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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, series Dilbert season 1, 2 was released in 1999-11-02 by UPN, Comedy Central. The TV show was created by and directed by Scott Adams. Actors in the cast include Larry Miller, Kathy Griffin, Tom Kenny, Jim Wise, Jackie Hoffman, Tress MacNeille, Gary Kroeger, Gordon Hunt, Maurice LaMarche, Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Gordon Hunt. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

The Gift

air day: 1999-11-02

Dilbert’s mother’s birthday is coming up, and in search of the perfect gift, he returns to the mall where he was abandoned by his father (voiced by Buck Henry) years ago.

Episode 2

The Shroud of Wally

air day: 1999-11-09

Dilbert has a near-death experience at a gas station, and finds that the afterlife is exactly like the office. Meanwhile, a group listening to a multi-level marketing speech become hypnotized, and through a bizarre accident create a religion based on Wally.

Episode 3


air day: 1999-11-16

Dilbert is assigned to create a digital work of art. The result, the “Blue Duck,” ends up appealing to the lowest common denominator of society and destroys the value and popularity of classic artworks.

Episode 4

The Trial

air day: 1999-11-23

Dilbert is sent to prison after the boss frames him for a fatal traffic accident. Once inside, he applies his knowledge of mathematics and engineering to prison life and takes over his cell block.

Episode 5

The Dupey

air day: 1999-12-07

Dilbert’s attempts to design a Furby-style children’s toy go horribly awry when the toys gain sentience and mutate into hideous but benevolent creatures that want independence.

Episode 6

The Security Guard

air day: 2000-01-18

After a heated debate, Dilbert and the building’s security guard trade jobs to see who can do the other’s job better. Dilbert quickly finds himself in over his head when he discovers an illegal casino being run underneath the building.

Episode 7

The Merger

air day: 2000-01-25

The Boss decides that the company needs to merge with another, and chooses a company of brain-sucking extraterrestrials.

Episode 8


air day: 2000-02-01

Dilbert tries to end world hunger by creating a new, safe, artificial food, but it tastes so bad that even people dying of starvation refuse to eat it – until his mother gets involved.

Episode 9

The Off-Site Meeting

air day: 2000-02-08

Dilbert’s home is chosen as the location for an off-site meeting when a dendrophile sues his company because of their deforestation policies.

Episode 10

The Assistant

air day: 2000-02-15

Dilbert is unwillingly promoted to management and given an assistant, sparking a showdown with the other engineers.

Episode 11

The Return

air day: 2000-02-22

Dilbert tries to buy a computer online but gets the wrong model, leading to an unpleasant surprise when he tries to return it to the company warehouse. Jerry Seinfeld and Eugene Levy guest-star as Comp-U-Comp and the plug guard, respectively; Jon Favreau guest-stars as Holden Callfielder.

Episode 12

The Virtual Employee

air day: 2000-05-30

Dilbert and his co-workers find an empty cubicle and start dumping their obsolete computer equipment into it. To keep the marketing department from claiming the cubicle, they hack into the human resources database and create a profile for a fake engineer named Todd. The plan backfires when Todd is named project leader and develops a messianic reputation.

Episode 13


air day: 2000-06-06

Ratbert accidentally sends Dilbert’s model rocket into space. When it returns with samples of DNA from aliens, cows, hillbillies, engineers, and robots, it rectally impales Dilbert, impregnating him.

Episode 14

The Delivery

air day: 2000-06-13

Dilbert fights to keep his baby, a human-alien-cow-robot hybrid whose various “parents” sue for joint custody. Stone Cold Steve Austin guest-stars as himself.

Episode 15

Company Picnic

air day: 2000-07-11

The annual company picnic comes around and so does the softball game between Marketing and Engineering. This episode is based on Romeo and Juliet.

Episode 16

The Fact

air day: 2000-07-18

Dogbert is catapulted into fame and fortune when he posts false information on the Internet about his imaginary disease, “Chronic Cubicle Syndrome,” and releases a best-selling book about it. Ironically, Dilbert is forced to come up with the cure.

Episode 17


air day: 2000-07-25

The company employees are forced to take ethical training classes, then Dilbert is made project lead for the National Internet Voting Network. An attractive female employee of a special-interest group attempts to seduce Dilbert, putting his ethical limitations to the test.

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