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The first episode of the Documentary, series 1000 Ways to Die season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in 2012-03-12 by Spike. The TV show was created by and directed by Thom Beers. Actors in the cast include Alisdair Simpson, Jules Sylvester, Bria Roberts, Mike Tristano. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The television series 1000 Ways to Die airs about the cable station Spike. New episodes broadcast on Monday evenings in 10/ /9-C, starting March 12, 2012, with all the Season 4 initial.

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An average woman Receives a helpless rabbit, a batter Becomes dressed, a burglar snacks his tongue along with A princess boy piano out.

Episode 10

Cure for its Common Death

air evening: 2010-12-15

A non rider becomes smashed; nun-chucks simply take a dummy out; Big Foot has got the boot; a event of spy vs. perish; bikini woman exerts the incorrect point; a jockey becomes chucked; a adult clown becomes heavy throated.

Episode 11

Sudden Death

air: 2010-12-22

A winner has his own payback contrary to a jockand also that the mortal consequences by the corset plus also a British torturer includes a concept to get a guy who is way too tall to its stand alone.

Episode 12

Dying to Tell that the Story

air day: 2010-12-29

A ) individual hears the tricky manner to maybe not drift off at the midst of Africa, a Amish guy plus also a southern bunch perish sipping on the very good material and at a conflict of man from pc, the computer system wins.

Episode 13

If You’re Dead – Leave per Message and We’ll Get Back to You

atmosphere afternoon: 2011-01-15

The source of this term “Mad as a Hatter”, a offender’s yells for assistance literally drop nerves and also a conartist that blatantly uttered himself ultimately ends up having a far worse accidental harm.

Episode 14


atmosphere evening:

An hat manufacturer does not produce it; tech-geek will get sterile; wanna-be hip jump queen becomes siphoned outside; car-jacker becomes siphoned away; a feign gang banger will get human body slammed; scam-artist’s plan becomes smashed; agro daddy becomes blanked.

Episode 15

Death: The Gift That Lasts Forever

atmosphere evening: 2011-08-22

Cheating spouse becomes consumed by means of a bear; pervert sex-plodes; bride moves down in the change; a burglar sneaking a bundle will get anthrax Sur-prise; insomniac elicits a winner and conduct.

Episode 16

Death: One Size Fits All

atmosphere evening: 2011-08-29

Disabled bogus has got the rotating shaft; cryogenics scammer becomes frozen; petroleum wrestler extends right down; motorists erectile educator loses controller; coalmining foreman explodes.

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