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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, series Freakazoid! season 1, 2 was released in 1995-09-09 by The WB Television Network, Cartoon Network. The TV show was created by and directed by Paul Dini, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Timm. Actors in the cast include Ed Asner, Paul Rugg, Joe Leahy, David Kaufman, Jonathan Harris. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

Washington, D.C. features a brand new guardian: Freakazoid. The humor (and sanity) never ever quits once he is all around and he is just one among the eccentric personalities of this collection! It’s much better compared to the usual fine bath of nutrients! season 1 episode manual & download choices

Episode two

Candle Jack / Toby Danger at Doomsday Bet / The Lobe

atmosphere evening: 1995-09-16

Freakazoid rescues cyclists by a creature and narrowly leaks a lobotomy. Toby Danger ought to discontinue Dr.

Episode 3

Mo-Ron / The Sewer Rescue / The Big Question / The Legends Who Lunch

atmosphere daytime: 1995-09-23

A forgetful alien attempts to remember his speech to humanity, Lord Bravery’s first-act for a super-hero cynical proves to become always a issue, aliens circles that the Earth hoping of locating an response to the eternal matter of the world and older super-heroes float and remember their glory times.

Episode 4)

And Fan Boy Is His Name / Lawn Gnomes Chapter I V: Fun from the Sun / Freak’s French Lesson

atmosphere afternoon: 1995-09-30

In the initial section (And Fanboy is the Name), an pudgy teen ager phoning himself Fanboy strives to eventually become Freakazoid’s side kick. The 2nd segment addresses the narrative of 4 gnomes, who afterwards inducing mischief to get vikings many years previously, are looked into stone daily, nevertheless come back your in night time to help humanity. The closing section (Frenching with Freakazoid) includes our protagonist instructing French into this crowd)

Episode 5)

Foamy that the Freakadog / Office Visit / Ode into Leonard Nimoy / Emergency Broadcast System

air evening: 1995-10-07

A rabid dog like monster will become Freak’s brand new side kick; Lord Bravery fights forms within his identify; Fan Boy rhapsodizes within his pursuit for Spock’s autograph; Freak instructs Norwegian.

Episode 6)

The Chip (Acts I – III)

air evening: 1995-11-04

Jack Valenti hosts the narrative of just how Freakazoid obtained his abilities and also the assurance of visiting an increased person exerts a bear.

Episode 7)

The Chip (Act I V) / Freakazoid is History

air daily: 1995-11-11

The ending into this narrative of Freak’s sources. Even a vortex stinks Freak in to days gone by.

Episode 8)

Hot Rods in Heck / A Time to get Evil

air daily: 1995-11-18

Freak foils a scheme to make use of autonomous automobiles to slip atomic weapons. The Huntsman belongs in investigation for offense. The approach endeavors calm moments of tranquility more than savage pieces of your afternoon’s animation. Freakzoid tolerates the disturbance using his series, before he eventually decides to take things in to their own hands from your censors.

Episode 10

In Arm’s Way / The Cloud

atmosphere evening: 1995-12-16

Freak extends Christmas hunting and hunts to the response into some mysterious cloud that is apparently turning people into zombies.

Episode 11

Next Time, Phone Ahead / Nerdator

atmosphere evening: 1996-02-03

The animation is cut short whenever the series’s idle authors opt to finish the episode ancient to reveal longer ‘Animaniacs’ re runs. However, Steven Spielberg will not endure to it and frees his eyesight to complete the cartoon directly. Dexter Douglas so on meets an odd alien called Mo-Ron, who’s lost out of his alien pals. Dexter aids Mo-Ron mobile dwelling, and shortly is well-that is, even prior to the lengthy length charges roster up in.

Episode 12

House of Freakazoid / Sewer or Later

atmosphere daily: 1996-02-10

Freak ought to rescue a werewolf out of his populous nation( also look right into the sewers following having a bunch of stone thieves headed to the Cobra Queen.

Episode 13

Deadpan / The Wrath of Guitierrez

atmosphere daily: 1996-02-17

This episode consists of Armondo Guitierrez, whose firm generated the Pinnacle micro-chip that reversed Dexter Douglas right into Freakazoid (gasp!) . After with an online relationship and distinctive set of keystrokes, Guttierrez flows to people, also starts to jumble up things for Freakazoid. After travel to flames, Freakazoid matches a brand new and enhanced Armondo. After that a wrist-timer is wired into his wrist, Freakazoid has just one hour to experience the match ‘Amazing Castle’s to obtain the secret to unlock that, in any other case he’ll probably be deleted.

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