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Prim’s dad is put into prison and is accused of doing something amiss. He was just like a cop of a city. The Senate but by this telescope man not ruled this city. he wanted to do away with him, Prim’s dad was at exactly the way. Warit turns into the new governor. Prim pretends to be a boy and gets to be a employee at Warit’s house. Therefore he ensures that she isn’t gay reason for him, he’s not really fond of gay people she looks like a girl. She tells him that she would like his help to help her dad escape prison and may be the governor’s unlawful son. He insists to support by becoming the mob guys girl. He finds himself falling into love inform of a boy with Prim so he thinks that he is becoming a gay. Lastly he takes it and tells her[in form of a boy] that he loves her and they eventually become a couple. He desires her to own a sexual change. Anyway he married Finest to secure into the truth. Until at the ending Best along with her dad die. Prim’s dad is let out and also he realizes that she is a woman. He is angry that she cried but he still thinks about her. She comes to him and attempts to receive his citizenship but he off her. She gets to the bus in disappointment. He understands that he desires her and rides his motorcycle and quits it. She believed he was struck by the bus and starts to cry. Out of the ditch he came walking in the direction of her and then they espouse.