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The first episode of the Reality, Crime, series Judge Judy season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 was released in 2013-09-09 by CBS. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Judith Sheindlin, Petri Hawkins-Byrd. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

House Sitter Horror; Bitter Babysitter?

air day: 2013-09-09

Moonshine, pit bulls and home abuse; when a younger boy falls off his bike, mother blames the newborn sitter.

Episode 2

Teenage Vandals

air day: 2013-09-09

Angry dad and mom dispute restitution charges after teenagers throw rocks at vehicles from a bridge.

Episode three

Video Game Pile-Up; Child Support Scammer?

air day: 2013-09-10

Two younger ladies who attended a online game conference say they needed to sleep of their automobile after seven males confirmed up within the room they rented; a person says his kid’s mom lied concerning the money help funds he gave her.

Episode four

Housesitting Hijacker?; Drunk, Disorderly, and Half Naked?

air day: 2013-09-10

A world traveler says his home sitter stole his property and cash; a girl says a drunken partygoer crashed into her TV and destroyed it.

Episode 5

Pellet Gun Shootout; Car Security

air day: 2013-09-11

A lady accuses a 14-year-old boy of capturing out her automobile’s windshield with a pellet gun; a automobile’s purchaser and vendor sue one another.

Episode 6

Don’t Spank My Daughter!; Broken Door, Broken Friendship

air day: 2013-09-11

A mom calls for $5,000 from her ex-husband for submitting expenses after she spanked their 9-year-old daughter throughout a supervised go to; a girl sues a former pal for the fee to switch two damaged car-door handles.

Episode 7

Honey Delivery Disaster; So Sue Me, Roomie

air day: 2013-09-12

A boss sues an worker for taking the corporate automobile with out permission and wrecking it; a renter says he misplaced his job and thought he may skip a couple of months’ fee.

Episode Eight

Trust Fund Raid; Furniture Fight

air day: 2013-09-12

A teen and her father accuse one another of stealing; when on-line mates transfer in collectively, catastrophe ensues.

Episode 9

Too Much Vodka; Paternity Test Time

air day: 2013-09-13

A former couple accuse one another of assault; a girl sues her kid’s father for payments and cell-phone prices.

Episode 10

Explicit Photos Disputed; Hell Date

air day: 2013-09-13

A photographer’s ex-lover says he’s exploiting her by utilizing pictures he took of her on his web site; a person says the brand new girlfriend he met on-line precipitated him to lose his job by taking his automobile with out permission and totaling it whereas intoxicated.

Episode 11

Mom Thrown Out of Courtroom!; Ex-Lover’s Excuses

air day: 2013-09-16

A litigant’s mom should be ejected from the courtroom; an ex-boyfriend says a truck mortgage was a present.

Episode 12

Baby Daddy Drama; Sisters Fight Over a Puppy

air day: 2013-09-16

After a mother calls for that her kid’s father depart their shared residence, he says she kicked him out illegally; when a dispute over a toy schnauzer turns into heated, a girl storms out of the courtroom.

Episode 13

Victim of Racism or a Thief?

air day: 2013-09-17

A person accuses a convenience-store proprietor of attacking him with a baseball bat; the shop proprietor says the person is a panhandler and a thief.

Episode 14

Storage Wars; Dog Struck by Car

air day: 2013-09-17

A lady says she is holding her ex’s furnishings as collateral till he pays again a mortgage; a motorist and the house owners of an unleashed canine dispute veterinary payments and automobile injury.

Episode 15

Handicapped and Handcuffed; Don’t Tell People I Have Lupus!

air day: 2013-09-18

A lady who requires a wheelchair denies being a retaliatory nuisance; a girl cites gossip about her well being as a purpose she will not stay together with her roommate.

Episode 16

Rent Free and Smoking Pot?; Ex-Fiancee Fiasco

air day: 2013-09-18

A lady accuses her grownup daughter and the boyfriend of smoking pot in her residence, and the daughter desires her lease returned; the decide tries to elucidate deferred funds to a girl being sued for cash owed.

Episode 17

Break-Up, Break-in?; Heroin Possession?

air day: 2013-09-19

A person sues his ex’s relative for falsely accusing him of burglarizing her residence; a former pal regrets bailing out a girl arrested on drug-possession expenses.

Episode 18

Money Stolen From a Thief?; Guilty of Domestic Violence

air day: 2013-09-19

A con sues his ex for making unauthorized debit-card expenses whereas he was serving time; a younger man admits to assaulting his kid’s mom.

Episode 19

Fight Over Troubled Teen’s Rehab

air day: 2013-09-20

Mother, father and stepmother feud over fee of the $four,000 invoice for his or her troubled teen’s behavioral camp.

Episode 20

Cat Fight and Crash!

air day: 2013-09-20

An altercation in a nightclub car parking zone ends in a three-vehicle collision and a safety officer’s go well with for damages to his automobile.

Episode 21

Maltese Attack!; Mother-in-Law Thief?

air day: 2013-09-23

After a 10-pound canine bites her on the leg, a girl desires cash for the fee to switch her pants and for ache and struggling; a girl accuses her mother-in-law of stealing and totaling her automobile.

Episode 22

$15,000 Property Loss?; Stolen Identity or Bitter Father?

air day: 2013-09-24

A landlord says his tenant’s unsanitary dwelling situations precipitated his property worth to plummet; a person says his son illegally used his social-security quantity to open two accounts and broken his credit score.

Episode 23

Teen Volleyball Madness

air day: 2013-09-25

A teen cries when her mom defends her habits on the volleyball court docket, and the pair sue her coach for inflicting emotional misery.

Episode 24

Assaulted by a Parrot!; Bike and Car Collision

air day: 2013-09-26

A teen sues for medical payments and ache and struggling after a pal’s parrot assaults her; a motorist and a bicycle owner debate accountability for his or her collision.

Episode 25

Dog Bite Baby Shower!; Public Assistance Lost!

air day: 2013-09-27

Bitten by a canine, a girl sues for ache and struggling; a girl says her ex-boyfriend precipitated her to lose housing help.

Episode 26

Tandem Bike Crash!; Ex-Lovers’ Feud

air day: 2013-09-30

A bicyclist tells of breaking a knee; a person sues his ex-girlfriend for lease, payments, cleansing prices and the return of his belongings.

Episode 27

Fake Doctor?

air day: 2013-10-01

A lady says her chiropractor conned her into prepaying $5,000 for lifelong companies.

Episode 28

Revengeful Roommates; Divorce Disaster

air day: 2013-10-02

An ex-roommate says her cat out of the blue turned unpopular when her pal bought pregnant; divorced dad and mom feud over a tax return.

Episode 29

Clean and Sober Suit; Criminal or Justified

air day: 2013-10-03

Unwed dad and mom feud over custody, eviction and stolen belongings; a girl sues her ex-boyfriend for reimbursement of a mortgage and for automobile injury.

Episode 30

Pro Basketball Player Sued; Car Conundrum

air day: 2013-10-04

An expert basketball participant accuses a plaintiff of exaggerating the price of furnishings; litigants should determine about cash owed on a automobile.

Episode 31

Burning Down the House!; Short Sale Showdown

air day: 2013-10-07

A landlord sues for an insurance coverage deductible and lack of earnings; divorcees struggle over proceeds from the sale of their residence.

Episode 32

Too Much Marijuana?; Ex-Lover Battle

air day: 2013-10-08

A teen mom sues her sister for breaking a lease settlement; a former couple squabble over cash.

Episode 33

Pit Bull Attacks Child; Giants vs. Cowboys Letdown

air day: 2013-10-09

A mom sues for damages after her Eight-year-old is bitten by a pit bull; a sports activities fan sues for damages after he purchases unhealthy soccer tickets.

Episode 34

Angry Tenant Break-In?; $four,000 Tuition Scam?

air day: 2013-10-10

A lady claims her landlords reneged on a promise to replace her residence; a person learns the cash he lent to an ex-lover was not used for tuition.

Episode 35

Daughter Disaster; Pit Bull Put Down

air day: 2013-10-11

A lady sues her daughter for a automobile mortgage; a person believes his canine was wrongly accused of attacking a girl.

Episode 36

Ex-Friend Troubles; Computer Scam Sale?

air day: 2013-10-14

The return of belongings, storage charges and a false arrest; the sale of a pc.

Episode 37

Surprise Witness!; Injured Pomeranian

air day: 2013-10-15

Divorced dad and mom struggle over furnishings; a pregnant teen’s canine was injured whereas in her mom’s care.

Episode 38

Jewelry Thieves Caught on Tape; Brutus the Service Dog

air day: 2013-10-16

Video proof saves the day; custody of a service canine.

Episode 39

She’s a Parasite!; Truth or Dare Danger

air day: 2013-10-17

An ex-boyfriend resorts to name-calling; kids’s sport ends in a struggle between dad and mom.

Episode 40

Graduation Party Flipped Car

air day: 2013-10-18

A struggle over a woman leans to a demolished automobile and an assault at a celebration.

Episode 41

Feuding Divorcees; Abusive Boyfriend?

air day: 2013-10-21

A lady blames her ex for shedding her job whereas he sues for invasion of privateness; a teen claims her ex-roommate’s boyfriend was abusive.

Episode 42

Freeloading Ex-Lover?; Punched within the Face?

air day: 2013-10-22

Ex-lovers argue over private property; a person accuses his pal of abuse after asking to be compensated for automobile injury.

Episode 43

Sideswiped Truck; Tax Prep Slander?; Stolen or Repossessed?

air day: 2013-10-23

A person allegedly hits and kills a canine whereas damaging a automobile; a girl sues her pal for not paying referral charges; a girl accuses her pal for illegally repossessing her automobile.

Episode 44

Shih Tzu Attack!; Baseball Card Caper

air day: 2013-10-24

A lady sues a bar proprietor after being bitten by her canine; a person sues over stolen baseball playing cards.

Episode 45

Judgment Causes Happy Dance; Prom Dress Disaster

air day: 2013-10-25

A lady is sued for rental damages; a seamstress is sued for the cash for a promenade costume.

Episode 46

Defame Game; Assault or No Assault?

air day: 2013-10-28

The plaintiff says the defendant publicly accused him of stealing her residence; former roommates dispute fee of lease and accusations of assault.

Episode 47

Arrest for Drug Possession; Sisters Act Up!

air day: 2013-10-29

The plaintiff regrets bailing out his girlfriend’s daughter’s boyfriend; sisters feud over a mortgage.

Episode 48

Motorcycle Mayhem; Unwed Parents Fight; Make a Decision!

air day: 2013-10-30

A teen sues a neighbor for damaging her motorbike; a girl desires her kid’s father to pay for a mortgage to purchase a automobile; a dwelling association goes awry.

Episode 49

False Restraining Order?

air day: 2013-10-31

Former roommates feud over lease, damages and a restraining order.

Episode 50

Mad at Mother of My Child!; Punched Door

air day: 2013-10-31

A person sues his kid’s mom for a mortgage; a girl sues her ex for lease, payments and injury to her residence.

Episode 51

Hidden Seafood!; Slashed Tires!

air day: 2013-11-01

A person says his former mates hid seafood all through the home once they moved; a girl accuses a former neighbor of slashing her tires.

Episode 52

Thunderbird Theft?; Car Divides Friends

air day: 2013-11-01

He says she stole his automobile, and he or she says he beat her up and destroyed her property; a person sues his former pal for reimbursement of a mortgage and the return of a automobile.

Episode 53

Burglary and the Ex-Boyfriend; Just Don’t Do It!

air day: 2013-11-04

A younger man and his mom say his ex falsely accused him of breaking into her residence; a girl accuses a person of stealing her train machine.

Episode 54

PayPal Problem?; Mother Mayhem; Trying Truck Times

air day: 2013-11-04

An overdrawn PayPal account; a burglary mother; reimbursement for a mortgage.

Episode 55

Fake Silver Sale?; Teen Denies Bad Driving

air day: 2013-11-05

An on-line buyer says a pair bought him faux silver; a younger man says a teen driver ran a cease signal and crashed into his automobile.

Episode 56

Driving School Skirmish; Up a Creek Without a Boat

air day: 2013-11-05

Parents need their son’s driving-school instructor to return his charges; co-ownership of a ship ends in a struggle.

Episode 57

Biting Boyfriend?; Baby Sitter’s Bounced Checks!

air day: 2013-11-06

A lady says her ex bit her throughout an argument; a child sitter says two of her consumer’s checks bounced.

Episode 58

Abusive Dog Owner?; Goddaughter Beware!; Redecorating Disaster

air day: 2013-11-06

Relatives feud over custody of a canine and accusations of abuse and neglect; a girl sues her goddaughter for damaging a automobile; a girl sues her sister for redecorating her bed room with out her permission.

Episode 59

Deli Towing Incident

air day: 2013-11-07

A lady sues deli house owners for illegally towing her automobile.

Episode 60

Convenience Store Car Kicking; Moving In, Moving Out!

air day: 2013-11-07

A younger man says his former pal kicked his automobile throughout an argument; a girl sues her ex-roommate for unpaid lease.

Episode 61

On-the-Job Assault?; Smashed Spaniel Tail!

air day: 2013-11-08

A resort clerk says a visitor assaulted him; a canine’s house owners sue a former pal as a result of the animal was injured on his property.

Episode 62

Mercedes-Benz Scam?; False Arrest Fallout

air day: 2013-11-08

Return of cash spent on automobile repairs; the return of property, motel payments and punitive damages.

Episode 63

I Do on Craigslist; Don’t Flood My Car!

air day: 2013-11-11

A person sues his neighbor for harassment and defamation he says resulted from an advert she posted on-line; a girl sues her daughter’s former pal for driving her automobile throughout a flood, inflicting injury.

Episode 64

Crash the Birthday Party; Parking Lot Accident

air day: 2013-11-11

A lady says her former pal crashed her automobile; a pupil says a fellow motorist broken her automobile when opening her automobile door.

Episode 65

Late Pick-Up to a Party; Follow the Bouncing Ball

air day: 2013-11-12

Parents say their daughter’s birthday was ruined when the limousine failed to indicate up on time; a person says he was punched within the face throughout a pick-up basketball sport and seeks reimbursement for medical payments.

Episode 66

Go Cart, No Go; Tenant Conflict

air day: 2013-11-12

Plaintiffs sue a teen and his mother after his go-kart hits their automobile; a landlord says a tenant took too lengthy to maneuver in.

Episode 67

Do Not Tattoo Over the Internet; Return My Motorcycle!

air day: 2013-11-13

A tattoo store proprietor sues for unpaid companies and slander; ex-lovers squabble over a motorbike and storage charges.

Episode 68

Take the Bar Fight Outside

air day: 2013-11-13

A patron says a person exterior a bar assaulted her; he says he was making an attempt to guard his daughter and countersues for damaged glasses and accidents.

Episode 69

Ruined Wedding Celebration; Father-in-Law No More

air day: 2013-11-14

A pair say a DJ’s unprofessional habits ruined their wedding ceremony; an ex-son-in-law desires reimbursement for a automobile mortgage.

Episode 70

Tenant Power Struggle; Child Day-Care Provider Dispute

air day: 2013-11-14

Ex-tenants sue a landlady for turning off their electrical energy and for false accusations of assault; a baby is terminated from a day-care program for not being potty-trained.

Episode 71

Too Hot within the Kitchen?; The Neighborly Thing to Do

air day: 2013-11-15

A lady says her son’s ex-girlfriend left her range on and set the kitchen on hearth; a girl says her neighbor deliberately burned his personal garden, damaging her bushes within the course of.

Episode 72

Lovers Spat; I Want My Rent and Property

air day: 2013-11-15

A person says his ex-lover hurled a chunk of bags at his automobile; a former tenant seeks reimbursement for broken property and the return of lease.

Episode 73

Ex-Lovers’ Property Dispute; Mother vs. Son

air day: 2013-11-18

A person says his ex-lover took most of her belongings and deserted the remainder; a plaintiff accuses his mom of stealing from his checking account.

Episode 74

Collie Attacks Yorkie; DUI Bailout

air day: 2013-11-18

Neighbors struggle over veterinary payments after a bigger canine assaults a small one; a girl regrets bailing her nephew out of jail.

Episode 75

False Restraining Orders?; Father Son Fight

air day: 2013-11-19

A person sues his ex for broken property, submitting a number of false restraining orders, and his share of the proceeds from a storage sale; a person and his 18-year-old son sue one another over social gathering damages and the sale of a automobile.

Episode 76

Housemate Harassment; Child Support Fight

air day: 2013-11-19

Former housemates feud over stolen property, unpaid lease and harassment; a girl calls for that her ex pay for bail, a motorbike and a mortgage.

Episode 77

Let Them Eat Wedding Cake!; Hurricane Destruction

air day: 2013-11-20

Newlyweds sue a chef for ruining their wedding ceremony by not offering sufficient meals; a girl says her former pal totaled her automobile by driving it throughout a hurricane.

Episode 78

Return My Chihuahua!; Doberman Daschund Attack

air day: 2013-11-20

A lady sues her estranged daughter-in-law for the return of a canine, unpaid veterinary payments, and the pawning of a diamond ring; a rescued canine is accused of attacking a smaller one.

Episode 79

Fight Over Horse; Tenant Tidiness

air day: 2013-11-21

A married couple sue an erstwhile pal for vandalism to their automobiles and the fee to board a horse; a landlord sues for unpaid lease and cleansing charges.

Episode 80

Flight From Crime; Art Studio Garage Damages; Teen Eviction

air day: 2013-11-21

A motorist accused of a hit-and-run says her automobile had been stolen on the evening in query; a landlord calls for fee for lease and damages; a teen says her roommates-to-be had been evicted and owe for lease.

Episode 81

Camel Race Injuries; Bad Tenant?

air day: 2013-11-22

A person whose collarbone was damaged throughout a camel-race accident sues the race organizers; a landlord accuses a girl of shifting out and leaving unpaid lease and damages.

Episode 82

Rowdy Roommates; Vegas Trip Gone Bad

air day: 2013-11-22

Former roommates feud over lease and belongings; teenagers argue over fee for a Las Vegas resort room.

Episode 83

Back Kicking a Toddler?!

air day: 2013-11-25

Parents accuse a lodger of back-kicking their 2-year-old throughout an assault.

Episode 84

Unwed Parents Want Payback!; Sister Sues Sister

air day: 2013-11-25

Unwed dad and mom and their mothers struggle with an ex-roommate over a mortgage and lease cash; a girl sues her sister for credit-card loans.

Episode 85

Weights Fall on Body Builder; Day Care Disaster

air day: 2013-11-26

A person accuses a fellow gym-member of injuring him throughout an train; a girl says a day care supplier gave the unsuitable baby to a member of the family for pickup.

Episode 86

Ex-Lovers’ Blurred Lines; Dance Mom

air day: 2013-11-26

A hairstylist/prep prepare dinner sues her ex-lover for reimbursement of loans, however he says the cash was a present; a dance instructor sues a former pupil’s mom for unpaid tuition and charges.

Episode 87

Soccer Fight!; Clueless Crash Into a Wall

air day: 2013-11-27

A person sues a fellow soccer-player for defamation of character; a girl says her neighbor crashed his automobile into her retaining wall.

Episode 88

Pekingese Loses Eye to Pit Bull; Abandoned Horse?

air day: 2013-11-27

A landlord sues a pit bull’s house owners after an assault on his little canine; a horse’s proprietor and former caretaker struggle over custody.

Episode 89

Minor’s DUI Alcohol Run!; Brother-Sister Squabble; Pool Table Comes Between Exes

air day: 2013-12-02

A minor denies destroying a pal’s automobile after being arrested for DUI; a down-on-his-luck brother says his sister owes him cash for serving to her break up; a girl sues her ex-lover for the return of a pool desk.

Episode 90

Pool Pierced by Arrow?; The Blame Game

air day: 2013-12-03

Neighbors feud over injury to an above-ground pool; a former tenant sues landlords for the return of her safety deposit.

Episode 91

Bad Check, Bad Friend?; Baby Daddy Debt

air day: 2013-12-04

A lady sues a former pal for a nasty examine; one other lady sues her ex for his share of credit-card debt they accrued whereas dwelling collectively.

Episode 92

Hostile Defendant Thrown Out of Court!; 1961 Comet Custody

air day: 2013-12-05

Aggressive testimony in a case involving bipolar dysfunction, unpaid lease and broken property; a person’s written assertion about promoting a traditional automobile doesn’t match up along with his testimony to the decide.

Episode 93

Family Furniture Fight; Fighting Cousins

air day: 2013-12-06

A person’s sister says he owes for the fee to switch her furnishings; a girl regrets lending her cousin cash to purchase a automobile.

Episode 94

Real Estate Runaround; Entrapment?

air day: 2013-12-09

A lady sues her former real-estate agent for making unauthorized adjustments to her residence; a girl sues her ex for lease and misplaced tuition after she needed to drop out of faculty.

Episode 95

Murder and Medical Malpractice; Debt and Deployment

air day: 2013-12-10

Birth-control problems, an arrest for failure to pay baby help and a automobile related to a homicide come into play; a navy spouse invitations a troubled pal to stay together with her, then sues her for loans to pay her lease and bills.

Episode 96

When the Inmate Is Away … ; Relationship Rehab

air day: 2013-12-11

The plaintiff says his ex-girlfriend totaled his SUV whereas he was in jail; a girl’s automobile is impounded whereas she is in rehab.

Episode 97

Grooming Gone Wrong; Father-Daughter Car Dispute

air day: 2013-12-12

A canine’s house owners say the groomer gave it a warmth stroke; a younger lady sues her father for the cash she paid for a automobile, and he countersues for the unpaid steadiness and impound charges.

Episode 98

Emergency Move-Out; Stolen Shotgun?

air day: 2013-12-13

Former roommates feud over property, a safety deposit, resort prices and a restraining order; a pawnshop proprietor sues a person for pawning a stolen shotgun, which was later confiscated by the police.

Episode 99

Ladies’ Night Out Limo Disaster; Harassing Car Deal?

air day: 2013-12-16

Women say a limo service proprietor ruined their evening in town; a buyer sues automobile dealership house owners for the return of property, automobile restore payments and harassment.

Episode 100

Mobile Home Manipulation?; Kia Crash!

air day: 2013-12-17

A lady is accused of wanting greater than a working relationship together with her consumer; former mates struggle over who’s chargeable for a wreck.

Episode 101

Niece Fights Aunt; Los Angeles Vacation Gone Wrong

air day: 2013-12-18

Relatives feud over lease and belongings; a person sues a former pal for cash lent to cowl bills for a California trip.

Episode 102

Mother Daughter Mayhem; Family Fight Over Home

air day: 2013-12-19

A lady desires her mom to repay her for a mortgage; a girl tries to purchase a house from her mom and accuses her of owing for lease.

Episode 103

Chrysler Custody Battle; Ex-Fiancee Fight; Cousin’s Bail Money

air day: 2013-12-20

A person sues his ex for the return of a automobile and a mortgage; a former couple feud over the return of items and an engagement ring; a cousin regrets bailing out a girl arrested for possession of stolen property.

Episode 104

Head-Butted!; Coin Collection Thief?

air day: 2014-01-06

A person sues a fellow bar patron for head-butting him and finds himself being countersued for defamation of character; ex-lovers feud over a coin assortment.

Episode 105

Sister Fight; Biting Dalmatian?

air day: 2014-01-07

Sisters argue over property, allegations of assault, an unpaid mortgage and false expenses; a teen says she was pressured to maneuver from her cousin’s residence after her canine bit her.

Episode 106

Dog Custody; Roommate Dispute; Illegal Driver

air day: 2014-01-08

A lady sues her ex for the return of her German shepherd; a damaged lease; driving with a suspended license.

Episode 107

Pawnshop Payback!

air day: 2014-01-09

A pawnshop proprietor is accused of promoting a buyer’s jewellery prematurely.

Episode 108

Girl Fight; Who Scammed Who?; Car Blow Up!

air day: 2014-01-10

Ex-roommates feud over destruction of belongings, submitting of false expenses, and allegations of assault; a web based sale might have been a rip-off; a pair say their automobile blew up on the best way to the mechanic.

Episode 109

Widower Waiter’s Bailout; Colliding Bike Boy

air day: 2014-01-13

Former mates struggle over bail cash; a 12-year-old boy is accused of crashing his bike right into a shifting automobile.

Episode 110

Karate Camp Neglect?; Bad House Sitter?; Sister Fight!

air day: 2014-01-14

A mom accuses a karate instructor of leaving her sons unsupervised; a home sitter is sued for totaling a automobile, stealing cash and neglecting animals; sisters feud over impound charges and site visitors tickets.

Episode 111

Dog Blamed for Violent Crash; Roommate Disaster

air day: 2014-01-15

A motorcyclist says an unleashed canine bumped into site visitors and precipitated a collision through which his spouse was injured; former roommates feud over unpaid lease, private property and storage charges.

Episode 112

Good Samaritan Family; Daddy’s Girlfriend

air day: 2014-01-16

Former roommates argue over dwelling bills; a girl sues her dad’s girlfriend for lease and private property.

Episode 113

House Mayhem; Frenemies; Under the Influence

air day: 2014-01-17

A former tenant desires his safety deposit again, although he missed lease funds; ex-friends dispute rehab, a smashed windshield and a mortgage; a person says his niece’s drunken mom totaled his truck.

Episode 114

Engagement Ring Custody; Accusations of Murder

air day: 2014-01-20

A former couple feud over an engagement ring and a restraining order; a girl says her late fiance’s spouse vandalized her truck.

Episode 115

Home Improvement Hijinks; Fostering Fraud?

air day: 2014-01-21

A landlady and her former tenant feud over damages, lease and residential enhancements; Judge Judy explains what receiving incapacity means when a girl is accused of stealing checks from her foster baby.

Episode 116

Stranger Danger; Neighbors and Dogs Drama

air day: 2014-01-22

A tenant is sued for home damages and assault; neighbors’ feud over a damaged fence includes canines, the police and accusations of harassment.

Episode 117

Busted Windows; Wreck at School

air day: 2014-01-23

A lady says her ex-lover broken her residence throughout a heated argument; a mother admits to backing up and ramming into one other automobile in an elementary-school car parking zone.

Episode 118

Dog Trainer Scam?; Electrocuted Godson

air day: 2014-01-24

Owners of a German shepherd and a Rottweiler say an obedience coach scammed them; a girl sues her godson for reimbursement of a mortgage for medical payments after he was electrocuted on the job.

Episode 119

Property Problems; Bounty Hunter Payback

air day: 2014-01-27

A landlord sues a tenant for damages to a house; a person is dressed down for improper apparel; a 62-year-old man sues his 37-year-old girlfriend for a telephone, credit-card expenses and bail.

Episode 120

The Godfather; Slander and Las Vegas Trip!

air day: 2014-01-28

A person sues his godson for reimbursement of loans; former mates sue one another over a airplane ticket to Las Vegas and accusations of slander.

Episode 121

Woman Picks Dogfight?; Vampire Showgirl

air day: 2014-01-29

A canine proprietor says the animals attacked a girl as a result of she verbally assaulted them; a former pal sues a showgirl pageant contestant for the return of a vampire costume.

Episode 122

Kids in Rolling Car Collision; Thieving Cousin?

air day: 2014-01-30

After his parked automobile, with two kids inside, rolls and collides with one other automobile, a father asserts that the automobiles by no means made contact; a teen accuses a pal’s cousin of stealing her pill laptop.

Episode 123

Pit Bull Attacks Child; Is Ex a Thief?

air day: 2014-01-30

A 6-year-old woman tells of being attacked by her mom’s tenants’ pit bull; a girl accuses her ex of vandalizing her automobile, smashing her telephone and stealing her sport console.

Episode 124

Mutual Custody Combat?

air day: 2014-01-31

A mom is accused of knocking out one other lady’s enamel and vandalizing her kids’s father’s automobile throughout a court-ordered custody change.

Episode 125

Bottle Assault

air day: 2014-01-31

A younger man says his former pal entered his residence in the course of the evening and hit him within the head with a bottle.

Episode 126

Road Rage Slam!; Bunk Bed Blowup

air day: 2014-02-03

A lady accused of smashing a motorist’s windshield with a hammer yells on the decide when the decision doesn’t go her manner; ex-lovers feud over cash, incapacity and the price of kids’s beds.

Episode 127

Yoga/Gym Merger Mess!; Ex-Fiance Fight

air day: 2014-02-03

A yoga studio proprietor says she was scammed and kicked out after investing in a gymnasium; a girl desires her ex-fiance to pay again the cash she invested in his restaurant.

Episode 128

Malicious Skateboarder?; Too Young to Live Alone

air day: 2014-02-04

An grownup bicycle owner recordsdata felony expenses towards an 11-year-old he accuses of throwing a skateboard beneath his bike; a girl sues her childhood pal for breaking their lease.

Episode 129

Maced within the Face!; Divorced and Still Fighting!

air day: 2014-02-04

A person who had tear gasoline sprayed in his face says his pal was chargeable for driving him residence, and a witness says they hit her parked automobile; a mom sues her ex and his spouse for a child-support lien on her residence.

Episode 130

Dog Barking, Cat Poisoning; Give Me Back My Ring!

air day: 2014-02-05

An nameless dog-barking grievance units off a spree of cat-poisoning, car-smashing and laptop-vandalizing; a former couple struggle over a $three,500 engagement ring.

Episode 131

Tax Return Rift; Car Versus Tree

air day: 2014-02-05

Ex-lovers struggle over a $four,000 tax return; cousins feud over damages to a automobile when a tree fell on it.

Episode 132

Stolen Pit Bull Puppies

air day: 2014-02-06

A person sues a neighbor for the worth of puppies he says she stole.

Episode 133

Slapped for Cheating?; Friendship Fraud?

air day: 2014-02-06

A person says his ex-lover stalked him, slapped him within the face and fled the scene; Judge Judy reminds litigants to return into court docket with clear palms.

Episode 134

Caught on Tape!; Sucker Punch

air day: 2014-02-07

Surveillance movies expose a landlady’s unhealthy habits; a person says he was defending himself when he punched a feminine pal within the face.

Episode 135

Dishonest Damages?; Imprisoned Wedding Caterer

air day: 2014-02-07

A landlady sues her ex-tenants for defamation of character and property she says they stole; a pair sues a caterer arrested and jailed hours earlier than their wedding ceremony.

Episode 136

Dying Cat’s Rescue; Crashes and Lies

air day: 2014-02-10

Accusations of adultery, a dying cat and the price of emergency surgical procedure divide sisters-in-law; a Halloween-night crash leaves a automobile totaled and sisters combating.

Episode 137

Drug Dealer?; House-Sitting Party Damage

air day: 2014-02-10

A lady says she repossessed her automobile when she came upon that the brand new proprietor was promoting artificial pot out of the trunk; a house owner says her former tenant made porn in her mattress and broken her property whereas she was out of city.

Episode 138

ATV Hit and Run; Sugar in Gas Tank Threat

air day: 2014-02-11

A father denies that his kids broken one other man’s home, storage and automobile with their ATV; cousins feud over the return of property, cash owed on a automobile and accusations of vandalism.

Episode 139

Dog Training Disaster; Family Damages

air day: 2014-02-11

Chinese crested canines’ proprietor sues their coach for the return of his charge; a girl regrets renting her residence to her niece, who she says left the place a multitude and did not pay the lease.

Episode 140

Handshake Deal Gone Bad; Disability Debit Card Craziness

air day: 2014-02-12

A person involves remorse a handshake settlement with a pal; a girl jailed for possession of stolen property says her former pal kicked her out and refused to return her belongings.

Episode 141

War of the Roommates; Granny or Nanny?

air day: 2014-02-12

A lady accuses her ex-friends of destroying her belongings; a grandmother calls for that her daughter pay her for baby care and misplaced wages.

Episode 142

Mother & Daughter Gang Up on Ex

air day: 2014-02-13

A stolen ring, a lacking gun and a teen’s cell-phone invoice come into play when a girl sues her mom’s ex-boyfriend.

Episode 143

Diseased Puppy or Misdiagnosis?

air day: 2014-02-13

A lady accuses a canine breeder of promoting her a purebred pet with a neurological sickness.

Episode 144

Domestic Violence Victim?; Brother Sister War

air day: 2014-02-14

Unwed dad and mom’ struggle results in accusations of home violence, property injury and job loss; a teen, requested to depart her brother’s residence as a result of she doesn’t get alongside along with his spouse, sues him for reimbursement of a mortgage and shifting bills.

Episode 145

Rowdy Roommates; Day Care Dilemma; Ex-Lover Vacation Spat

air day: 2014-02-14

A teen is accused of stealing lease cash and damaging property; a child sitter is accused of neglect; a girl sues her ex for the price of a visit, and he countersues for assault.

Episode 146

Vicious Assault, Broken Jaw; Who Wrecked My Truck?!

air day: 2014-02-17

Drunkenness and impaired judgment trigger accidents at a bachelor social gathering; a teen driver blames his girlfriend for distracting him and making him crash his aunt’s ex-boyfriend’s automobile.

Episode 147

Dehydrated Defendant; Lethal Lemon

air day: 2014-02-17

Former lovers feud over the custody of two vehicles; a girl sues her ex and his employer for a refund on a lemon.

Episode 148

Dead Tree Catastrophe; Ex-Lover Battle

air day: 2014-02-18

A motorist says a house owner broken his truck whereas making an attempt to take down a lifeless tree; former lovers remorse dwelling collectively.

Episode 149

Babysitting Danger; Horse Lands in Pool!

air day: 2014-02-18

A nanny and employer struggle over drug use and harassing telephone calls; a windstorm knocks down a fence, and a horse results in a neighbor’s swimming pool.

Episode 150

Father Protects Drunk Daughter?; Car-Kicking Tantrum

air day: 2014-02-19

A person says he bought assaulted when he intervened to cease his daughter’s baby-daddy from choking her; motorists disagree as to how vehicles bought broken.

Episode 151

Hair Stylist Wars; Daddy’s Good Deed Punished?

air day: 2014-02-19

A magnificence salon proprietor accuses a stylist of assault; a person sues his teen daughter and her fiance for damages they precipitated to his motor residence.

Episode 152

Child Support Sleuth; Maltipoo Attack!

air day: 2014-02-20

The decide investigates a younger man’s capacity to pay baby help; a girl accuses somewhat canine of attacking her.

Episode 153

Ailing Uncle Going Blind; Bahamas Cruise Crisis

air day: 2014-02-20

An ailing diabetic sues the great Samaritan who took him in, then kicked him out; a friendship ends over a cruise to the Bahamas.

Episode 154

Expert Car Crasher; Wedding Rush

air day: 2014-02-21

A lady says her ex-lover crashed three of her vehicles; a former roommate calls for reimbursement for a last-minute mortgage.

Episode 155

Terrible Roommate?; Funeral Fraud?

air day: 2014-02-21

Cousins feud over a joint checking account, shifting prices and medical payments; divorcees struggle about their son’s funeral prices.

Episode 156

Dream Car Rip-Off!; Scammer Denial; Christmas Day Hit-and-Run

air day: 2014-02-24

A dream automobile has an current title mortgage, so its new proprietor can’t drive it; the dream automobile’s salesman blames his ex-girlfriend; a motorist denies crashing right into a parked automobile and fleeing the scene.

Episode 157

Arson Allegations; Grand Theft Restitution

air day: 2014-02-24

A younger couple are accused of beginning a fireplace; a girl regrets paying restitution for her fiance’s son’s crime.

Episode 158

Property Held Hostage; Brothers and Bail Money

air day: 2014-02-25

Boyfriends declare their truck and its contents had been bought with out their permission; a person regrets paying his brother’s bail.

Episode 159

Angry Fathers Mutual Combat; Boyfriend Assault?

air day: 2014-02-25

A automobile collision results in a boxing match between two offended fathers; a girl calls for that her daughter’s boyfriend repay her for lease, damages and assault.

Episode 160

Dog Rescue, Robbery and Assault; Damage Denial; Wedding Banquet Foreclosure

air day: 2014-02-26

A knife assault, a slap within the face and a struggle over a jail keep; a girl denies that she broken a automobile; a bride learns foreclosures impacts the corridor for her wedding ceremony reception.

Episode 161

Sisters’ Assault Stand-Off; Heartbroken and Broke

air day: 2014-02-26

A visit to the shop turns violent; a girl regrets giving her ex-lover loans and paying his payments.

Episode 162

Saudi Arabia House-Sitting Snafu; Life Insurance Vacation Spree

air day: 2014-02-27

A home sitter is accused of stealing diamonds and destroying property; a friendship ends over a life-insurance coverage and holidays.

Episode 163

Dog Breeding Beginners; Evicted Sisters

air day: 2014-02-28

A bitter custody struggle over a canine; a girl sues her teen sister for charges incurred once they had been evicted from their residence.

Episode 164

Roommate Revolt; Puppy Payment!

air day: 2014-03-03

A pair demand a former pal repays a debt; a canine breeder is sued.

Episode 165

Mom to the Rescue!; Cousin Complaints

air day: 2014-03-04

A lady contests her son’s lockout after solely a three-day tenancy; a father is pressured to maneuver again in along with his mom when he’s sued by a cousin.

Episode 166

Stalking and Assault?; Co-Signing Cousin; Logo Liability

air day: 2014-03-05

A lady says her former roommate deserted property; a girl sues her cousin over a automobile; a graphic designer is sued over a charge.

Episode 167

Dirty Drug Test?; Pink Boot Scuffle

air day: 2014-03-06

A lady making an attempt to regain custody of her baby is accused of failing a drug take a look at; a girl claims her pink fur boots had been destroyed.

Episode 168

Dogs, Drinking and Death Threats

air day: 2014-03-07

A person who takes care of goats, horses and canines is sued for false arrest, assault and threats of bodily hurt.

Episode 169

Sex for Dental Work?; Roommate Rift

air day: 2014-03-10

A person denies he was romantically involved in a youthful lady to whom he gave cash; a younger man abruptly strikes out of the rented residence he shares with seven others.

Episode 170

Mobile Home Scam?; Pawn Shop Sham

air day: 2014-03-11

A lady denies stripping a cell residence clear when she left; the decide challenges a younger man’s declare that he was protected by state regulation when he bought his mates’ possessions to a pawn store.

Episode 171

Teen Vandal?; Children Lost to Foster Care

air day: 2014-03-12

A person says his teen cousin has a severe drug downside and vandalized his property, and the youth’s mother counters that he embarrassed them on-line; a former inmate is accused of destroying a rental property after his kids had been taken away.

Episode 172

Parole Model; Green Pool, Angry People!

air day: 2014-03-13

Burglary, tried sexual abuse and giving up a baby for adoption come into play when unwed dad and mom struggle over property; a person accuses his former landlord of illegally forcing him to maneuver out and denies inflicting intensive injury to the rental residence.

Episode 173

Subsidized Siblings; Friends No More!

air day: 2014-03-14

The decide discovers lady accused of stealing her brother’s personal-injury cash overcharged him for lease; a girl insists that her former pal repay her for lease and payments after sharing an house.

Episode 174

Magician vs. Illusionist; Pit Bull Choke Hold

air day: 2014-03-17

A magician desires an phantasm builder to return his down fee on a $19,000 magic trick; a girl says she was injured making an attempt to cease a pit bull from attacking her smaller canine.

Episode 175

Skin Cancer Scare; Computer Cash Out

air day: 2014-03-18

A lady sues her son, who has most cancers, for reimbursement of loans and medical payments; a lifelong friendship ends over $500.

Episode 176

Legal Beatdown!; Boat Bailout

air day: 2014-03-19

An attorney-in-fact challenges Judge Judy; a custom-boat builder denies owing a consumer the return of a deposit on a ship he by no means completed.

Episode 177

Racism or Renter Neglect?

air day: 2014-03-20

A lady says race was a problem when her owners affiliation harassed her and her kids; her landlord countersues.

Episode 178

Death Threat?; Man Cave Clash

air day: 2014-03-21

A person should testify towards his kid’s mom when a former pal accuses her of theft; a feud over a video-game room leads to a damaged lease.

Episode 179

Mama Drama; Human Shield!

air day: 2014-03-24

A mom resents being referred to as “not nice” by the decide; a girl says she was overwhelmed up and used as a human defend throughout a struggle in her house.

Episode 180

Disability Debate!; Hotel Room Party Pooper

air day: 2014-03-25

A lady sues her ex and her kids for property and stress; a teen sues a former pal for half the price of a visit.

Episode 181

Stepfather Payback; Repo Mom

air day: 2014-03-26

A lady calls for that her estranged stepfather repay her for a mortgage; a girl insists that her mom unfairly repossessed her automobile, twice.

Episode 182

When Unwed Parents Fight!

air day: 2014-03-27

A person calls for that his ex-fiancee return her engagement ring; she countersues for cash she invested within the ring.

Episode 183

Grieving Teen Assault; Barking Dog Threat

air day: 2014-03-28

A teen says her late mom’s live-in boyfriend assaulted her; a girl says her son-in-law threatened to beat up her canines to cease them from barking throughout a storm.

Episode 184

Day Care Endangerment; Housing Wars

air day: 2014-03-31

Unsanitary child-care situations and stranger hazard; an assault is claimed to have result in a traumatic mind damage.

Episode 185

Boy Going Blind?; In-Lawlessness

air day: 2014-04-01

A younger man says his aunt harassed him about his failing eyesight; sisters-in-law struggle over the worth of a automobile.

Episode 186

Pool Pushing Prank; Bad Boyfriend?

air day: 2014-04-02

Teen partygoers push each other into the pool, leading to a lawsuit over property injury; a person says enhancements he made to his ex’s residence had been reimbursement sufficient for enterprise loans.

Episode 187

Bonfire Damage; Grand Dreams Disaster

air day: 2014-04-03

A person says his son’s log-splitting bonfire escapade broken his sidewalk; lovers with grandiose concepts find yourself dwelling in a camper.

Episode 188

Speedy Cupid; Frat House No More!

air day: 2014-04-04

A pair who moved in collectively after understanding one another for less than two weeks find yourself combating over bank cards, home equipment and a lawnmower; a landlord sues for property injury and assault.

Episode 189

Shattered Windows; Drunken Knife Fight

air day: 2014-04-07

A former tenant denies destroying property and sues the owner for throwing all of his possessions out on the road; a person says he knocked his intoxicated pal out chilly as a result of the pal got here at him with a knife.

Episode 190

E-Cigarette Scam?

air day: 2014-04-08

The decide calls for proof from a former cigarette provider accusing an ex-employee of theft.

Episode 191

Show Me the Lawsuit Money!; Dying Mother

air day: 2014-04-09

Ex-lovers feud over a lawsuit payout, oil-field funds and family bills; a girl being sued for unpaid lease and property injury says that hardships associated to the care and demise of her mom sophisticated her monetary state of affairs.

Episode 192

Rehab Brother; Fire Hydrant Slam!

air day: 2014-04-10

A person says he voluntarily stayed in rehab an additional 9 months and denies owing his brother for payments paid whereas he was away; after crashing her pal’s automobile, a girl tries accountable the pal for having distracting issues hanging from the mirror.

Episode 193

Pit Bull Attack; Shoe-Throwing Sister!; Rent Games

air day: 2014-04-11

Pit bulls are accused of attacking a neighbor’s canine; sisters struggle over a violent skirmish between their kids; a tenant says he shouldn’t need to pay lease, as a result of he did work round the home.

Episode 194

Get Out of My House!; Invasion of Privacy?

air day: 2014-04-14

A mysterious examine, allergy symptoms and vanishing home equipment come into play when ex-friends struggle over an eviction; a person accuses his landlady of stealing his mail and neglecting a damaged sewage line, and he or she denies making an attempt to hit him together with her automobile.

Episode 195

Store Rage!

air day: 2014-04-15

A retailer proprietor says her enterprise companions posted nasty indicators and blocked buyer stream and denies she evicted them unlawfully.

Episode 196

Kidney Transplant Tragedy; You Trashed My Home!

air day: 2014-04-16

A lady sues her son for dwelling bills after he undergoes a kidney transplant; a landlord says an evicted tenant trashed the rental residence on her manner out.

Episode 197

Verbal Contracts 101; Shut That Dog Up!; Annoying Roommate Rant

air day: 2014-04-17

Cousins combating over a automobile study what constitutes a verbal contract; after complaints a few barking canine, a pair say they had been evicted illegally; a person tries to elucidate why his roommate was so annoying he needed to break their lease.

Episode 198

Marijuana Mayhem; When Girlfriends Fight

air day: 2014-04-18

A teen evicted over marijuana use insists he has a license to imbibe due to persistent ache; a girl says that after an argument together with her girlfriend bought bodily, she felt compelled to maneuver out.

Episode 199

Baby Daddy Payback; Car Mileage Fraud?

air day: 2014-04-21

A lady calls for that her new child’s father pay for shared credit-card debt and the price of a brand new automobile motor; a mechanic denies promoting a faulty automobile with hundreds extra miles on it than was marketed.

Episode 200

Landlord Laundry List; Ice Cream Shop Stalker?

air day: 2014-04-22

A landlord presents a protracted checklist of property damages he says his ex-tenant precipitated; a girl says her former pal stalked her and threatened to kill her when she was late in repaying a private mortgage.

Episode 201

Assault within the Workplace; A Family’s Feud

air day: 2014-04-23

After a sensible joke goes unsuitable, co-workers feud over accountability for medical damages; a younger man’s dad and mom sue him for defaulting on a automobile mortgage that’s of their identify.

Episode 202

Ex-Lover Assault Story

air day: 2014-04-24

Emergency surgical procedure on a canine comes into play when a girl describes shoving and slapping that passed off throughout a heated argument.

Episode 203

Scooter Squabble; Spit within the Face!

air day: 2014-04-24

A toddler by accident hits a scooter’s accelerator, inflicting it to take off and be broken; grownup siblings accuse one another of breaking a tv and a dryer throughout a struggle.

Episode 204

Tummy Tuck Trials; Salvaged Motorcycle Woes

air day: 2014-04-25

An ex-fiance sues a mom of eight for reimbursement of a mortgage and false expenses filed with child-protective companies; a motorbike’s purchaser says the vendor by no means turned over the title.

Episode 205

Camper Trailer Battle!

air day: 2014-04-25

The decide calls out a defendant on his inconsistent testimony.

Episode 206

Repeat Offender Baby Daddy; Pick of the Litter Liar?

air day: 2014-04-28

A lady sues for reimbursement of cash she says she despatched to her boyfriend whereas he was in jail; a person says his sister made a deal to barter a pet for cash lent to rent a divorce legal professional.

Episode 207

Punch Drunk Love; Pyramid Scheme

air day: 2014-04-28

A lady says her ex attacked her, however her story has holes in it; a girl sues a person and his mom for punitive damages ensuing from a pyramid scheme.

Episode 208

Mysterious Motorists; Bitter Breakup

air day: 2014-04-29

A driver says that after a crash, a 3rd automobile confirmed up and moved proof round earlier than the police arrived; a girl says her ex-boyfriend stole her automobile out of spite.

Episode 209

Don’t Fence Me In!; Premeditated Theft?

air day: 2014-04-29

A lady says she directed fence builders to start work on another person’s property, then made them begin over; a girl turns into hysterical over the actions of a former pal.

Episode 210

Don’t Flirt With the Judge!; Crash on a Commune!

air day: 2014-04-30

The decide advises a defendant to cease giving her humorous seems to be; a driving lesson between two commune dwellers ends with a crash right into a tree and a lawsuit.

Episode 211

Homeless and Happy?; Insurance Scam or Practical Joke?

air day: 2014-04-30

A younger man’s pregnant ex-fiancee sues him for damages; a automobile’s proprietor says his pal confessed to totaling the automobile in a sensible joke gone unhealthy.

Episode 212

Racial Profiling?; Roommate Rebel

air day: 2014-05-01

An arrest might have stemmed from erratic driving or racial profiling; ex-roommates struggle over lease.

Episode 213

Hiring and Firing in America; Eviction Conviction

air day: 2014-05-01

A bakery proprietor’s son sues her for wrongful termination; a person says his ex-landlady was working a rip-off.

Episode 214

Comatose Mother, Criminal Son?; Fresh Mouth Takedown!

air day: 2014-05-02

A person insists he didn’t benefit from his mom’s extreme sickness by stealing her cash and automobile; the decide attire down a person who ridicules his ex’s expenditures on automobile repairs.

Episode 215

Military Kick Out!; Ex-Fiancee Assault Charges

air day: 2014-05-02

A lady says her kid’s father purchased a house together with her cash whereas she was away in navy coaching; a girl says her ex ruptured her eardrum.

Episode 216

Jilted Lover or Loony Roommate?

air day: 2014-05-05

A relationship begun on-line ends in assault, accusations and demise threats.

Episode 217

Tijuana Crowbar Payback!; Dog Eat Dog!

air day: 2014-05-05

A clubbing incident results in an ambush and the vandalism of a automobile; pet house owners dispute a canine assault and veterinary payments.

Episode 218

Sick Child or Crash Scam?; Too Much Information!

air day: 2014-05-06

Motorists dispute the reason for a crash; a girl shares a narrative of adultery, surgical procedure and demise in a bid to gather cash from a former pal.

Episode 219

Man Held Hostage?; Teenagers Gang-Up

air day: 2014-05-06

A person says his neighbor accused him of hitting a fence and held him hostage whereas calling police; a former roommate says three teenagers kicked her out and sued her for a further month of lease.

Episode 220

Domestic Violence or Victimized Father?; Pedestrian Meets Hood of Car!

air day: 2014-05-07

A younger father goes to jail for breaking into his own residence; a girl sues for medical payments after being hit by a automobile as she crossed the road.

Episode 221

Ditched Car; Mother/Son Feud; Race Car RIP Tribute

air day: 2014-05-07

A younger lady says her ex-friends took her automobile with out permission and crashed it; a person and his mom struggle over a TV, lease and a mortgage; former mates are in a custody dispute over a deceased pal’s race automobile.

Episode 222

Car Fraud?; Party Bus: Party Foul!; Grand Theft Gamers?

air day: 2014-05-08

A lady says a younger man tried to pawn off a phony smog certificates when she bought a automobile from him; a party-bus driver ejects a younger woman after an altercation, saying she broken the bus; ex-friends feud over a video-game console.

Episode 223

Landlord Scammed?; Injured Pleasure Horse

air day: 2014-05-08

A landlord says his tenants conned him into letting them out of their lease; purchaser and vendor dispute a horse’s well being.

Episode 224

Rock-Throwing Child Testifies; Porched Possessions Upset!

air day: 2014-05-09

Eight-year-old twins focus on damaging a passing automobile; an ex-lover sues a person for leaving possessions out on the porch as a substitute of storing them.

Episode 225

Taxing Friendship; Exes Fight Over Child’s Bed

air day: 2014-05-09

An individual who acquired a bounced examine is accused of utilizing its routing data to retrieve cash illegally; a person calls for that his ex-wife repay him for a mattress he says he bought for his or her son.

Episode 226

Ugly Split/Smashed Truck!

air day: 2014-05-12

Divorcing dad and mom with a historical past of assault and arrest struggle over a truck.

Episode 227

Babysitting Debacle; Unwed Parents’ Bitter Breakup; Shoplifting Among Friends

air day: 2014-05-12

A person says he owes his former baby-sitter nothing, as a result of she broken his truck and her boyfriend stole property; dad and mom feud over a false arrest and a restraining order; a girl sues a former pal after they had been arrested for shoplifting.

Episode 228

Texas Exes; Drunk and Abusive?; Repeat Offender Drug Bailout

air day: 2014-05-13

Exes feud over euthanizing a canine and vandalizing a automobile; a person says his girlfriend refused to provide him his belongings after she kicked him out of the house; a former pal desires reimbursement of bail cash from a girl incarcerated 4 occasions.

Episode 229

Drinking and Driving House-Sitter?; Traffic Ticket Pile-Up; Three’s a Crowd

air day: 2014-05-13

A home-owner says a home sitter drank her wine, broken her sofa and crashed her automobile; a girl says she was falsely arrested for stealing her personal automobile; two roommates insist third doesn’t should have her full safety deposit returned.

Episode 230

Mutual Combat or Teen Bullying?

air day: 2014-05-14

Video proof exhibits an altercation between schoolmates escalating right into a fistfight.

Episode 231

Kid-to-Kid Combat!

air day: 2014-05-14

A 13-year-old is accused of attacking a 10-year-old and breaking his arm; kids take the stand.

Episode 232

Calling the Cops on a Cop!

air day: 2014-05-15

A police officer says her former landlord filed false expenses and defamed her character.

Episode 233

Teens in Tight Quarters!; Tattooed Lip Infection!

air day: 2014-05-15

Former high-school mates, who moved in collectively, struggle over pets, girlfriends and property injury; a girl who bought a severe an infection sues the cosmetologist who tattooed her lips.

Episode 234

Brawling Brothers; Younger Lover Bailout?

air day: 2014-05-16

Judge Judy threatens to throw a person out of court docket for talking out of flip; a person sues an unwed mom 20 years his junior for reimbursement of a mortgage and for emotional misery.

Episode 235

Stolen Heart Medication?; Online Love Gone Wrong

air day: 2014-05-16

A person says his former landlords stole his property and harassed him; an ex-boyfriend says he by no means requested his on-line girlfriend to lend him cash to repair his automobile, so he doesn’t need to repay her.

Episode 236

Pit Bull Attack or Pit Bull Victim?; Ex-Lover Craziness

air day: 2014-05-19

A lady with a small canine sues a pit bull’s proprietor for veterinary payments and blood-stain removing; a person calls his ex “a nut” when she takes him to court docket for harassment and reimbursement of a mortgage.

Episode 237

Sober-Living Strife!; Who Ran the Red Light?!

air day: 2014-05-19

Roommates struggle over lease, broken property and an costly mattress; motorists accuse one another of inflicting a collision.

Episode 238

Clash of the Cousins; Dog-Breeding Brawl

air day: 2014-05-20

Cousins sue one another over a automobile repossession one in every of them calls unlawful; ladies sue their former dog-breeder for the worth of puppies they are saying had been stolen.

Episode 239

Funeral & Family Fight; Bulldog Stud Was a Dud!

air day: 2014-05-20

Half-brothers feud over the price of a funeral, heavy ingesting and dental work because of a struggle; a girl sues a former pal for a stud charge after an unsuccessful try to breed their English bulldogs by synthetic insemination.

Episode 240

Marijuana-Growing Property Fight!

air day: 2014-05-21

Property on the Mexican border is on the heart of a tenant/landlord dispute through which marijuana and vandalism come into play.

Episode 241

Broken Relationship; Tenant Take Down

air day: 2014-05-21

Accusations of assault between unwed dad and mom; a landlady says tenants vandalized the property, they usually countersue for harassment.

Episode 242

Used Car Disaster?; Ex-Girlfriends and Vandalism

air day: 2014-05-26

A used automobile’s new proprietor says the brake pads fell off two days after he purchased it; however, the vendor sues him for the unpaid steadiness; a girl sues her former girlfriend for damaging her automobile in a parking-lot scuffle.

Episode 243

Roommate Mayhem; Brother-in-Law Blowup; Ex-Lover Payback

air day: 2014-05-27

Former roommates dispute restraining orders, stolen property and accusations of drug use; a person says his relative ruined his automobile’s engine; an ex-boyfriend says he by no means agreed to repay the plaintiff for masking his lease.

Episode 244

Used Car Calamity; Collateral Ex-Girlfriend Damage?; Abandoned or Stolen?; Co-Workers All Fired Up!

air day: 2014-05-28

A telephone with textual content proof goes lacking; ex-girlfriends accuse one another of vandalism and theft; a girl says her brother-in-law gave her a truck as payback for a mortgage; a co-worker regrets lending cash.

Episode 245

Mother-Daughter Rift; Raccoon and Pit Bull Attack; Pawned Albums

air day: 2014-05-29

A lady and her daughter deliver their grievances over a automobile sale to court docket; a pair sue a pit bull’s proprietor for veterinary payments after it attacked their canine; a person’s ex-girlfriend bought his file assortment for pet-care cash whereas he was in jail.

Episode 246

When Childhood Friends Fight!; Sci-Fi Costume Battle

air day: 2014-05-30

Friends reunite after years aside, then find yourself combating over a automobile; members of a preferred science-fiction costuming group feud over one in every of their creations.

Episode 247

Handcuffed!; Bad Brother?

air day: 2014-05-30

Unwed dad and mom struggle over destruction of property and an arrest; a girl says her brother totaled her automobile, and he says she lied about it being insured.

Episode 248

Wedding Tragedy; Payback Time for Ex-Girlfriends

air day: 2014-06-02

A miscarriage days earlier than a marriage results in a dispute between the grieving newlyweds and a disgruntled DJ; a girl insists that her ex pay her again for hundreds of ‘ price of unauthorized credit-card expenses.

Episode 249

Motocross Bulldog Attack; Odd Man Out!

air day: 2014-06-03

After one canine assaults one other, their house owners struggle over veterinary payments; former roommates feud over a damaged lease, a safety deposit and an unpaid electrical invoice.

Episode 250

Family Fight Over a Will; Motorcycle Mistake!; Single Mom Breakdown

air day: 2014-06-04

After the deaths of a girl and her daughter, remaining relations struggle over their automobile; former mates argue over a mortgage one took out to purchase a motorbike for the opposite; a single mother sues an ex-friend for a mortgage to start out his enterprise.

Episode 251

Deal With the Deceased; Souped-Up Snowmobile Crash!; Who’s Lying?

air day: 2014-06-05

A former in-law sues a grieving man for the unpaid steadiness on his late brother’s four-wheeler; a person who crashed his pal’s snowmobile right into a tree blames it on the automobile’s proprietor; a girl accuses her ex-lover of stealing her automobile.

Episode 252

Outrageous Landlord?!; Missing Title!; Party Jumper Jacked?

air day: 2014-06-06

A person sues his former landlord for property injury, theft and harassment; mates name it quits over a automobile title; social gathering enterprise house owners say shoppers did not return a celebration jumper they rented for his or her son’s birthday.

Episode 253

Unwed Parents’ Plight or Flight?; Phone or Fist at Fault for Crash?

air day: 2014-06-09

A younger man denies mooning his girlfriend’s aunt and throwing rocks at her automobile; males dispute whether or not a telephone name whereas driving or a pounded fist on the sprint precipitated a automobile crash.

Episode 254

40th Birthday Party Fiasco; Ex-Lovers’ Car Clash; Used Car Hustle?

air day: 2014-06-10

A celebration planner sues her former mates for failure to pay; a girl says her ex-boyfriend’s automobile title and registration are in her identify; a girl sues a teen for return of cash she paid for a automobile.

Episode 255

Teenager Steals From Her Mother?; Daycare Drama; Reckless Driving Mishap; Officer Byrd Takes Charge!

air day: 2014-06-11

A lady accuses her daughter of stealing $5,000 in money from her residence; a day care supplier says her ex-client by no means instructed her that the consumer’s state assist had run out; a motorist backs into one other automobile; a defendant mouths off in court docket.

Episode 256

When Divorcees Fight; Repair Nightmare!; Dog Custody Battle

air day: 2014-06-12

A lady sues her ex-husband for destroying her residence; a person sues a mechanic for crashing his automobile; a girl retains her ex-lover’s canine as collateral for a mortgage.

Episode 257

Freak Accident Move Out!; False Arrest and Harassment?; Stepdad’s Good Deed Gone Wrong

air day: 2014-06-13

A household say they needed to transfer out of their residence as a result of a automobile crashed into it; former roommates feud over false arrest, shifting bills, return of property and harassment; a person regrets shopping for his stepdaughter and her husband a truck.

Episode 258

Sober-Living Knife Attack?; Table Thief?; Truck or Cash!

air day: 2014-06-27

A person says his former sober-living roommate had him falsely arrested; a girl sues her ex for the return of a dining-room set; a person should select between repaying his ex-lover and giving her his truck.

Episode 259

Gay Dating Drama; Bicycle Thief?; Fire Pit Problem!

air day: 2014-06-30

Two males who met on a web based courting web site struggle over loans; after a home dispute turns bodily, a person sues his ex-girlfriend for lease, payments and a flowered, purple bicycle; a girl sues her neighbor as a result of a fireplace destroyed her bushes.

Episode 260

Friendship Fiasco!; Car Custody Triangle

air day: 2014-07-04

A disabled man sues an erstwhile pal for a mortgage mortgage and the price of a trip; a person calls for his private belongings and the return of automobile funds from his mother and her boyfriend.

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