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The first episode of the Family, Animation, Action & Adventure, series Jake and the Never Land Pirates season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in 2015-09-19 by Disney Junior. The TV show was created by and directed by Roberts Gannaway. Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode inch

Into the Heart of Coldness

air daily: 2015-09-19

Jake should rescue the Penguins of Chilly Canyon in ShiverJack’s suspended fortress.

Episode two

The Remarkable Beardini!)

atmosphere evening: 2015-09-19

The Remarkable Beardini is confident Captain Jake stole his invisibility ring.

Episode 3

Escape in Ghost Island

air day: 2015-10-10

The pirate phantom Captain Wraith turns Hook, Smee and Jake to ghosts.)

Episode 4

The Island of Doctor Undergear

air day: 2015-10-10

Captain Jake ought to re-pair Captain Gizmo, however Doctor Undergear contains additional options.

Episode 5)

Rise of the Pirate Pharaoh

air evening: 2015-10-17

Jake and the crew inadvertently wake the Pirate Pharaoh.

Episode 6)

The Golden Hook

air evening: 2015-10-17

Captain Hook finds the Golden Hook, which works whatever it touches into gold.)

Episode 7)

Mystery of the Mighty Colossus

air evening: 2015-10-24

The Grim Buccaneer yields to the Mighty Colossus to make an effort to simply take control Captain Jake’s fresh boat.

Episode 8)

The Doubloon Monsoon

air evening: 2015-10-24

Captain Hook and his team race to detect the Doubloon Monsoon.

Episode 9

Shark Attack!)

air: 2015-11-07

Captain Jake must-stop Doctor Undergear if he tries to trickle the Mighty Colossus.

Episode 10

Captain Hook’s Colossal Collision

air day: 2015-11-07

Captain Jake pursues Hook if he chooses the Mighty Colossus with an mechanical Manta Ray.

Episode 11

Phantoms of Never-Nether Land

atmosphere daily: 2016-11-14

Captain Jake ought to prevent phantom Pirate Wraith from escaping Never Land.

air evening: 2016-11-14

Captain Jake should regain the Remarkable Beardini’s bewitching rings afterwards Hook Requires them.

Episode 13

Monkey Tiki Trouble

air day: 2016-11-21

When the forces of the Monkey Tiki are published, Captain Hook and King Zongo change organs.)

Episode 14

Jake’s Cold-Hearted Matey

atmosphere evening: 2016-11-21

ChillyZack works by using his suspended abilities to use and catch Captain Jake and his team.

Episode 15

The Golden Dragon

air day: 2016-02-08

Captain Jake and his team assistance Captain Chen regain his bead necklace.

air daily: 2016-02-08

Captain Jake and the additional Never Land captains contend at a scavenger search engine

atmosphere afternoon: 2016-03-07

When ex-genie Dread is freed out of his jar, he also attempts to recover his own bewitching abilities.

Episode 18

Sharky Unchained!)

air: 2016-03-07

Sharky slides off from the Jolly Roger to greatly help Captain Jake and his team Pro Tect Never Land.

Episode 19

Captain Quixote

air evening: 2016-03-14

Captain Jake and his team match a Spanish pirate who’s really on a search to catch El Blanco, the White Squid.

Episode 20

Captain Hook’s Crocodile Crew

air day: 2016-03-14

After Captain Hook will become King of the Crocodiles, it truly is around Jake and his team to rescue him out of issue.

Episode 21

The Creature of Doubloon Lagoon

air day: 2016-03-21

Captain Hook chases following the mysterious Gill Creature in quest for treasure.

air: 2016-03-21

Captain Hook transforms in to the Minotaur of Argos Island to gain the Minotaur’s mythical treasure.

atmosphere daytime: 2016-03-28

Peter Pan’s shadow occurs in Never Land to catch everyone on Pirate Fools Day.

Episode 24

The Forbidden City

air day: 2016-03-28

Captain Chen inquires Captain Jake to support him look for a treatment due to his Dragon Curse.

Episode 25

Attack of the Pirate Piranhas

air day: 2016-06-21

When Captain Hook destroys lunch to get a faculty of Pirate Piranhas, the fish consumed house in Never Land.

Episode 26

March of the Lava Monsters

air day: 2016-06-21

Captain Hook discovers a magic medallion that makes lava creatures.

Episode 27

Beardini’s Apprentice

air evening: 2016-07-11

Cubby accidentally creates Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and Beardini evaporate)

Episode 28

Mummy First Mate

air day: 2016-07-11

When the Pirate Pharaoh controls the Pirate Mummy to function as his own First Mate, Jake and his team label combined to guard him.

air: 2016-10-01

When the Grim Buccaneer kinds The Legion of Pirate Villains, Captain Jake and his teammates place out to avoid this new hazard to Never Land.

Episode 30


atmosphere afternoon: 2016-10-08

Captain Jake, King Crab and Crab Louie crew upward to oust Doctor Undergear.

Episode 31

Night of the Stonewolf

air evening: 2016-10-08

Hook hints Captain Jake and his team right into discovering the mythical Stonewolf Treasure.

Episode 32

Tales of Captain Buzzard

air evening: 2016-10-08

Grandpa Bones informs an intriguing narrative by which Captain Jake and his team depict swash-buckling heroes.

air: 2016-10-22

Tiger Sharky inducts Captain Jake to the Dark-Shark Clan.

air evening: 2016-10-22

Peter Pan provides Captain Jake and his team per couple of Pirate Power Bandanas.

air daily: 2016-11-06

When Captain Hook works Peter Pan to rock, Captain Jake and his team seek assistance out of Wendy, John and Michael to detect the magical items necessary to save their own friend.

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