However, the little lady refuses to depart the college with the others, however Pudding arrives to get her. The others go together with them again house to assist take care of the others. The subsequent day, Heicha’s instructor drives her house and presents to assist Pudding, however Pudding declines her provide. Tart seems and steals the instructor’s spirit to make a chimera anima. Pudding remains to be too sick to combat, however the others arrive and defeat it. Later, the instructor presents to drive Heicha to highschool, however Pudding says she wouldn’t get to spend time together with her little sister like that. Instead, she asks the instructor if she will be able to faux to be her mother for a short time.

Episode 21

Sparks of the Heart – Ichigo and Mint At Odds

air day: 2002-08-24

Mint has an odd dream through which she is speaking together with her merged animal, the ultramarine lorikeet. Later on the café, Ryou and Keiichiro inform the women a few substance referred to as mew aqua and its energy. After her dream, Mint is anxious about their mission. When she learns the late-arriving Ichigo was on a date with Masaya, she will get offended and stomps out of the café. Later the women obtain a package deal with Mint’s pendant and uniform in it. Zakuro goes to speak to her whereas the others start looking for mew aqua. The aliens are additionally looking for it and discover it simply as Ichigo, Lettuce, and Pudding seem. Kish merges 5 parasites into the mew aqua, creating a strong new chimera anima. The ladies are struggling to combat it however Mew Zakuro is ready to persuade Mint to remodel and collectively they defeat the monster. They study the mew aqua was a faux and Mint apologizes to Ichigo for her earlier actions.

Episode 22

Farewell Summer – Ichigo’s Longest Day

air day: 2002-08-31

As summer season break involves an finish, Ichigo has to scramble to complete all of her homework earlier than the beginning of college. The aliens are also having fun with the final day of summer season and are avoiding working, however lastly ship Tart to proceed their plans. Though she has no time left, Ichigo agrees to go on a date with Masaya, however simply as she arrives, she is named again to the café to assist clear up the mess made by water pipes. Ichigo laments her undone homework however will get no assist. Masha detects a chimera anima simply earlier than they’re attacked by one created by Tart. Angry, Mew Ichigo shortly defeats it, however Tart releases extra. Ichigo should spend the remainder of the day with the others defeating the monsters, leaving no time to complete her homework.

Episode 23

Sudden Love – Accept Girls’ Hearts!

air day: 2002-09-07

Ichigo discovers that her faculty buddies Moe and Miwa have developed crushes on Ryou and Keiichiro. Though Ichigo fears her buddies can be upset, she agrees to assist them. They make presents for the boys, however once they go to the café to current them, the boys are busy looking for mew aqua and ignore them. Hurt, the women run out of the café and Ichigo scolds Ryou and Keiichiro for ignoring the women’ emotions. Kish seems and creates two chimera animas from the spirits he stole from Miwa and Mow. Ichigo defeats them, and the women spirits’ are restored, however Kish takes a light-weight out of the lake earlier than he disappears. When Mow and Miwa get up, Ryou and Keiichiro correctly thank them for the presents. The ladies resolve to start out a fan membership for them.

Episode 24

A Mysterious Gem – Brilliance is inside you!

air day: 2002-09-14

Zakuro takes Ichigo to the rehearsal of a jewellery firm premiere the place she befriends a careless crew member named Tsukiko. Tsukiko actually desires Zakuro to put on a rainbow stone necklace for the present, however each the stage supervisor and Zakuro reject it for being too modest. Ryou, Keiichiro, and the aliens all consider the stone is constructed from mew aqua. During the present, Kish tries to steal the necklace. The Mew Mews combat for the stone however are having a tough time with the chimera anima Kish is utilizing till they’re helped by the Blue Knight. After the monster is defeated, they uncover the stone just isn’t mew aqua. Deciding it’s not an odd stone, Zakuro arranges for Tsukiko herself to look within the present carrying a easy white costume and the necklace, proving Tsukiko’s declare that the stone could make any lady shine.

Episode 25

Love’s Hurdle – Many Obstacles to Ichigo’s Love

air day: 2002-09-21

When Ryou and Keiichiro uncover that mew aqua is more than likely to be discovered underground, Ichigo cancels a date with Masaya to seek for it. Ryou and Keiichiro resolve to make use of an historic rod unearthed on the archaeological website the place they first discovered concerning the aliens. Meanwhile, the aliens are already underground, looking with chimera animas. Kish additionally vegetation a cocoon on the prime of Tokyo Tower. In one month, a moth will hatch from it and launch pollution over Tokyo. Tired from looking for the mew aqua, a grouchy Ichigo unintentionally yells at Masaya. When she almost faints, he takes her to the nurse’s workplace. Talking with him restores her good temper and they comply with go on a date. Later, Ryou lets the women depart work early, however then Masha and Keiichiro uncover the cocoon, and the Mew Mews rush to Tokyo Tower.

Episode 26

Stop, Time! Overwhelmed with Sentimental Feeling

air day: 2002-09-28

The Mew Mews assault the cocoon on the prime of Tokyo Tower however are unable to destroy it, and an enormous moth hatches from it. It strikes too quick for the women’ assaults to hit it, so Mew Ichigo jumps onto its again to strive attacking it from there. Kish interrupts, inflicting her to fall, however the Blue Knight saves her. The moth begins to launch its pollution, however Ichigo’s emotions make the mew aqua react. Sensing it, Kish pulls it out of the bottom, whereas Ryou offers Mew Ichigo the traditional rod, the Mew Aqua Rod. Using the facility of the mew aqua and the rod, Ichigo destroys the moth. However, Kish is ready to ship a number of the mew aqua utilized by the assault into the alien dimension, partly revealing Deep Blue’s true type. Although it’s already previous the time she was supposed to fulfill Masaya, Ichigo returns to regular and rushes to their agreed upon assembly place.

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