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Kob’s a real architect. After finishing a bachelor he moved for his grasp degree to US. Next, he continued working in US for another 2 decades. Subsequently, he made a decision to keep coming back to open their or her own business. He is beautiful, playful likes to tease different individuals. He’s not the kind and doesn. He takes it simple at everyday life and enjoys independence. He also doesn’t plan his life ahead of time; as it comes he’ll deal with the specific situation. Kob may possibly appear to be an under achiever. But he’s considerate and smart. You will find lots of lady, because he’s beautiful and energetic. But he would never tie herself together apart from Nalin, with almost any lady. He might appear to be man and never take anything at all significantly. But he could be really a fighter. He’ll punch and kick ass if he’s mad. He won’t quit with out a fight. If his stuff is taken by someone, he’ll return his belonging. This is also true along with all his girl. Through, he doesn’t reveal his feeling; he’s excessively protective of the lady… Nalin. He’ll get her back. No matter what.

Nalin Is Definitely an Account Executive. When Nalin (Kimberly Ann Voltemas) had been youthful, her daddy made a mistake in expense. Your household went bankrupt. Plus they’ve been saved with Kob’s grandma. After that adventure Nalin learned that take a careful measure and it’s crucial plan ahead. She is the Entire contrary to Kob (Prin Suparat). She alsos an achiever. She aims and sets aim. And now she lives her entire life. Now her objective is always to eventually become Account Director. And she is willing to do everything to realize her objective.