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Simon Chan has returned to his team after a long time practice at a martial arts temple that was faraway. He’s defender of the helpless really a born hero and champion of their individuals of Cabramatta… nicely, perhaps not really. For Simon, its only a matter of time until everybody finds he’s a typical guy, mainly because Simon has an mystery. Everybody else thinks he had been training at a mythical martial arts school the fact Simon was Marshall’s Art School, in Melbourne. Back in Cabramatta, armed with also a sense of devotion plus a fistful of both pastels, Simon is aware that … will damage virtually. He might reduce his lifetime – or neglect his mother. The-World Simon returns into is familiar yet oddly dissimilar you will understand. Its a combination of Asian traditions superstition and vibrant contradictions. A universe where brutal gangs terrorise the community together with violence and bad karaoke singing; where a duck recipe could cast a horny charm and where pirated DVD’therefore are the new crack cocaine. Within this town, parlours are attacked by evil spirits, council disagreements are settled via k pop dance conflicts and airport parking areas are more important than golden. Is Simon. When the group leader/karaoke singer Kai Le threatens to ruin his mommy’s wonder parlour-cum-DVD store, Simon is connected with his 2 best friends: Egg, a entrepreneur and Petal, a fu girl. However, if they really shield Simon’s family from your Kylie Minogue gang? Will they uncover the Mayo’s covert policy for the town? And can Simon keep off his mind the mayor’s daughter for extended enough to be (or at least pretend to be) the person everyone thinks he could be? A hero is needed by Cabramatta. Alternatively they obtained Petal, Egg and Simon. Wel come into highest Choppage x 30-min humor collection.