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Jim was raised in a family. Being the only kid, he’s loved by doesn ’ t understand and his mom and dad that he misses one particular element in existence. When he returns from analyzing overseas, he meets Noona, the celestial country-girl. Her personality that is merry but selfless teaches Jim that real happiness comes from helping others, and especially helping individuals that you appreciate. Jim discovers that his dad transmits income to Noona’s village every month. He attempts out into her own village to have the funds back, whenever they try to get paid income because of 33, but instead he could be stuck there for a month. Determined to attain his own profit, he also goes via a ride of love, pleasure, anger and regret. This lakorn describes a story of a young guy who once was an arrogant and greedy person, inclined to acquire the much better end of this deal, before he meets a beautiful and wide-eyed girl who shows him how to truly live at the planet by helping others.