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By discovering that the daughter of this man who injured his 22, A guy will take revenge.

Nuan (a maid of Namneung’s moms and dads) has been pay a visit to Namneung, however she is shocked when she meets Taptim (due to the fact in years past Nuan brought her infant boy to Taptim to take care care for her newborn because she needed to escape a murder instance). Nuan is quite satisfied to understand that Petch is her kid, however she is shocked to understand that Ploy is Taptim’s kid. Nuan is aware of the truth that Ploy desired to function as Kriengsak’therefore spouse, however he denied her since he’s just a family person. Ploy was extremely upset therefore that she blatantly walked right into an in coming car and that the collision disabled her. Ploy Place the attribute on Kreingsak along with Daranee. Her lies induced Petch and Taptim to misunderstand the circumstance and induces Namneung to be usually the one who is the recipient with this revival.

Petch, Ploy, also Taptim damage Namneung mentally and physically, especially Ploy. Potchanee (Rotjana’s sister) may be the only one that sympathizes for Namneung simply because she understands Petch and Rotjana don’t have a true husband & and spouse dating, however she can not tell Namneung simply because Ploy is her benefactor.

Petch can be an engineer who Namneung drops in love with ever since she was in senior school. She is quite happy when Petch informs her that he loves her and asks her to wed him, however Namneung’s moms and dads (father-Kriengsak, mother-Daranee) don’t concur because they’ve a distinct social position. Phak (Namneung’s close friend) is quite miserable as he secretly enjoys her and can not pay attention to other ladies, however Alice loves him.
Ploy attracts Rotjana dwelling and informs her which Rotjana is Petch’s spouse. Namneung is sad and shocked to understand this. Petch informs her that Kriengsak (Namneung’s father) experienced raped Ploy. Her father desired to hide his fault so he drove his car to hit on Ploy and disabled her. He says that Daranee (Namneung’s mum) employed a man to strike Ploy. Petch says Namneung has never been adored by him. He’s been doing every thing to persuade her that he adores her. He simply needs revenge for what her mother and father have been doing for his sister, but because of the love that Namneung has for him together with her family, it gives her the patience.

Petch is sorry that Namneung had damage when the truth is revealed.

Although Numneung ’ s mom and dad don ’ t concur, that they have Petch and married chooses Numnueng into his residence. They look chilly and antisocial for her Ploy. Ploy appears like she hates Namneung in your moment that they match. Namneung strives never to pay attention to it because she feels bad for her because Ploy is disabled (helpless).