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Than Chai was in love using Bulahn, but was made to marry Than Ying Khaekhai. Than Ying has never permitted than Chai to sleep soundly forcing than Bulahn to be sought out by Chai. Than Chai bestows on her the title of Mother once she is blessed with his little one. Than Ying is angry and cries to her maid, Feung, about Than Chai’s absent inside her bedroom and also her infertility. As soon as Than Chai leaves the state for work giving time and energy to snatch Bulahn ’ Bulahn is about to delivers youngster following delivery and endeavor . Feung informs Yord dump her and then to take Mother Bulahn outside, while still Feung brings Bulahn ’ s son straight back to her mistress soon after Bulahn brings birth within a night. The ship starts to sink, as soon as Yord is out in the center of the lake. He turns backwards again to help and sees that a little one ’ s shout since Yord tries to drift away leaving Bulahn to fight in the ship.

Once a while, these 3 are however hated by speak and chooses out his anger but just what will he do because he starts to comprehend just how much he loves Roong through the temptations.
Bulahn, Yord and Roong can make it to coast and arrives in speak ’therefore speak’s mum has only provided birth but due to her wellness she expires. Chat blames the coming of Bulahn Yord and Roong for his mother ’ s departure. Yord seems to become mute and deaf, although Bulahn never discusses her past, leaving Pott(the dog owner) and his mum to watch over both three.