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The first episode of the Talk, Comedy, series Late Show with David Letterman season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 was released in 1993-08-30 by CBS. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include David Letterman, Paul Shaffer. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Bill Murray, Tom Brokaw, Paul Newman, Billy Joel

air day: 1993-08-30

Tom Brokaw exhibits as much as take again some NBC “”mental property;”” Dave exhibits off the renovated Ed Sullivan Theater and chats with Bill Murray.

Episode 2

Robin Williams, John Mellencamp, Jonathan Estrata

air day: 1993-08-31

Dave’s worst second on final night time’s debut: his pretend tooth fell out (the video is repeated a number of instances in sluggish movement); a four-year-old geography professional and cheese lover names states on a U.S. map.

Episode three

Demi Moore, Bev Tanner, Spin Doctors

air day: 1993-09-01

A really pregnant Demi Moore is given the honour of throwing the primary pencil by way of the backdrop home windows of the Late Show.

Episode four

Martin Short, Cyndi Lauper

air day: 1993-09-02

The ghost of Ed Sullivan (who haunts Dave all through the primary week) introduces a plate spinner; Andy Dick makes his first look as “”Donnie, the CBS Page Who Likes To Suck Up.””

Episode 5

Debra Winger, Soul Asylum

air day: 1993-09-03

Dave has enjoyable with a automobile cellphone, calling in bogus visitors experiences to 1010 WINS radio; Casey Kasem presents “”Top Ten Favorite Numbers Between 1 and 10;”” after displaying a clip from an outdated “”Wonder Woman”” episode, Debra Winger strips to her outdated Wonder Girl outfit.

Episode 6

Richard Lewis, Shawn Bouroughs, Midnight Oil

air day: 1993-09-06

Dave continues pestering locals with the brand new hands-free automobile cellphone: WINS radio, a automobile wash, Dial-a-Mattress and Jackson Hole Restaurant, the place he orders pancakes.

Episode 7

Michael J. Fox, Rosie Perez

air day: 1993-09-07

Episode eight

Al Gore, Kim Basinger, Chris Isaak

air day: 1993-09-08

Episode 9

Ellen Barkin, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, Lenny Kravitz

air day: 1993-09-09

Dave takes a cab to assist out at Yankee Stadium and later makes enjoyable of Tony Randall; Lenny Kravitz performs “”Are You Gonna Go My Way.””

Episode 10

Siskel & Ebert, Robert Plant

air day: 1993-09-10

Episode 11

Bruce Willis, Steven Wright

air day: 1993-09-13

Episode 12

Paul Reiser, Mike Ditka, John Hiatt

air day: 1993-09-14

The Mars Observer crashes into the studio; Mike Ditka promotes “”NFL on NBC;”” John Hiatt performs “”Perfectly Good Guitar.””

Episode 13

Jeff Goldblum, Louie Anderson, Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

air day: 1993-09-15

Jerry Garcia sits in with the band; Dave makes a number of jokes on the expense of Yassir Arafat.

Episode 14

Bonnie Hunt, Latrisha Baldrick, Patti Smyth

air day: 1993-09-16

Episode 15

Super Dave Osborne, Laura Dern, Stone Temple Pilots

air day: 1993-09-17

Episode 16

Sarah Jessica Parker, Jim Abbot, Patty Scialfa

air day: 1993-09-20

Episode 17

Robert Urich, Ellen Degeneres, Tim Tomasic

air day: 1993-09-21

David Sanborn sits in with the band; Dave does a part of the present from his “”home”” in Connecticut.

Episode 18

Tony Randall, Elizabeth Perkins, Aaron Neville

air day: 1993-09-22

Episode 19

Mike Myers, John Kruk, Belinda Carlisle

air day: 1993-09-23

Episode 20

Glenn Close, James Taylor

air day: 1993-09-24

Episode 21

Matthew Broderick, Julie Krone, Neil Diamond

air day: 1993-09-27

Episode 22

Jimmy Carter, Brett Butler, Daniel Boulud

air day: 1993-09-28

Episode 23

Jerry Lewis, Sparky Mortimer, Rod Stewart

air day: 1993-09-29

Ed Sullivan’s ghost introduces juggler “”Andy Head;”” Paul & the CBSO play Jerry Lewis out with the coda from Count Basie’s “”April In Paris”” (a Lewis signature tune); Dave offers Jerry his tackle “”Beavis and Butt-head,”” then Jerry runs across the set and gooses a cameraman; budding sports activities reporter Sparky Mortimer makes his first look; Rod Stewart performs.

Episode 24

Lily Tomlin, Adam Sandler, Mike Lupica

air day: 1993-09-30

Episode 25

Andie MacDowell, Graham Parker, Bill Scheft

air day: 1993-10-01

Episode 26

Sylvester Stallone, Melissa Etheridge, Janeane Garofalo

air day: 1993-10-04

Dave’s high-rise buddy Meg Parsont (at a distinct constructing) makes her first and solely look on CBS — giving an outline of her boyfriend Tony to a police sketch artist.

Episode 27

Isabella Rossellini, Bob Saget, Johnny Cash

air day: 1993-10-05

Johnny Cash sings “”Don’t Take Your Guns to Town.””

Episode 28

Candice Bergen, John Mendoza

air day: 1993-10-06

Dave appears to be like at new books for fall; Andy Dick returns as “”Donnie … the CBS Page Who Likes to Suck Up.””

Episode 29

Don Rickles, Tracey Ullman, Johnny Cash

air day: 1993-10-07

Episode 30

Connie Chung, Mary Chapin Carpenter

air day: 1993-10-08

“”Celebrities within the Audience”” makes its first look on the brand new present, as company from earlier exhibits are launched within the crowd — Glenn Close, Sylvester Stallone, Jerry Lewis, Jimmy Carter, Siskel & Ebert and Bob Borden.

Episode 31

Kathie Lee Gifford, Matt Dillon

air day: 1993-10-11

Episode 32

Stupid Pet Tricks, Howard Stern, Rosanne Cash

air day: 1993-10-12

Episode 33

Kirstie Alley, Rick Ocasek, Jeff Colton

air day: 1993-10-13

Episode 34

David Brenner, Gloria Estefan, Sean Young

air day: 1993-10-14

Episode 35

Tom Arnold, Rich Hall, Jon Weiss

air day: 1993-10-15

Episode 36

Dennis Miller, Tony Bennett, Sandra Bullock

air day: 1993-10-18

Episode 37

David Steinberg, Emmylou Harris, Bo Jackson

air day: 1993-10-19

Episode 38

Dan Rather, Penelope Ann Miller, Gin Blossoms

air day: 1993-10-20

Episode 39

Bob Newhart, Guru, Chloe Disker

air day: 1993-10-21

Episode 40

Martin Mull, The Pogues, Jean Louie

air day: 1993-10-22

Episode 41

Sean Connery, Jake Johannsen, Fran Drescher

air day: 1993-10-25

Episode 42

Phil Donahue, Art Garfunkel, Lenny Dykstra, Paul Molitor

air day: 1993-10-26

Episode 43

Marv Albert, Cindy Crawford, Natalie Cole

air day: 1993-10-27

Episode 44

George Foreman, INXS & Ray Charles

air day: 1993-10-28

Episode 45

Martin Lawrence, Phil Collins

air day: 1993-10-29

Episode 46

Jay Thomas, Squeeze, Martha Stewart

air day: 1993-11-01

Episode 47

Terry Garr, Paul Simon

air day: 1993-11-02

Episode 48

Mike Wallace, Jimmy Cliff, Faith Ford

air day: 1993-11-03

Episode 49

Annie Potts, Natalie Merchant, Dorothy Nash

air day: 1993-11-04

Natalie Merchant – “”Because the Night””

Episode 50

Tony Curtis, The Breeders, Calvin Trillian

air day: 1993-11-05

Episode 51

Michael Keaton, Barbara Walters

air day: 1993-11-08

Episode 52

Evander Holyfield, Phil Hartman, The BoDeans

air day: 1993-11-09

Episode 53

Mary Tyler Moore, Jackson Browne, Rita Rudner

air day: 1993-11-10

Mary Tyler Moore treats Late Show viewers to a video clip of Dave from her 1978 selection present, “”Mary,”” wherein she smashes a grapefruit in Dave’s face. Also, Dave, Biff, Gaines, Anton and Laurie Diamond get their enamel cleaned.

Episode 54

Tom Selleck, Pete Townsend

air day: 1993-11-11

Episode 55

Barry Bonds, Carol Kane, Living Colour

air day: 1993-11-12

Episode 56

Sinbad, Trisha Yearwood, Charlie Sheen

air day: 1993-11-15

Episode 57

Billy Crystal, Los Lobos

air day: 1993-11-16

Episode 58

Stupid Human Tricks, Jon Lovitz, George Thoroughgood

air day: 1993-11-17

Episode 59

Billy Connolly, Bob Dylan, Charles Kuralt

air day: 1993-11-18

Episode 60

Dana Carvey, Meatloaf, Joan Cusak

air day: 1993-11-19

Episode 61

Marilu Henner, Heart, Father Guido Sarducci

air day: 1993-11-22

“”Meet the Neighbors,”” conclusion: The outdoors cam goes to Ok & L’s Rock America to see Mujibur Rahman and Sirajul Islam, and Dave has them spherical up Bart Dadon, Fern Chapnick, Rupert Jee, Alexandra Mitsakis and Charlie Levy from the close by shops and companies.

Episode 62

Robert Klein, Cowboy Junkies, Bobby Knight

air day: 1993-11-23

Episode 63

Bryant Gumbel, Taylor Dayne, Dave Attel

air day: 1993-11-24

Episode 64

Penn & Teller, Dwight Yoakam, Gabriel Byrne

air day: 1993-11-25

Throughout the night time, Calvert experiences from the parade; as he does yearly, Dave guesses what pies his mom made this Thanksgiving; Gabriel Byrne plugs “”Point of No Return.””

Episode 65

Kelsey Grammar, Patrick Ewing, Warren Zevon

air day: 1993-11-26

Episode 66

James Belushi, Carlene Carter, Lauren Holley

air day: 1993-11-29

In “”Bad Phone Call,”” Dave calls the daddy of Michelle Polikas to inform him she’s dwelling with Bob Howard. Also, Dave takes two suckers away from Angel the digital camera man, and he offers them to Bob and Michelle.

Episode 67

Robin Williams, Larry Johnson

air day: 1993-11-30

Mandy Patinkin drops by (alongside with Tony Randall), and asks for rehearsal time. Before Dave will get an opportunity to say no, Mandy and the CBS Orchestra carry out a fully-arranged “”Rockabye Your Baby.””

Episode 68

Sam Donaldson, Mike Myers, Nanci Griffith

air day: 1993-12-01

Episode 69

Jeremy Irons, Bruce Hornsby

air day: 1993-12-02

Dave buys Paul a pretend Rolex off the road; Chris Elliott is available for the world premiere of his surrealist artwork movie “”The Traveling Poet.””

Episode 70

Charles Grodin, Bryan Adams, Jack Hannah

air day: 1993-12-03

Episode 71

Sally Field, Carly Simon, Robert Duvall

air day: 1993-12-13

Episode 72

Larry King, The Band, Kevin Pollack

air day: 1993-12-14

Episode 73

Luciano Pavarotti, Marisa Tomei, Wayne Cotter

air day: 1993-12-15

Episode 74

Tom Hanks, Gipsy Kings, Joan Plowright

air day: 1993-12-16

Episode 75

Rush Limbaugh, Harry Connick Jr.

air day: 1993-12-17

Dave visits some handwriting analysts; Rush Limbaugh promotes his new e book.

Episode 76

Whoopi Goldberg, Clint Black, John Witherspoon

air day: 1993-12-20

Episode 77

Will Smith, The Lemonheads, Emmit Smith

air day: 1993-12-21

Episode 78

Bob Costas, Toni Braxton, Debi Mazar

air day: 1993-12-22

Episode 79

Dennis Franz, Mike Judge, Andy Williams

air day: 1993-12-23

Episode 80

Joan Lunden, Ian Moore, Wendy Wasserstein

air day: 1993-12-27

Episode 81

Jason Priestly, Terry Bradshaw, Norm MacDonald

air day: 1993-12-28

Episode 82

Bonnie Hunt, Tony Toni Tone, Dennis Rogers

air day: 1993-12-29

Dave feedback on FOX taking away CBS’ NFL protection; strongman Dennis “”Mighty Mite”” Rogers lifts weights.

Episode 83

Julia Roberts, Cracker, Wolfgang Puck

air day: 1993-12-30

Episode 84

Rosanne and Tom Arnold, Jon Bon Jovi

air day: 1993-12-31

Episode 85

Jane Pauley, Art Donavan

air day: 1994-01-03

Episode 86

Beau Bridges, Sandra Bernhard, four Non Blondes

air day: 1994-01-04

Episode 87

Rosie O’Donnell, Lou Reed, Neil Patrick Harris

air day: 1994-01-05

Episode 88

Chris Elliot, Itzhak Perlman, Cokie Roberts

air day: 1994-01-06

Chris Elliott performs the title tune from “”Cabaret;”” legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman follows with a rendition of “”Danse Espagnole.”” After Perlman’s efficiency, Dave desires to go backstage and slap Chris.

Episode 89

Martin Mull, Drew Carey, Dana Delaney

air day: 1994-01-07

Episode 90

Rudolph Giuliani, Faith Hill, Ricki Lake

air day: 1994-01-10

Episode 91

Troy Aikman, Marilyn Horne, Jon Stewart

air day: 1994-01-11

The ghost of Ed Sullivan introduces trampoline star Tom Boleen; Troy Aikman throws footballs into cabs on Broadway, and later, from a trampoline.

Episode 92

Smothers Brothers, Indigo Girls, Sara McClendan

air day: 1994-01-12

Episode 93

George Carlin, Urge Overkill, Jan Hooks

air day: 1994-01-13

George Carlin promotes his new sitcom; Calvert drops by as “”The Guy Who Thinks Dave’s Name is Randy.””

Episode 94

Chevy Chase, George Miller, Halle Berry

air day: 1994-01-14

Episode 95

Richard Harris, Taj Mahal & Etta James, David Spade

air day: 1994-01-17

Episode 96

David Brenner, Travis Tritt, Madeline Stowe

air day: 1994-01-18

Episode 97

Kathie Lee Gifford, Aaron Neville, Bruno Kirby

air day: 1994-01-19

Dave will get dragged by a cab; the forged of “”Cats”” runs into the Ed Sullivan Theater to take a bow.

Episode 98

Demi Moore, Willie Nelson & Shelby Lynne, Al Franken

air day: 1994-01-20

Episode 99

Dan Rather, Dave Pirner & Victoria Williams, Brett Hull

air day: 1994-01-21

Episode 100

Jimmy Johnson, Martin Lawrence, Concrete Blonde

air day: 1994-01-31

Concrete Blonde – “”Mexican Moon””

Episode 101

Tom Brokaw, Julie Cavner, Joshua Catheson

air day: 1994-02-01

Episode 102

Aidan Quinn, Crowded House, Michael Lamonaco

air day: 1994-02-02

Dave feedback on the upcoming Winter Olympics in Norway; employees members Debbie Drimmer, Rick Scheckman and John Beckerman inform all about their holidays final week.

Episode 103

Sarah Jessica Parker, Jerry Van Dyke

air day: 1994-02-03

Episode 104

Ellen Barkin, Peter Frampton, Amanda Archaleta

air day: 1994-02-04

Peter Frampton sits in; Dave discusses Clinton’s well being care plan with a bunch of cab drivers; seven-year-old sheep handler Amanda Archiletta does an on-stage demonstration.

Episode 105

Walter Cronkite, Natalie Merchant

air day: 1994-02-07

Episode 106

Alec Baldwin, Blues Traveler, Norman Vaughn

air day: 1994-02-08

Episode 107

Dan Aykroyd, Anna Klempsey, Peter Arnette

air day: 1994-02-09

Episode 108

Siskel & Ebert, Daryl Hall, Mugsy Bogues

air day: 1994-02-10

Episode 109

Steven Seagal, Salt N Peppa, Johnathan Soloman

air day: 1994-02-11

Episode 110

Super Dave Osborne, Brad Privott

air day: 1994-02-14

Episode 111

Richard Simmons

air day: 1994-02-15

James – “”Laid””

Episode 112

Regis Philbin, Richard Thompson, Ben Stiller

air day: 1994-02-16

Throughout the night time, champion canines from the Westminster Dog Show stroll throughout the stage; Dorothy does slightly buying in Lillehammer.

Episode 113

Phil Hartman, George Benson, Michael Madsen

air day: 1994-02-17

Dorothy interviews Tommy Moe; Phil Hartman promotes Greedy.

Episode 114

Bebe Neuwirth, Jackson Browne

air day: 1994-02-18

David Sanborn sits in with the band; Dave surveys residents of Scotch Plains, NJ in regards to the Olympics; Bebe Neuwirth promotes “”Damn Yankees”” and her anticipated visitor look on “”Frasier.””

Episode 115

Sinbad, UB40, Luke Perry

air day: 1994-02-21

Dave proposes marriage on behalf of an viewers member; UB40 performs “”Higher Ground.””

Episode 116

Marv Albert, Sinead O’Connor, Ricky Jay

air day: 1994-02-22

Episode 117

Stupid Human Tricks, Wynonna Judd, Laurence Fishburne

air day: 1994-02-23

Two guys pretending to be Dave and Paul ice skate; Laurence Fishburne promotes Searching for Bobby Fischer.

Episode 118

Brett Butler, Linda Rondstat, Don Imus

air day: 1994-02-24

Episode 119

Michael J. Fox, Spin Doctors & Roger Daltrey

air day: 1994-02-25

Dorothy recaps her two weeks in Lillehammer; Michael J. Fox promotes Greedy.

Episode 120

Gary Shandling, Sting, Nigel Mansell

air day: 1994-02-28

Episode 121

Dan Jansen, Dennis Miller, Meatloaf

air day: 1994-03-01

Episode 122

John Larroquette, Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Butler, & Ben E. King, Jennifer Jason Leigh

air day: 1994-03-02

Episode 123

Geena Davis, Aerosmith

air day: 1994-03-03

Episode 124

Anthony Hopkins, ZZ Top, Dennis Leary

air day: 1994-03-04

Episode 125

Alan King, Aretha Franklin

air day: 1994-03-14

Episode 126

Jay Thomas, Crash Test Dummies, Kevin Spacey

air day: 1994-03-15

Episode 127

Richard Harris, Carol King, Ron Howard

air day: 1994-03-16

Episode 128

Bill Cosby, Sheryl Crow

air day: 1994-03-21

Dave exhibits an nameless reward (Jonathan Estrada, possibly?) of a block of cheese formed like Oklahoma. Also, up-and-coming singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow performs “”Leaving Las Vegas.””

Episode 129

Diane Sawyer, John Michael Montgomery, Elle MacPherson

air day: 1994-03-22

Ten cabbies current the Top Ten; Diane Sawyer sneaks in footage of Dave from his weatherman days; Chris Elliott exhibits a clip from his new film “”Poolside Ecstasy.””

Episode 130

Kevin Kline, Placido Domingo

air day: 1994-03-23

“”New Pharmaceuticals”” embody “”Hot ‘n’ Spicy Tylenol,”” “”L’eggs Metal Pipe Resistant Pantyhose,”” and “”Nipsey’s Own Anti-Bacterial Ointment.”” Regis interrupts the section to inform Dave he is not even making an attempt anymore. Also, throughout her annual Oscars particular, Barbara Walters makes Dave cry.

Episode 131

Bob Saget, Tori Amos, John Waters

air day: 1994-03-28

New York native Gurnek Basanti drives his cab into the theater; Dave devours a complete tub of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.

Episode 132

Thea Vidal, Stomp, Buck Henry

air day: 1994-03-29

Dave brags in regards to the delivery of his nephew; Buck Henry promotes his new e book.

Episode 133

Martin Short, Sammy Hagar, Mary Stuart Masterson

air day: 1994-03-30

“”Can a Guy in a Bear Suit Get into the Hard Rock Cafe?”” Apparently, he can do it with ease, however “”Can a Guy in a Bear Suit Get into the Russian Tea Room?”” Without hesitation, our hero will get a desk for one.

Episode 134

Madonna, Counting Crows

air day: 1994-03-31

Dave watches a dwell feed of himself watching the present at house whereas he is taping the present within the theater. Shots embody toasting waffles, crying to Kenny Rogers music, milking a goat, and bothering Dan Rather. Also, Madonna drops by to plug her new album, spews profanities with aplomb, then refuses to go away.

Episode 135

Charles Grodin, Elvis Costello & The Attractions

air day: 1994-04-01

A day after Madonna arouses/grosses out the American viewing public by, amongst different issues, providing Dave her underwear, Charles Grodin comes on the present tonight to supply his. Later, musical visitor Elvis Costello and the Attractions carry out “”13 Steps Lead Down,”” and the nerd-rocker offers Dave his sock.

Episode 136

Bob Uecker, Cheap Trick, Michael McKean

air day: 1994-04-04

Dave can not seem to take away his shoe, and with no shoehorn accessible, he runs outdoors and asks a cab driver to run over his foot.

Episode 137

Ted Koppel, Wynton Marsalis, Carrie Fisher

air day: 1994-04-05

Episode 138

Andie MacDowell, Rich Hall, Matt Kramer

air day: 1994-04-06

Paul Newman jumps out of the viewers, claiming to take a powder when he learns that Madonna will not be on. Instead, he walks throughout Broadway to see Cats.

Episode 139

Kirstie Alley, Boz Scaggs, Calvin Trillian

air day: 1994-04-07

Shortly after a baseball-themed Top Ten, Dave goes on a short rant about how overpaid the gamers are.

Episode 140

Tom Brokaw, Blind Melon, Julie Brown

air day: 1994-04-08

Tonight marks the Late Show debut of “”The Strong Guy, the Fat Guy, the Genius,”” which pits three males of stated traits towards one another in varied undertakings. Of the three rounds of play, they every win one competitors.

Episode 141

Don Rickles, Jeff Stearns, Liz Phair

air day: 1994-04-18

Mujibur and Sirajul make a go to to Mickey the barber, they usually promptly obtain free haircuts. Soon afterwards, Don Rickles goes in for a trim. Also, Liz Phair (in her first look on the present) performs “”Never Said.””

Episode 142

Jack Lemmon, Lyle Lovett & Al Green

air day: 1994-04-19

“”Rejected FDA Items”” embody Medicated Pringles, Tic-Tacs with Real Ticks and Tacks, Deodorant with Raisins, Milk with Adjustable Dates, and Madonna Soap; Lyle Lovett and Al Green carry out “”Funny How Time Slips Away.””

Episode 143

Dennis Hopper, Jessye Norman, Uta Pippig

air day: 1994-04-20

During Mailbag, Dave discusses a sure much-publicized divorce with “”Roseanne Arnold”” (Gerard). Later, he chats with Boston Marathon winner Uta Pippig.

Episode 144

Ellen DeGeneres, Raquel Welch, Candlebox

air day: 1994-04-21

Dave names Jimmy Johnson as the brand new head coach of the present; Ellen DeGeneres promotes “”These Friends of Mine.””

Episode 145

Tom Snyder, Ray Liotta

air day: 1994-04-22

Future Dave lead-in Tom Snyder promotes his new (and finally doomed) Larry King-style cable speak present.

Episode 146

Father Guido Sarducci, Reba McEntire, Pierre Frene

air day: 1994-04-25

Dave notices an empty seat within the third row, so he brings in a man from outdoors to fill it.

Episode 147

Joan Lunden, Gin Blossoms, Michael Moore

air day: 1994-04-26

Dave finds a stray blue card on his desk and returns it to Regis and Kathie Lee. Also, Gin Blossoms carry out “”Hey Jealousy.””

Episode 148

Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Norm Abram

air day: 1994-04-27

Donny Osmond and Calvert star within the Late Show’s model of the Menendez Brothers’ life story.

Episode 149

Sissy Spacek, Bonnie Raitt, Daniel Low

air day: 1994-04-28

Dave tries to get up and will get soaked with Gatorade; Tony Randall helps Mandy Patinkin apply a musical quantity; Dave “”grills”” seven-year-old gap professional Daniel Lowe.

Episode 150

Joe Pesci, Randy Travis, Dan Wilkenson

air day: 1994-04-29

Dave harasses resort doormen, and later he chats with NFL draft decide Dan Wilkenson.

Episode 151

Jerry Van Dyke, The Neville Brothers

air day: 1994-05-02

The outdoors cam heads to Times Square, throughout which Dave invitations passerby Amy Butler in to co-host. Later within the present, Dave and Amy replicate on the fantastic climate (he is actually simply flirting with her).

Episode 152

Robin Williams, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Mark Leyner

air day: 1994-05-03

Dave will get a parking ticket; Robin Williams promotes “”Comic Relief VI.””

Episode 153

Mia Farrow, Tim McGraw, Jimmie Walker

air day: 1994-05-04

Throughout the night time, we’ve got an assortment of “”Happy Endings,”” offering a satisfying coda to uncommon conditions. Also, Dave exhibits a pattern of the brand new “”Caning Strength Bufferin.””

Episode 154

Brett Butler, Rob Lowe, Sarah McLachlan

air day: 1994-05-05

Dave brings out 70 instances of Gatorade that had been obtained after the stunt in Show #149. Later, he goes as much as his workplace to look at the CBS Evening News.

Episode 155

Sharon Stone, Chris Farley

air day: 1994-05-06

Dave discusses politics with a bunch of cabbies; Chris Farley demonstrates his bodily demanding comedy routine; Sharon Stone waltzes with one of many cabbies.

Episode 156

Billy Crystal, Ray Charles

air day: 1994-05-09

Dave takes his present to LA for the primary time since 1985. Dave throws a pencil right into a wading pool that is behind his desk, and a canine retrieves it. Dave then will get into the pool to present the pencil to the canine. Later, one other pencil is retrieved from the pool by Billy Crystal; “”Mayor Richard Riordan”” (Calvert) presents the Top Ten; Ray Charles performs “”What’d I Say?””

Episode 157

Michael Keaton, Angela Lansbury

air day: 1994-05-10

L.A., Day 2: Dodgers supervisor Tommy Lasorda is seen gulping down Slim-Fast; Dodgers pitchers Orel Hershiser, Roger McDowell, Tom Candiotti and Jim Gott hurl fastballs towards the digital camera.

Episode 158

James Cahn, David Copperfield, Julia Louis-Dreyfus

air day: 1994-05-11

LA, Day three: Dave ends the present early, after which flies again to New York. Paul finds him working the cashier at Ok&L Rock America, so they bring about Mujibur and Sirajul to CBS Television City. Also, Richard Simmons sabotages the Top Ten checklist as a result of he thinks it is insulting.

Episode 159

Candice Bergen, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Magic Johnson

air day: 1994-05-12

L.A., Day four: It’s time for “”Los Angeles Souvenirs,”” together with a Fabio Lawn Gnome, Record Industry Weasel Magazine, and a Honk-If-You’ve-Slept-with-Madonna bumper sticker. “”Madonna”” (Calvert) walks by to inform Dave he is/she’s offended, and slaps him.

Episode 160

Bette Midler, Traffic

air day: 1994-05-13

A really particular visitor presents the Top Ten (see recap); Bette Midler performs “”Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.””

Episode 161

Heather Locklear, Travis Tritt, Harvey Pekar

air day: 1994-05-16

Travis Tritt performs “”Foolish Pride,”” whereas Harvey Pekar really censors himself, a lot to Dave’s chagrin.

Episode 162

Jeff Goldblum, Sonic Youth, James Carville

air day: 1994-05-17

Dave lastly has his images from LA developed, and an viewers guys helps him show the images on the Times Square Jumbotron. Later within the present, all of tonight’s company (Slash, James Carville, and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth) even have their images taken for the Jumbotron.

Episode 163

Stupid Pet Tricks, Carol Burnett, Emmylou Harris

air day: 1994-05-18

It’s time for extra celebrities within the viewers, together with Michael J. Fox, Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Shaffer, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Bill Cobsy. Also, Carol Burnett promotes her made-for-TV film Seasons of the Heart.

Episode 164

Barbara Walters, Mariah Carey

air day: 1994-05-19

Dave quizzes the viewers on final week’s journey to LA.

Episode 165

Eddie Murphy, Tony Bennett, Wayne Cotter

air day: 1994-05-20

Dave freshens up by strolling outdoors the theater, in direction of a scorching canine vendor, and washing his face within the soiled scorching canine water. Also, Creepy Dave drops by annoy Dave once more: “”What’s up?””

Episode 166

Rick Moranis, Jimmy Buffett, Stefan Seville

air day: 1994-05-23

Dave makes one other unhealthy cellphone name for an viewers member; Rick Moranis promotes The Flintstones, and his interview is interrupted by co-star John Goodman; Tony cleans Dave’s desk.

Episode 167

Woody Harrelson, Louie Anderson, Isaiah Thomas

air day: 1994-05-24

Dave is lacking his opening “”billboard”” card with tonight’s company listed on them, so he leaves the theater, goes to the NBC Nightly News studio and will get it from a confused Tom Brokaw.

Episode 168

Kevin Pollak, Chris Isaak, Jacques Pepin

air day: 1994-05-25

Dave finds a sports activities reporter from Indianapolis outdoors and invitations him in; Dave launches “”Top Ten Plus,”” the faster and extra environment friendly Top Ten checklist; after Dave mocks with the headline “”Sweat with Fabio,”” the male mannequin drops a sandbag on the desk, and Dave throws him out of the theater.

Episode 169

Rosie O’Donnell, Laurie Morgan, Bronson Pinchot

air day: 1994-05-26

Jets take off at JFK Airport; Rosie O’Donnell promotes The Flintstones.

Episode 170

The Pretenders, Daniel Stern

air day: 1994-05-27

Dave helps Nancy Agostini discover an condo within the metropolis; The Pretenders carry out “”Night in My Veins.””

Episode 171

Reggie Miller, Spike Lee, Tony Randall, Tony Toni Tone

air day: 1994-06-06

Dave escorts the Stand-by Audience (all 40 of ’em) to a restaurant just a few blocks away from the Ed Sullivan Theater. He later invitations sailors within the viewers to go to FlashDancers throughout the road.

Episode 172

Craig T. Nelson, David Sanborn, Al Unser Jr.

air day: 1994-06-07

Dave arms out “”Warning Label”” props to the viewers; one other “”CBS Special Report”” finds Alan Richardson reporting on his socks.

Episode 173

Mariel Hemmingway, George Miller, Mandy Patinkin

air day: 1994-06-08

Dave’s espresso is chilly, so he goes out and warms it himself with a taxi battery; George Miller feedback on at the moment’s photo voltaic eclipse; Dave picks a lifeless fly off his sport coat.

Episode 174

Macaulay Culkin, Randy Newman, Mona Frey

air day: 1994-06-09

An viewers member performs a staged model of “”The Price is Right,”” and wins a can of flour. Also, Michael Buffer fills in for Billy Wendell, saying tonight’s company (to not point out Paul and the flour man) with his distinct baritone.

Episode 175

David Brenner, Johnny Cash, Keanu Reeves

air day: 1994-06-10

Mujibur and Sirajul start their Coast-to-Coast Tour, leaving NYC on a personal jet; Keanu Reeves promotes Speed; Dave interviews David Brenner about his new radio present, and oddly sufficient, Dave will likely be David’s first visitor on his radio present premiere the subsequent day.

Episode 176

Jeremy Irons, Chris Rock, Hakeem Olajuwon

air day: 1994-06-13

On their first leg of the Coast-to-Coast Tour, Mujibur and Sirajul report from Niagra Falls, saluting the US flag. Paul says the thought “”regarded nice on paper.”” Also, Dave chats with Hakeem Olajuwon of the NBA Champion Houston Rockets.

Episode 177

Ted Danson, David Byrne, Carl Reiner

air day: 1994-06-14

Dave selects two viewers members to obtain tickets to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Marv Albert arms out the tickets and exhibits a hockey blooper.

Episode 178

Show #zero178

air day: 1994-06-15

Three members of the 1994 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers drop by, and later they let Morty take an image of the Cup.

Episode 179

Jon Lovitz, Sandra Bullock, Spin Doctors

air day: 1994-06-16

Jon Lovitz laments the demise of “”The Critic;”” Sandra Bullock promotes Speed.

Episode 180

Teri Garr, Yes

air day: 1994-06-23

Stone Temple Pilots – “”Vasoline””

Episode 181

Fran Drescher, Jack Palance, Seal

air day: 1994-06-20

Episode 182

Dan Rather, Nicholas Turturro, Al Jarreau, Kathleen Battle

air day: 1994-06-21

Episode 183

Julia Roberts, Stone Temple Pilots, Jake Johannsen

air day: 1994-06-22

After a technical error prevents it from being carried out the earlier night time, Dave presents the remainder of the “”NBA Finals Quiz.”” Now feeling slightly queasy as a consequence of all of the stress of the previous two nights, Dave factors out that he has a physique double that can stand in for him when the time comes for him to get medical consideration. Also, Dan Rather sings “”Wreck of the Old 97.””

Episode 184

Howard Stern, Kate Nelligan, John Mellencamp

air day: 1994-06-24

John Mellencamp – “”Wild Night””

Episode 185

Siskel & Ebert, Tom Jones, Sam Cassell, Trisha Yearwood

air day: 1994-06-27

On their newest cease, Mujibur and Sirajul get serenaded by Tom Jones in Las Vegas. Wondering who’s been working Ok&L Rock America whereas they have been gone, Dave finds Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert working the store of their place.

Episode 186

Penelope Ann Miller, Barbara Streisand, Mary Matalin, Tori Amos

air day: 1994-06-28

Barbra Streisand walks on the set and provides Dave two tickets to her present at Radio City Music Hall. Dave offers them away to a girl within the viewers.

Episode 187

Daniel Boulud, Helen Hunt, Green Day

air day: 1994-06-29

“”Coast to Coast with Mujibur and Sirajul”” — tonight, they’re fly-fishing in Madison Valley, Montana, with their instructing information, Craig.

Episode 188

Siskel & Ebert, Andrea Martin, Indigo Girls

air day: 1994-06-30

In a spoof of Home Shopping Network, Dave sells “”Dave and Paul Collection Plates,”” giving out the cellphone variety of head author Rob Burnett. Also, Dave invitations Megan and Tim, a pair from Kansas City, in from the storm, offers them towels to dry off, and affords them seats by the spiral stairway, the place they keep all through the present.

Episode 189

Connie Chung, Phil Collins

air day: 1994-07-01

Episode 190

Neil Diamond, Richard Simmons

air day: 1994-07-04

Dave takes a cue card from Tony Mendez, re-reads a joke after which has the cue card handed across the viewers. Later, Calvert DeForest clothes up as Barbra Streisand and performs “”The Way We Were,”” and visitor Richard Simmons sings a patriotic medley.

Episode 191

Patrick Stewart, Ryan Cobb, Melissa Etheridge

air day: 1994-07-05

Episode 192

Show #0192

air day: 1994-07-06

Dave leaves the present after the monologue and heads upstairs to learn Wresting Magazine with his face in a mud masks, and Paul retrieves him. Later, famed soccer commentator Andres Cantor repeats his most well-known line to Dave: “”ggoooooooooaaaaaaallllll!””

Episode 193

Tom Hanks, Toad the Wet Sprocket

air day: 1994-07-07

The Runaway Camera is roaming the streets of New York City, getting squeegied, hit by a motorcycle, down a manhole, working into Rupert Jee, and going into “”Cats”” and “”Flashdancers.”” Later, in dueling clips, Dave exhibits embarassing clips of Tom Hanks from “”The Love Boat,”” “”Taxi,”” and “”Happy Days.”” Tom retaliates with an embarassing clip of Dave from “”Mork and Mindy.””

Episode 194

Harry Connick, Jr., Michael Lomonaco, Pete Sampras, Catherine O’Hara

air day: 1994-07-08

Episode 195

Buzz Aldrin, Susan Sarandon, Midnight Oil

air day: 1994-07-18

Dave returns to outdoors the Today Show set and shows his signal: “”Happy 100th Birthday, Willard””; in honor of the 25th anniversary of the moon touchdown, we see Dave carrying out the identical feat; Midnight Oil performs “”Sometimes.””

Episode 196

Gary Sinise, Ricki Lake, Julio Iglesias

air day: 1994-07-19

Ricki Lake promotes her supporting position within the upcoming Cabin Boy; Gary Sinise plugs Forrest Gump.

Episode 197

Show #zero197

air day: 1994-07-20

“”Can a Guy in a Bear Suit Say Hello on a N. Y. C. Pay Phone?”” The reply? Mais oui! Also, one of many all-time nice Stupid Pet Tricks makes a triumphant return when Kevin Dechico and his canine “”Air Buddy”” shoot hoops onstage.

Episode 198

Show #zero198

air day: 1994-07-21

Cold opening: Kenny Rogers tells Dave when to carry ‘um and when to fold ‘um. Dave additionally stops the present halfway by way of to only sit back in his chair and loosen up, then replicate on the present to this point.

Episode 199

Show #zero199

air day: 1994-07-22

Episode 200

Show #0200

air day: 1994-07-25

Dave fills up a pothole outdoors the studio with joke playing cards; Jim Carrey’s limo is towed away.

Episode 201

Show #0201

air day: 1994-07-26

The pothole Dave crammed up with blue joke playing cards the earlier night time is sealed by none different then Mayor Guiliani; the pothole is danced upon by a number of fabulous babes performing Rockette-style kicks; Gin Blossoms and Kiss carry out “”Christine Sixteen.””

Episode 202

Show #0202

air day: 1994-07-27

A severed head perks out of the pothole; a health care provider stands within the backdrop in case Dave abruptly turns into sick in the course of the present; Sirajul asks a bunch of fishermen in South Dakota what they consider hometown boy Tom Brokaw.

Episode 203

Show #0203

air day: 1994-07-28

Dave feedback on Tony’s cue card work, then makes a foul cellphone name for an viewers member with mom points.

Episode 204

Show #0204

air day: 1994-07-29

Episode 205

Show #0205

air day: 1994-08-01

Episode 206

Show #zero206

air day: 1994-08-02

Dave attends the Whitewater Hearings; up-and-coming starlet Cameron Diaz promotes “”The Mask””; Dave lastly chats with Stevie Nicks (whose supervisor Dave criticized a number of years earlier than).

Episode 207

Show #zero207

air day: 1994-08-03

The present is interrupted all night time lengthy by (bogus) CBS News particular experiences by anchor Alan Richardson, who sings, is overwhelmed up by a bus driver, pitches Mountain Dew and swears in regards to the prime lending fee.

Episode 208

Show #zero208

air day: 1994-08-04

After Dave sings a horrible rendition of “”Oklahoma,”” Paul calls for to listen to a greater model. Soon after, John and Bonnie Raitt come on stage to point out Dave the way it’s carried out.

Episode 209

Show #zero209

air day: 1994-08-05

Episode 210

Show #0210

air day: 1994-08-08

Dave and mannequin Inna Mirovich toss again some vodka. Later, Howard Stern admits that he needed to drop out of the New York governor’s race as a result of he refused to disclose his yearly earnings.

Episode 211

Show #0211

air day: 1994-08-09

Episode 212

Show #zero212

air day: 1994-08-10

Dave appears to be like at “”What’s On Other Channels;”” the Smothers Brothers carry out.

Episode 213

Show #zero213

air day: 1994-08-11

Episode 214

Show #0214

air day: 1994-08-12

Episode 215

Show #zero215

air day: 1994-08-15

Episode 216

Show #zero216

air day: 1994-08-16

Rupert brings soup to tonight’s company; Dave displays on the Michael Jackson-Lisa Marie Presley wedding ceremony.

Episode 217

Show #0217

air day: 1994-08-17

Episode 218

Show #zero218

air day: 1994-08-18

Episode 219

Show #0219

air day: 1994-08-19

Late Show with David Letterman season 1 backdrops