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The first episode of the Animation, Action & Adventure, Comedy, series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius season 1, 2, 3 was released in 2003-09-19 by Nickelodeon. The TV show was created by and directed by John A. Davis, Steve Oedekerk. Actors in the cast include Carolyn Lawrence, Crystal Scales, Candi Milo, Debi Derryberry, Jeffrey Garcia, Megan Cavanagh, Frank Welker, Andrea Martin, Mark DeCarlo, Rob Paulsen, Phil LaMarr, Jeff Bennett, Tom Kenny, Jim Cummings, Maurice LaMarche, Kevin Michael Richardson, Kath Soucie, Corey Burton, Jim Belushi, Daran Norris. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode inch

Beach Party Mummy

atmosphere evening: 2003-09-19

Bored with a-class shot on mummies, Jimmy determines to carry Carl, Sheen, Libby, and also Cindy along together to find the actual thing. But if his Electro-Life gizmo inadvertently attracts the mummies into lifetime, Jimmy’s must maintain himself along with his buddies from turning into the most recent accession to Queen Hazabataslapya’s Tomb. Jimmy’s decision to captain a winning baseball staff direct him to rev the equipment up using Neutronic engineering. When the staff suddenly reaches on the World Championship, Jimmy comes with a catastrophe of conscience. Inventions: Hydraulic-induce amplifying bat, Sphere-looking gloves.

Episode 3

Grumpy Young Men

air evening: 2003-10-03

Episode 4)

Nightmare at Retroville

atmosphere evening: 2003-10-29

Jimmy’s Neutronic Monster-Maker Functions Sheen to a werewolf, Carl to a vampire, also Hugh to Frankenstein’s monster. However, Jimmy’s innovation works also nicely, which makes those 3 real creatures!) The modest genius Halloween is complex when Carl and Sheen sting Cindy and Libby – today you can find just five critters pursuing him!

Episode 5)

Monster Hunt

atmosphere day: 2003-11-11

Monster Hunt Jimmy, Sheen, Carl and Captain Betty embark on the mission to catch the lake monster that’s haunted Lake Retroville for a minimum 2 weeks.

Episode 6)

Jimmy For President

air evening: 2003-11-11

Episode 7

Return of that the Nanobots

atmosphere evening: 2003-11-14

Id Captain Betty setup to the mission to catch exactly the river creature that’s haunted Lake Retroville for a minimum 2 weeks.

Episode 8)

Holly Jolly Jimmy

air evening: 2003-12-08

Jimmy strives to upgrade people mischievous Nanobots to fix his jelqing prep, however, also the Nanobots grow to be enthusiastic about gratifying “”The Great Creator”” and get started adjusting every thing.

Episode 9

Love Potion Number976/J

air: 2004-02-13

Jimmy is confident that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. To establish his principle when and for everybody, Jimmy journeys into the North Pole with Carl and Sheen. The boys discover Santa’s workshop, however Jimmy believes that it’s just yet another toy mill. In simple factthat simply nothing that they visit convinces Jimmy differently. When his or her apparatus accidentally releases a burst of vitality into this foundation of the sign, Santa’s atoms become scrambled. With Santa briefly outside of activity, that could send the gift suggestions? Jimmy has to currently put aside his doubts, stock up the hypercube, ” and attempt to rescue Christmas until the public of Retroville make up a fresh holidayseason. 20(B), Jingle Bell-Powered Sonic Propultion Unit, Laser-Guided Navigational Beacon (Goddard’s reddish nose), Warp Module

Episode 10

Sheen’s Brain

atmosphere evening: 2004-03-08

Jimmy shows off his most recent innovation ⣔ a really like pheromone ⣔ into Carl and also Sheen. Anyone vulnerable to it will probably fall deeply in deep love with all the very first man she or he sees. Jimmy believes his potion is stored securely within the containment room, however Carl unwittingly opens it ⣔ and appreciate will be literally at the atmosphere, exposing them all! And Cindy Vortex could be your primary lady Jimmy sees!) Will Jimmy be in a position to undo the ramifications of that his most recent innovation, or certainly will love defeat? Inventions: Phermone Number 976/J

Episode 11

MaternoTron Knows Best

air afternoon: 2004-03-09

Jimmy strives to discontinue Sheen from becoming abandoned back into faculty from turing his Brain Drain Helmet to a Brain Gain Helmet. However, his strategy backfires when Sheen’s I.Q. ⣔ and his thoughts ⣔ into your destructive level. Invention: Brain Gain Helmet

Episode 12

Send from the Clones

atmosphere evening: 2004-03-09

Episode 13

The Great Egg Heist

atmosphere evening: 2004-03-10

MaternoTron Knows Best Jimmy makes a robot to restore his own traveling mum, however, if it gets overly commanding, will Judy appear into the rescue punctually? When Jimmy’s errands have at how of him appreciating infrequent ice crystals out of outside distancethat he hurriedly makes clones of himself. These clones, but represent various components of Jimmy’s character) What can happen if the clones are allowed free in Retroville?) Inventions: The 6 clones from Jimmy’s Telepods – Positive Jimmy, Negative Jimmy, Romantic Jimmy, Funny Jimmy, Macho Jimmy, and also Evil Jimmy

Episode 16

The Junkman Cometh

atmosphere evening: 2004-03-12

The Great Egg Heist Jimmy assists Princess Guan Qi “”Peggy”” Tsu by regaining the Egg-Drop Jade in your Retroville Museum until it’s discharged by her brother. Jimmy and Carl’s fathers are fighting with prohibit their sons out of talking with a another, thus Jimmy and Carl has to discover a means to terminate the feud and rescue their friendship. Inventions: Holographic Star Toad (match), flashlight-like laser, Chloro-Plastic Crabgrass (Perpetual Motion Gyro-Top and also Non-Sucking Hydraulic Loopy Straw).

Episode 18

The Science Fair Affair

air evening: 2004-03-26

Episode 19

Men At Work

atmosphere evening: 2004-06-02

Jimmy, Sheen and also Carl traveling into this Moon to simply help Jimmy’s robotic brother Brobot rescue his mom and dad from The Junkman, a wicked distance scoundrel. When his mom and dad visit the desert to get a camp-out, ” Jimmy performs the weekend with all an Wheezers. The aches, aches, and also mad measures that the Wheezers have to guard their wellbeing, but so on reach Jimmy. Thus, that the queen genius pours back into his own laboratory and results in overall health supplements to its Wheezers. The capsules perform only a touch far too nicely, however, along with also the Wheezers find yourself using nearly super human skills!) But that the ramifications are merely momentary, plus they also can burn off in any given moment… Invention: full health-boost capsules). After Jimmy defeats the wealthiest child in Retroville, Eustace Strych, from the Battlekite Flyoffs, Eustace’s gratification is injured. He creates a snare for Jimmy by encouraging Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, Cindy, Libby, Hugh, and – most of all – Goddard on into his mansion.) There, Hugh be-friends Eustace’s daddy whilst the youngsters like a icecream feast. Things change hazardous, nonetheless, when Eustace participates Jimmy at a wager – Goddard Versus you of Eustace’s RA mul

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