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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, series CatDog season 1, 2, 3 was released in 1999-02-15 by Nickelodeon. The TV show was created by and directed by Peter Hannan. Actors in the cast include Jim Cummings, Dwight Schultz, Maria Bamford, Maria Bamford, Maria Bamford, Maria Bamford, Maria Bamford, Oliver Wyman, Tom Kenny. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Send within the CatDog

air day: 1999-02-15

Dog had a shock for Cat, and that was to hitch a Clown School.

Episode 2

Fishing For Trouble

air day: 1999-02-15

Cat’s hairball wins them a prize on the amusement park, and Dog chooses a fish as a prize.

Episode three


air day: 1999-02-15

Cat wins a prize and has 5 minutes to name in and declare his prize, however Winslow throws a ball inflicting Dog to chase it throughout city, whereas Cat tries to hold on to a cellphone.

Episode four

The Lady is a Shriek

air day: 1999-02-16

Everyone in Nearburg is shocked to listen to that Shreik is a woman, even the bushes!

Episode 5

Dog the Mighty

air day: 1999-02-16

Dog will get a medal from Rancid Rabbit inflicting Dog to assume he’s a Superhero.

Episode 6

Hail the Great Meow Woof

air day: 1999-02-17

CatDog by accident flies away on a kite and crashes right into a statue of Rancid Rabbit, and the natives assume CatDog is a God.

Episode 7

Battle of the Bands

air day: 1999-02-17

CatDog enter a band contest, however their competitors contains The Greasers, who, from studying a ripped-up flyer, assume it is simply an enormous battle.

Episode eight

Adventures in Greaser Sitting

air day: 1999-02-18

Cliff’s Neice involves city for a go to, however Cliff wants a substitute babysitter (Lube was presupposed to, however he was unable), so Cliff makes CatDog do it.

Episode 9

The Cat Club

air day: 1999-02-18

Cat needs to hitch a Cat Club, so he makes Dog put on a cat go well with.

Episode 10

Cat Diggety Dog

air day: 1999-02-18

This is a CatDog brief the place they go onto a stage and sing about how they get alongside.

Episode 11

Fred the Flying Fish

air day: 1999-02-19

Episode 12

CatDog Divided

air day: 1999-02-19

CatDog find yourself getting sawed in half in a magic present by “The Amazing Ray,” however after they attempt to discover the magician who did it, they discover out he’s a fraud and is in jail. So, they go to a different magic present to place them again collectively.

Episode 13

The Unnatural

air day: 1999-02-23

Cat could be very unhealthy at Baseball, so he places on a Dog masks making the Greasers assume Dog is unhealthy, and Cat is nice.While Dog isn’t understanding.

Episode 14

Dog Ate it

air day: 1999-02-23

Episode 15

Dopes on Slopes

air day: 1999-02-23

Cat tries to show Dog the right way to ski, however when Dog jumps off the ski carry, a loopy sequence of occasions occur.

Episode 16

Spaced Out

air day: 1999-02-24

Everybody in Nearburg is antispating the brand new Mean Bob film popping out, apart from Cat, that’s.

Episode 17

Nine Lives

air day: 1999-02-24

While doing a little cleansing within the attic, Dog releases Cat’s different eight lives, which run round inflicting havoc on the town, so CatDog must catch all of them.

Episode 18

Dem Bones

air day: 1999-02-25

While at a museum, Dog needs to eat the bones of a dinosaur.

Episode 19

Winslow’s Home Videos

air day: 1999-02-25

Winslow exhibits embarrassing residence movies of CatDog.

Episode 20

You’re Fired

air day: 1999-02-25

Taululah needs a soulmate, and it seems that CatDog is a good match for her.

Episode 21

Showdown at Hole 18

air day: 1999-02-26

Cat is making an attempt to win the trophy for goldf that Rancid Rabbit owns, so Rancid tries to do something in his energy to make CatDog lose.

Episode 22

Sneezie Dog

air day: 1999-02-26

CatDog are satisfied that Dog is allergic to Cat. Trying to make Dog cease sneezing, he dangers shaving himself. But that does not even work.

Episode 23

Climb Every CatDog

air day: 1999-03-01

Cat tries to beat an old style enemy at climbing a mountain.

Episode 24

Canine Mutiny

air day: 1999-03-01

CatDog and their mates find yourself in a rubbish truck and fall into water the place Cat acts like a pirate.

Episode 25

It’s a Wonderful Half Life

air day: 1999-07-26

Cat & Dog dream about being seperated of their goals and notice they’re fortunate to have one another.

Episode 26

Shepherd Dog

air day: 1999-07-26

Dog turns into a Sheperd Dog for a girl.

Episode 27

Surfin’ CatDog

air day: 1999-07-27

Cat is making an attempt to impress woman, even when it means browsing in opposition to the Greasers in a contest.

Episode 28

Guess Who’s Going to be Dinner!

air day: 1999-07-27

Cat needs to eat Winslow after remembering that it’s unusual for a cat to not be consuming mice.

Episode 29

The House of CatDog

air day: 1999-07-28

Rancid Rabbit needs to tear down CatDog’s home for a freeway.

Episode 30

CatDog Campers

air day: 1999-07-28

Cat and Dog are campers on this episode, and so they battle whereas tenting, and find yourself in a harmful scenario.

Episode 31

Let the Games Begin!

air day: 1999-07-29

CatDog will get thrown in jail with the Greasers.

Episode 32

Winslow Falls in Love

air day: 1999-07-29

CatDog are bored with Winslow choosing on them, in order that they attempt to discover Winslow a soulmate.

Episode 33

Dog Power

air day: 1999-07-28

Cat is late paying the electrical invoice, so he tries different methods to avoid wasting electrical energy.

Episode 34

It’s a Jungle in Here!

air day: 1999-07-30

Sally, Cat’s crush from second grade is coming for a go to, so Cat needs the home spotless and clear, but it surely turns right into a jungle, actually.

Episode 35

Sumo Enchanted Evening

air day: 1999-10-09

CatDog eat lots of meals in Rancid Rabbit’s new restaurant, and the invoice seems to be $34,000.00. CatDog find yourself gaining lots of weight, in order that they problem Rancid Rabbit to a sumo battle.

Episode 36

Hotel CatDog

air day: 1999-10-09

Cat tries to make some cash by turning their home right into a resort. It all goes flawed when utterly completely different persons are proper subsequent to one another, driving the visitors mad, which drives CatDog loopy.

Episode 37

Rodeo CatDog

air day: 1999-10-23

CatDog go right into a rodeo present, and find yourself being well-known cowboys! But first, will they survive the killer bull?

Episode 38

Teeth For Two

air day: 1999-10-23

CatDog go into the dentist workplace for a checkup, and his enamel find yourself being unhealthy after Dog consuming rubbish, so Cat and Dog attempt to wreck one another’s enamel by shoving teeth-rotting meals down their throat.

Episode 39

Sweet and Lola

air day: 1999-10-30

There is a brand new hen on the town, and her identify is Lola. She strikes in to the tree subsequent to CatDog’s home, as a result of she needs to review them. CatDog get bored with her invading their privateness, in order that they attempt to get her to go away.

Episode 40

Rich Shriek, Poor Shriek

air day: 1999-10-30

Everyone finds out that Shriek is wealthy.

Episode 42

Remain Seated

air day: 1999-11-06

Cat is bored and needs some enjoyable, so CatDog go to the amusement park Mervis and Dunglap work at. Dog is raring to attempt the most important and scariest curler coaster, which Cat is simply too scared to experience.

Episode 43

CatDog Catcher

air day: 1999-11-06

Rancid is speaking a gold tub and the gold stops popping out, so he tries to earn more money by making Dogs have licenses to not go to jail.

Episode 46

Shriek on Ice

air day: 1999-10-16

While Cliff and Lube are getting pleasure out of beating up CatDog, Shriek decides that there’s extra to life and decides to pursue her dream to be an ice skater.

Episode 47

No Thanks for the Memories

air day: 1999-10-16

Dog will get a contact of amnesia after getting hit with an equipment that falls on his head, by which begins up a complete chain of individuals inflicting Dog to get amnesia, telling him issues about himself that are not true.

Episode 48

Extra! Extra!

air day: 1999-12-11

CatDog change into paperboys as a result of all the others give up when Dog chases them.

Episode 49

CatDog Squared

air day: 1999-12-11

CatDog finds one other CatDog, DanStan, or in order that they assume, as a result of they different CatDogs are actually frauds and need to sleep in CatDog’s home and steal CatDog’s trophy.

Episode 50

CatDog 3001

air day: 2002-05-11

Cat goes too far in teasing Winslow, and CatDog results in the 12 months 3001.

Episode 51

Cloud Bursting

air day: 2002-05-11

Cat ruins Lola’s prize profitable machine, and will get in bother after doing so.

Episode 52

Royal Dog

air day: 2000-03-09

CatDog see an image in a museum that has a hanging resemblance to them, and CatDog find yourself in England reliving the story behind it.

Episode 53

Springtime For CatDog

air day: 2000-03-09

Lorraine falls in love with each Cat and Dog, so she has to decide on which one she needs.

Episode 54

A Dog Ate My Homework

air day: 2000-03-09

Cat comes up with a money-making scheme the place a Dog eats folks’s homework.

Episode 55

The End

air day: 2000-03-09

Nearburg fears it’s the finish of the world after seeing a cloud formed like an evil cranium.

Episode 56

Cliff’s Little Secret

air day: 2000-03-16

CatDog realizes that Cliff is taking Ballet classes, and are now not fearful of him.

Episode 57

Freak Show

air day: 2000-03-16

CatDog joins a freak present to earn some money.

Episode 58

Fire Dog

air day: 2000-10-23

CatDog turns into a fireplace canine on the hearth division.

Episode 59

Dog Show

air day: 2000-10-23

Dog enters a Dog present and Cat clothes up as a Dog tail.

Episode 60

The Geekers

air day: 2000-03-23

The Greasers make enjoyable of CatDog and their mates and name them the ‘Geekers.’ CatDog and his mates resolve to make their very own membership: “The Geeker”.

Episode 61

The Golden Hydrant

air day: 2000-03-23

CatDog discover what they assume is the ‘Golden Hydrant’. They put the Golden Hydrant up for viewing in their very own museum. They cost cash for folks to go see it.

Episode 62

Lube in Love

air day: 2000-03-23

Lube is looking for work at a gasoline station and falls in love with a woman there.

Episode 63

Picture This

air day: 2000-03-23

Dog turns into obsessive about pictures, and takes footage of lots of people, even embarrassing ones.

Episode 64

Stunt CatDog

air day: 2000-03-30

CatDog change into stuntmen in a Rancid Rabbit movie, however Cat is just in it to kiss Taululah.

Episode 65

Greasers within the Mist

air day: 2000-03-30

CatDog tries to search out out the “pork fat” to defeat the Greasers, and Lola helps them.

Episode 66

Doo Wop Diggety

air day: 2000-03-03

Winslow makes CatDog and the Greasers a profitable band.

Episode 67


air day: 2000-03-03

Lola is employed to make a documentary on CatDog and if she screws up, she is in bother!

Episode 68

Kooky Prank Day

air day: 2000-06-19

It’s the yearly Kooky Prank Day that Cat hates as a result of everybody pulls a prank on him, however this 12 months he has a plan. He will use a pretend flying saucer to persuade everybody that aliens are attacking.

Episode 69

Back To School

air day: 2000-06-19

Cat missed his final day of faculty, so he did not graduate, so he goes again to highschool to get his Diploma.

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