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The first episode of the Comedy, series All That season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 was released in 1995-10-07 by Nickelodeon. The TV show was created by and directed by Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins, Alison Taylor. Actors in the cast include Josh Server, Shane Lyons, Chelsea Brummet, Christy Knowings, Leon Frierson, Lisa Foiles, Mark Saul, Christina Kirkman, Kel Mitchell, Jamie Lynn Spears, Nick Cannon, Giovonnie Samuels, Kyle Sullivan, Bryan Hearne, Denzel Whitaker, Gabriel Iglesias, Jack De Sena, Kianna Underwood, Ryan Coleman. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

All That’s moment season conducted from October 7, 1995 into October 12, 1996. This season comprised 22 episodes)

This season is very similar to season a single, as this season stars exactly the very same solid members and also can be additionally recorded in Orlando, Florida. After the second season stopped that the series moved out-of Florida and proceeded to Nickelodeon On Sunset at Hollywood, California. Season 2 is additionally the closing season to get Angelique Bates, whose deal with all the series wasn’t renewed.

The intro for its moment season may be just like the original season.

The manufacturers imagined that Mitchell and Thompson experienced great chemistry to the series with each other. From there, the duo could commence starring in their own Kenan & Kel. The demonstrate surfaced during that season, together with Mitchell and Thompson acting on both the shows along with doing additional promotional effort to get your own system.

This has been that the primary season to broadcast on The ’90s) Are All That block on TeenNick on July 25, 2011; nonetheless that the furry guests Aren’t displayed around the TeenNick re-airings

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Episode Guide

Episode inch

Naughty By Nature

atmosphere evening: 1995-10-07

All That Audition footage: The throw has a peek at a few All That audition footage.

Good Burger Commercial: Ed (Kel) strives challenging to learn the signal cards directly to be able to execute some commercial.)

Loud Librarian: Librarian (Lori Beth) does not need any sound to occur within her libarary despite the fact that she’s usually the sole making each of the important disturbance.

Randy & Mandy: Apparently, most of the chocolate comsumed from Randy (Kenan) provides him a awful toothache. Mandy (Angelique) strives what she is able to allow it to be simpler.

Musical Guest: Naughty By Nature (“”Clap Yo Hands””)

Episode 2


atmosphere evening: 1995-10-14

Cast Directs Kevin

Happy Ishboo into You: Ishboo (Kenan) dominates his birthday from odd manners)

Island Girls: Fran (Lori Beth) & Kiki (Alisa) are adhered onto the deserted island.) Fran desires to eliminate the island however need to set on with all the stupidity of all Kiki. Therefore, they have been not unsuccessful.

Detective Dan: Detective Dan (Josh) is quite ineffective at grabbing a villan.

Vital Information: Monica appears to get carried within the Vital Information desk. But afterward, Lori Beth finally ends up and divides her.

Musical Guest: Monica (“”Don’t Take It Personal””)

Episode 3

Da Brat

atmosphere evening: 1995-10-21

Spin that the Bottle: The throw plays with a video game of spin the jar.) However, as an alternative of this jar landing on a individual, it lands on items. The throw kisses these things just like the wall socket, a seat, and also even the desk.

Kreeton Gets A Cat: Coach Kreeton (Kel) attempts to Have a kitty from the tree to get Just a Little woman (Katrina)

Miss Fingerly: That’s Cheatin’: Miss Fingerly (Lori Beth) captures among the pupils cheating an assessment.

The Secret World of Alex Sax: A great parody of among Nickelodeon’s popular reveals “”The Secret World Of Alex Mack””.

Ishboo & Da Brat: Ishboo (Kenan) & Da Brat perform with a match of Sponge Toss.

Musical Guest: Da Brat performs “”Give It 2 Ya””

Episode 4)

Malcolm Jamal-Warner / Mokenstef

atmosphere: 1995-10-28

Kel versus Alisa: Kel & Alisa needed a struggle and are not talking for every single However, they did not mind displaying their barbarous pranks on Kevin.

Superdude’s Ice Cream Fling: Superdude (Kenan) has just another show down with Milkman (Josh) in a icecream parlor. Milkman presents his brand new weapon, ” The Ice Cream Catapult.

Teacher’s Pet Wars: Students vie to Find out who’s your Ideal instructor’s pet

Repairman Adventure: Repairman (Kel) creates men and women’s lifetime hard since he can longer than “”Re Pair”” items.

Musical Guest: Mokenstef performs “”He’s Mine””

Episode 5)

Jon B.

air daily: 1995-11-04

[b]Cold Green Room Opening:[/b] Josh includes a nightmare ahead of the series which He was doing livein panties!

[b]Good Burger: Bad Bugs:[/b] Ed releases his entire cockroach Selection round That the restaurant and endings up frightining visitors.

[b]The Goof-Offs:[/b] Goof-Offs (Kel and Alisa) happen to be goofing off in category throughout Livelihood day after they need to demonstrate their own life livelihood.

[b]Loud Librarian:[/b] Librarian (Lori Beth) utilizes her pogo stay from the library plus she’s awakens Her company. Eventhough, she’s your sole making Each of the Important Sound, ” she anticipates Not a single peep from these guests within her library.

[b]Mavis & Clavis Intro:[/b] While dance at the crowd, Mavis & Clavis pose Musical Guest: Jon B. (“”Pretty Girl””)

Episode 6)

The Twinz

atmosphere evening: 1995-11- and -11

Missing Audience Baggin’ Saggin’ Barry matches Baggin’ Saggin’ Mary Earboy Pork onto the Stick Island Girls present Musical Guest: The Twinz (“”Round & Round””)

Episode 7)


atmosphere evening: 1995-11-18

Kel’s Sleeping Legs

The Okrah Show: Today’s present issue is “”Kids Out Of Control”” as Okrah (Kel) needs to set on using this particular group.

Repairman: More “”repair-work”” by Repairman (Kel).

Complaint Department: Complaint Department girl (Lori Beth) behaves just a small nuty across the consumers. She even retains a coat because your own pet.

Monteco Performs “”Down into the Bone””

Episode 8)

Soul 4) Real

atmosphere daily: 1995-11-25

[b]Cold Green Room Opening:[/b] The throw requires a peek at a few All That Fan Mail.

[b]Ishboo Sleepover:[/b] Arnie (Josh) invitations Ishboo (Kenan) into sleep over, however Ishboo ends-up alarming his loved using his ridiculous overseas manners doing matters.

[b]Relentless Little Pansy:[/b] A youthful woman scout Pansy (Katrina) is frustrating that this fine pair by continuesly requesting them to obtain her tasty Pansy biscuits)

[b]Loud Librarian:[/b] Librarian (Lori Beth) will be upseting her library company with always generating loud disturbance. She excpets her company (that aren’t earning noise in any respect) to stay silent, even though she actually is earning major sound.

[b]Mavis & Clavis Intro:[/b] Mavis & Clavis input the green area in which Soul 4) Real is and introduces Musical Guest: Soul 4) Real (“”If You Want It””)

Episode 9


air evening: 1995-12-02

Ice Contest Musical Guest: Subway (“”Get Da Money””)

Episode 10


atmosphere evening: 1995-12-23

Cast Meets Santa Musical Guest: Run DMC (“”Christmas In Hollis””)

Episode 11


atmosphere evening: 1995-12-09

The Drink Experiment Musical Guest: Xscape (“”Who Can that I Run To?) “”)

Episode 12

Diana King

air: 1995-12-16

[b]Cold Green Room Opening:[/b] The Cast Plays Basketball and creates a desire Of course should they take on a basket it’s authentic.

[b]Coach Kreeton’s Wrestling Class:[/b] While instructing a wrestling course, Coach Kreeton Continues to be driven mad by his own students.

[b]Earboy: The Rossy Shuffle:[/b] Earboy and Pizzaface function tough to fix a instance.

[b]Lemonade Scammer to the Hot Day:[/b] Lemonade Girl (Katrina) frauds folks in to purchasing her Lemonade, She’s a pitcher of Lemonade within a hungry client and fees $ 90.

[b]Peter & Flem:[/b] All That demonstrates daily life of gaps in between Peter (Kel) and Flem (Josh).

[b]Ross Perot Intro:[/b] Ross Perot is determined by phase and introdues Musical Guest: Diana King (“”Shy Guy””)

Episode 13

Sinbad / Coolio

atmosphere evening: 1995-12-30

Refrigerator Call Like Father, Like Ishboo Randy & Mandy: Chocolate Inventions Guest Star: Sinbad Ed and Musical Guest: Coolio (“”Smilin'””)

Episode 14

Mark Curry / Deborah Cox

atmosphere evening: 1996-01-06

Cast matches Mark Curry Miss Fingerly matches Bacteria Good Burger Drive-Thru Pierre Escargot Complaint Department Musical Guest: Deborah Cox (“”Sentimental””)

Episode 15


atmosphere evening: 1996-01-13

Cast Charades Bruno that the Ballerina Island Girls: The Rescue Presto that the Magic Magician Peter & Flem Okrah presents Musical Guest: Immature (“”We Got It””)

Episode 16

Terry Ellis

atmosphere evening: 1996-09-07

Cold Green Room Opening: The women (Angelique, Lori Beth, Katrina and Alisa) possess A bubble blowing competition prior to the series also Katrinas massive bubble ) and Covers the green-room with pink chewing.

Coach Kreeton In The Hospital: While Going to a Medical Facility, the basketball group Visits their trainer a trip, however, they wind up earning him really feel Quicker!

Vital Information w/Lori Beth Denberg

The Wizard of Coz: Dorothy (Katrina) does not wish to have a shower. So she, Mr McToadvertisement (Josh) and Pasta Man (Kel) Find aid from Mr Bill Cosby (Kenan)

Lemonade Scammer: Lemonade Girl (Katrina) ripoffs folks in to buying her Lemonade. She disadvantages two authorities person to getting doughnuts for £ 100 each and every!

Musical Guest: Terry Ellis

Episode 17

Faith Evans

atmosphere evening: 1996-09-14

Mourn for your Corn: The Big Ear of all Corn is at a Healthcare Facility

Cheese Police Bust

Miss Fingerly matches Repairman: Ms Fingerly (Lori Beth) and Repairman (Kel) possess an unforgettable experience)

Ishboo’s Doctor Visit: Ishboo (Kenan) includes a memorable trip together with the physician (Kel)

Musical Guest: Faith Evans

Episode 18


atmosphere evening: 1996-09-21

The Writers have gone BANANAS!) Superdude and Milkman sq off at Dullmont Jr. High Loud Librarian Pierre Escargot Falafil, that the Genie of those Root Beer Can Peter & Flem Pierre Introduces Musical Guest: Silk (“”Hooked on You””)

Episode 19


air evening: 1996-09-28

Card Trickery Good Blur-Ger Goat Date Pierre Escargot Let’s Get Messy Peter & Flem present Musical Guest: Shai (“”Come With Me””)

Episode 20

I-v Xample

atmosphere evening: 1996-10-05

Requests From Audience Good Booo-Ger Earboy: The Trial Did You Hear?) Peter & Flem Vital Intro Musical Guest: I V Xample (“”This Is From that the Fool””)

Episode 21


atmosphere evening: 1996-10-12

Cast Now & Later Detective Dan in the Museum Vital Information Parallel Planet Pierre Escargot Ice Cream Truck Peter & Flem Detective Dan Intro Musical Guest: Monifah (“”that I Miss You””)

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