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The series begins to the eve of her wedding with Beccaday. She’s still plagued with doubt, although it all seems perfect that time around. Whatif she can mend what, and also make the this moment? Becca finds herself contemplating her companion Lolly, with whom she had a falling out in clumps. If only she could speak to her once more… Suddenly, following a yearlong elevator trip, Becca gets the chance to accomplish precisely that as she awakens up in new york on the morning of her first wedding day in 1995. She’s going to wed Sean, a performer who’s completely wrong to her — and she is aware her first movement is to re connect this day, to re-live. By dwelling her life around while re-adapting to lifetime in new york in the 90 ’ s — a moment of smoking cigarettes in pubs, taking pagers, obtaining an AOL email address, can she make it directly ’? Becca will discover there’s no surefire means to create the perfect choices in life knowing everything.