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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, series Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World season 1, 2, 3 was released in 2000-10-07 by The WB Television Network. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Jennifer O'Dell, Michael Sinelnikoff, Rachel Blakely, David Orth, Peter McCauley, William Snow. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

All or Nothing

air day: 2000-10-07

On a bridge spanning a deep gorge, a fierce battle unfolds with Drakul’s raiders. Marguerite and Veronica watch as Summerlee is hit. Tribune, betrayed by Drakul, hurls a bomb that destroys the bridge…throwing the boys into the river far beneath. Veronica clings to the hope that her mates have survived and searches for them with Marguerite. Once reunited, they uncover that Tribune has saved Roxton’s life and calls for a favor in return. Since they want a ship to return dwelling, they comply with Tribune to a run-down fishing village – the place he disappears. A stupendous prostitute named Raina informs them that Nemak has enslaved the city. When our gang clashes with Nemak and his goons, they’re thrown into jail.

Episode 2


air day: 2000-10-14

While in search of a method off the plateau, Roxton, Malone, and Challenger are saved by three Amazon girls from an assault by a vicious flock of pterodactyls. Invited again to their camp, they discover there aren’t any males or boys, but they’re welcomed with open arms. While the Amazons have a good time by the sunshine of a full moon, the boys fortunately study that it is breeding time — they usually have been chosen as studs. By the time they understand they are going to die as quickly as they’ve served their objective, it is too late to avoid wasting themselves.

Episode three

Tourist Season

air day: 2000-10-21

Challenger is attempting to harness the power of lightning when a big bolt splits the sky. In a blinding flash, the bottom is scorched, and by some miracle, nobody is injured. In the silence after the thunder, the sputtering sound of a small engine is heard, and a small aircraft seems within the distant sky. It drops from view, crashing into the jungle. All survive: 4 modern-day vacationers – a pair, a middle-aged man and a stunning younger lady. The group are set upon by a hostile tribe and brought prisoner. Our explorers arrive to seek out solely the disabled aircraft, which Challenger and Malone set about attempting to restore. Kenner, the chief of the hostile tribe, is fascinated by his captives however retains them in a dungeon. Roxton and Veronica devise a plan to avoid wasting them.

Episode four

Stone Cold

air day: 2000-10-28

While mapping an unexplored valley, Roxton is stunned by a terrified younger lady, who after uttering an enigmatic warning, dies in Marguerite’s arms. Roxton, Marguerite, and Malone head towards an ominous citadel when a sudden rainstorm forces them to hunt shelter. There, underneath a mysterious affect, the three are led to separate rooms the place they every discover opulent night put on of the identical classic as that worn by the younger lady. Marguerite and the 2 males start to tackle new personalities, eerily re-enacting a romantic triangle of intrigue, with Marguerite taking part in Roxton in opposition to Malone as each males compete for her consideration. Meanwhile Challenger and Veronica equally discover themselves on the citadel, the place they’re welcomed by Roxton, Marguerite, and Malone, all unusually possessed by the spirit-wearers.

Episode 5

Divine Right

air day: 2000-11-04

A riderless horse approaches our explorers, as if on a mission. When Roxton saddles up, the horse carries him to a mountain tribe, who welcome him as their king. Roxton tries to say no, however when the royal advisor, Balar, tells him that if he is an imposter; he shall die, Roxton reconsiders. Using the horse, Roxton tries to warn his mates. Balar has the horse adopted and they’re captured. One of the customs of the tribe is to sacrifice a virgin to appease a monstrous dragon, however Roxton saves the younger lady and steps proper into Balar’s entice. The solely technique to cease the dragon now could be for the rightful king to hunt it down and kill it.

Episode 6

Skin Deep

air day: 2000-11-11

When Marguerite begins being good to everybody, they surprise what she’s as much as. Even when pushed to seek out out why she’s performing this manner, she maintains her uncharacteristic serenity. In the jungle, Roxton and Veronica are attacked by a dinosaur that after giving them an enormous scare, begins to maneuver very clumsily, giving them an opportunity to flee. We study that an alien invader, who couldn’t management the dinosaur’s enormous physique, occupied it. We additionally study that Marguerite’s physique has been possessed when she drops her spoon right into a vat of boiling water and plunges her arm in to retrieve it – with no sick impact. We uncover that the Alien Invaders are skeletons that our heroes need to struggle.

Episode 7

London Calling

air day: 2000-11-18

Our adventurers get well an historical map displaying the escape route from the Lost World. Knowing they are going to face sceptics within the scientific world to which they shall return, Challenger and Malone seize a T-Rex egg to take with them. Veronica can not share their pleasure, nevertheless, for she should proceed her seek for her lengthy misplaced dad and mom. Malone’s desires of efficiently returning to his lovely fiancée in London seem to return true. But is that this what he actually desires?

Episode eight

The Prisoner

air day: 2000-11-25

A mysterious outdated lady, a shape-shifter, seems to Veronica, convincing her that her misplaced dad and mom are secure in El Dorado. The lady provides her the instructions to its entrance in a rock wall, and warns that she should inform nobody and might by no means return. When Veronica unwittingly releases a savage big from captivity, Marguerite and the others should use all their skills to subdue him once more.

Episode 9

The Games

air day: 2001-01-20

Empress Centuria has ordered her Lizardmen to hunt and kill Tribune, who flees to the treehouse for assist. They monitor him there and overwhelm our heroes. Malone, Marguerite and Roxton are taken prisoner together with Tribune and introduced again to Centuria’s metropolis. Malone, posing as Professor Challenger, is ordered to make gunpowder, whereas Roxton and Tribune are despatched to the gladiators’ dungeon.

Episode 10

The Source

air day: 2001-01-27

The Lost World is within the grip of a crippling drought. Our adventurers are saved from a pack of thirsty Raptors by a powerful younger lady who begs them to escort her to her pueblo. She confesses that she is a survivor of the unique colony, which had found the Fountain of Youth. Her provide is diminishing, nevertheless, and he or she should return to the Fountain cave–or die. Marguerite, with visions of everlasting youth and wealth, leads the others after Ana.

Episode 11


air day: 2001-02-03

The Lost World is shattered by gunfire as trophy hunters attempt to seize a Troglodyte baby. Veronica swings by way of the jungle to avoid wasting him, and turns into the hunters’ new goal. She escapes to the Treehouse to warn her mates simply forward of the hunters. One of the hunters declares that he has been commissioned to find the Challenger expedition and assist them return to England. Despite Veronica’s warnings, and Marguerite’s suspicions, the hunters are welcomed and arrange camp close by.

Episode 12

Voodoo Queen

air day: 2001-02-10

As mysterious drums sound by way of the jungle, Roxton is stalked and seduced by a wonderful lady, Danielle, who tells a harrowing story of Trogs attacking and taking on her village. Seeking refuge on the Treehouse, she manages to allure the boys however arouses the ladies’s suspicions. Their distrust is justified when Danielle makes a voodoo doll in Roxton’s picture and lures him again to her village, the place it seems, she is the one who controls the Trogs and a military of zombies. When the others uncover that Roxton has been enslaved, they shortly devise a plan to infiltrate the village and rescue him.

Episode 13

The Guardian

air day: 2001-02-17

Challenger is knocked unconscious by a falling pig entice whereas trying to find medicinal herbs. The three younger hunters who set the entice drag him again to their hidden village. Veronica and Marguerite comply with the hunters’ tracks and make their well beyond the jungle protection into the village, populated by a bunch of younger orphans. They study that the village is protected by an unlimited plant that emits a lethal fuel when disturbed and have to be fed contemporary meat every day. While the trio try and discover a method out of the village, the tribe seizes Challenger and pushes him towards the plant’s jaws. Will Challenger be the plant’s subsequent meal?

Episode 14

Under Pressure

air day: 2001-02-24

The explorers have an odd visitor on the Treehouse who impresses Challenger together with his data of geology. Meanwhile one thing assaults Challenger’s electrostatic accumulator. The explorers chase after a bunch of underground dwellers whom they imagine to be the culprits. Their visitor seems to be one in all them, and the explorers are quickly taken hostage. It seems that the underground dwellers want Challenger’s scientific experience to assist them evolve above floor.

Episode 15

The Outlaw

air day: 2001-03-03

Roxton and Marguerite are out in search of a method off the plateau once they uncover a promising wanting crevice. Once by way of, they uncover an outdated English village the place they meet a masked lady who has simply robbed the native pub. She drops her bag of spoils in entrance of the 2 explorers and vanishes. Roxton and Marguerite enter the pub in an effort to seek out the rightful homeowners of the loot, when they’re promptly arrested by the native prosecutor. When Roxton tries to flee, he’s shot!

Episode 16

Quality of Mercy

air day: 2001-03-10

Veronica and Malone are captured by an offended mob who want slaves to mine their quarry. They quickly uncover that their fellow prisoners are usually not human; they’re machines who’re serving to aliens restore their spaceship. Will the aliens uncover that our heroes are human?!

Episode 17

Mark of the Beast

air day: 2001-04-21

Roxton and Marguerite return to the treehouse to seek out it raided by a monkey. They comply with the monkey to a cave the place they discover an amulet that leaves a mark of a dinosaur cranium on their palms. Those contaminated with the mark quickly start to morph into their “animal” selves

Episode 18


air day: 2001-04-28

Challenger and Marguerite uncover an historical Temple whose entrance is guarded by a carving of three armed warriors. When Marguerite falls right into a pit of spikes, Challenger should go away her, to get assist. As he leaves, the Guardians come to life. While Marguerite lies bleeding, she hallucinates. As Challenger is returning with the others, the Guardians assault them with invincible power, however cease out of the blue once they see Malone bleeding from a chest wound. While Veronica takes Malone dwelling, the others hurry to the temple. When Roxton and Challenger attain her, Marguerite is baffled once they can see her hallucination, Adrienne. Following Adrienne’s claims there may be an exit from the plateau through the Temple, Challenger follows her map to the Temple’s altar the place he’s confronted by William Maple White, a lifeless colleague whose journals had led him to the Lost World.

Episode 19

The Pirate’s Curse

air day: 2001-05-05

Marguerite and Roxton are having fun with an intimate second, when out of the blue the earth strikes! They discover themselves sprawled within the backside of a pit, with a pirate’s skeleton and his cursed treasure chest stuffed with a fortune in booty. Unimpressed by a little bit curse, Marguerite takes it to the Treehouse. Challenger and Malone discover the pirate’s journal, and resolve to unravel his story. Traveling to the described inland sea, they’re ambushed by pirate descendant Pappin, who seizes the journal. He sends his males to seek out the treasure, then shackles Malone in a tidal cave, leaving Challenger tied up in his shack

Episode 20

The Visitor

air day: 2001-05-12

When Malone is slashed by a beast within the jungle, he shoots wildly. While in search of the animal, he and Veronica come throughout Danu, her childhood sweetheart, wounded, and warning them of the hazard from this beast. Later that night time, the group is disturbed by a howling animal, and discovers Danu gone and Malone feverish. Marguerite stays to nurse Malone, the others seek for Danu, hoping to study extra about Malone’s situation. Veronica leads them to his village, the place solely a witchdoctor and some warriors armed with silver-tipped weapons, stay. The witchdoctor tells them that Danu has grow to be a werewolf and have to be killed by silver or fireplace, there is no such thing as a remedy. She provides Veronica a potion to delay the onset of Malone’s transformation, then sends Challenger and Roxton to the Valley of Shadows the place the werewolves reside. Danu, wanting to remodel Veronica to a werewolf like him, drives her in direction of the Valley of Shadows.

Episode 21

A Man of Vision

air day: 2001-05-19

During a robust thunderstorm on the plateau, all 5 of our heroes expertise desires and visions of their “”misplaced”” colleague, Summerlee, who had disappeared right into a raging waterfall and presumed lifeless. Malone units off after this ghost, and Challenger Marguerite and Roxton comply with Ned. The three are ambushed by cannibals who fancy Marguerite’s arm for an aperitif. Roxton and Challenger break away and save her, after which the three resume their hunt for Malone, solely to be trapped by a hungry T-Rex.

Ned in the meantime, has fallen and knocked himself out. He regains consciousness, concussed and thirsty, and follows Summerlee’s ghost alongside a dry riverbed. He stumbles and twists his ankle, however nonetheless hobbles on. Summerlee seems to be main him to the now dry waterfall the place he was final seen.

Episode 22

Into the Fire

air day: 2001-05-26

Our heroes are astonished to see a British Navy dirigible flying low over their plateau. Malone, working away from the remainder, is shut sufficient to catch the final rung of its boarding ladder and clambers aboard. He finds the airship broken and with out crew, however as he opens a logbook, Capt. Askwith seems, and knocks Malone unconscious. As the airship flies past view, the others hear screams from a T-Rex hatchery. Luring the dinosaur away, they rescue, not Malone, as they anticipated, however Askwith!He claims to not have seen Malone. Marguerite is sort of taken by him, and provides to carry him again to the Treehouse to get well. Roxton, a little bit jealous, and really suspicious, accompanies them, as Challenger and Veronica comply with the airship. They find it in foothills close by, and uncover that the injury is just not too critical, and sufficient gas for 3 days flight off the plateau.

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