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The first episode of the series Denji Sentai Megaranger season 1 was released in 1997-02-14 by TV Asahi. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Denji Sentai Megaranger season 1 episode Manual & download Possibilities

The Twisted Invaders

air: 1997-02-14

Episode two

Look!) Our Galaxy Mega

air day: 1997-02-21

Episode 3

For Real!) A Huge Nejire Beast

air evening: 1997-02-28

Episode 4)

Smash it!) Shibolena’s Trap

air: 1997-03-07

Episode 5)

Decide!) This Is that an Underhanded Battle

air day: 1997-03-14

Episode 6)

We Did It!) The Annoying Stalker Girl

air: 1997-03-28

Episode 8)

Will We Lose!? Reverse Teamwork

air: 1997-04-06

Episode 9

Reveal!) The Demon Lurking In CDs

air day: 1997-04-13

Episode 10

Goodbye!) The Android of Sadness

air: 1997-04-20

Episode 11

Danger!) The Red Rose’s Temptation

air: 1997-04-27

Episode 12

Worry!) We’re Lazy Teachers

air: 1997-05-04

Episode 13

Heartthrob!) Our Teacher Is Like that the Wind

air day: 1997-05-11

Episode 14

Surprise!) The Neighbors have been Nejirejians

air daily: 1997-05-18

Episode 15

See Through It!) Will We Die?)

air: 1997-06-01

Episode 17

Way Cool!) The Sexy Super Miku

air: 1997-06-08

Episode 18

Protect it!) The Mysterious Boy’s Forest

air: 1997-06-15

Episode 19

Thrust!) The Persistent Deadly Punch

air: 1997-06-22

Episode 20

Count in it!) The Devilish Labyrinth

air: 1997-07-20

Episode 23

Why!) My Egg’s per Nejire Beast

air day: 1997-07-27

Episode 24

Running Alone!) A Silvery New Face

air evening: 1997-08-03

Episode 25

Just at Time!) Time Limit: 2.5 Minutes

air: 1997-08-10

Episode 26

Really?) The End of Nejirejia

air: 1997-08-17

Episode 27

Kick Them About!) The Explosive Granny Whirlwind

air: 1997-08-31

Episode 29

that I Wanna Lose Weight!) Miku’s Dubious Diet

air: 1997-09-07

Episode 30

Explosion!) The Friendship Combination

air: 1997-09-14

Episode 31

Stop it!) Guirail’s Reckless Run

air: 1997-09-21

Episode 32

Is It that the End!? Desperate Situation, Galaxy Mega

air: 1997-09-28

Episode 33

Cheerful!) The Lover Who Came From that the Moon

air day: 1997-10-05

Episode 34

I’ll Show You!) Big Bro’s Miracle Shoot

air: 1997-10-12

Episode 35

Overcome!) The Wings of Hope Dancing at the Sky

air: 1997-10-26

Episode 37

Why?) Chisato Has that an Old Man’s Voice

air: 1997-11-02

Episode 38

Scary!) Nejirejia’s Fiendish Squadron

air: 1997-11-16

Episode 39

Exposed!) Mega Red’s True Identity

air: 1997-11-23

Episode 40

Scary!) Bad Women

air: 1997-11-30

Episode 41

Collapsing!) The Evil Stalkers

air: 1997-12-14

Episode 43

We Won’t Lose!) The Decisive Battle is determined by Christmas Eve

air: 1997-12-21

Episode 44

Relax!) Kenta’s New Year’s Eve Riot

air: 1997-12-28

Episode 45

Stubborn!) Hinelar’s Big Strike Back

air: 1998-01-04

Episode 46

Prevent it!) Setting Sail into Underworld

air: 1998-01-11

Episode 47

Plunge!) The Dreadful Hinelar City

air: 1998-01-18

Episode 48

Crush it!) Hinelar’s Dark Designs

air: 1998-01-25

Episode 49


air: 1998-02-01

Episode 50

Sublime!) Our Diplomas

air afternoon: 1998-02-15