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The first episode of the Comedy, series How I Met Your Mother season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 was released in 2012-09-24 by CBS. The TV show was created by and directed by Carter Bays, Craig Thomas. Actors in the cast include Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The eighth season of this American tv humor show How I Met Your Mother was introduced at March 2011 and verification of this ninth season. The season continues on September 24, 2012 and reasoned on May 13, 2013.

Episode Guide

Episode inch


air day: 2012-09-24

Robin’s stress for her big day to Barney prompts Ted to precisely enough full time he insisted on departing Victoria’s jilted fiancé an email until they drove off to the sunset with each other.

Episode two

The Pre-Nup

air: 2012-10-01

When Barney layouts a broad pre nupand also the people accept notice and indicate their own connection alterations for their own significant other people. Meanwhile, Quinn is outraged and pulls up a pre nup of her own, that induces friction among your genders.

Episode 3


air day: 2012-10-08

When Lily and also Marshall have difficulty locating a grandma, they know it is due to an elaborate plot Barney came up with to fulfill ladies. Meanwhile, Robin along with Ted ass heads around who’s a more significant connection.

Episode 4)

Who Wants into Be per week Godparent?)

air afternoon: 2012-10-15

When Lily and Marshall can not pick on god-parents to get Marvin, that they place the gang into the evaluation to find out who’d create the perfect one.

Episode 5)

The Autumn of Break-Ups

air day: 2012-11-05

“The Autumn of Break-Ups” could be your fifth episode of this eighth season of this CBS sit com How I Met Your Mother, along with also the 165th episode over all.

Episode 6)


air day: 2012-11-12

When Robin is reluctant to breakup with Nick, Barney will take things in to their own hands.) Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall are distressed to get a private moment.

Episode 7)

The Stamp Tramp

air: 2012-11-19

Marshall urges his previous law school class mate Brad to get work in his business, however, also the meeting goes awry, leaving Marshall to accomplish damage management along with his manager. Meanwhile, Robin aids ripped Barney’s yield into the stripclub circuit. Meanwhile, the group reminisces in their particular runins with regulations, causing a disagreement over who had been the greatest rebel as being a teen ager.

Episode 9

Lobster Crawl

air: 2012-12-03

Robin is ascertained to obtain Barney straight back irrespective of what it really happens.) Meanwhile, Ted matches in as Marvin’s Nanny, foremost Marshall and Lily to understand that Ted is utilizing newborn Marvin to restore his additional child, the GNB construction. Marshall’s widowed mum becomes back in the swimming pool, however he believes she will be swimming with a shark.

Episode 11

The Final Page (inch)

air day: 2012-12-17

Robin happens to possess Patrice fired from WWN, whereas Marshall places a jinx on Barney. Later, Ted encourages his design scientist into the devotion of this GNB construction, also Marshall and Lily bulge to an odd ball proximity out of faculty.

Episode 12

The Final Page (two)

air day: 2012-12-17

Christmas procedures and Ted wrestles with if to share with Robin approximately Barney’s goals concerning Patrice, whereas Marshall and also Lily receive an ancient Yule present, an evening out from Marvin, however a event of separation pressure strikes and threatens to destroy the day.

atmosphere afternoon: 2013-01-14

When Robin admits that Barney never ever inquired her dad’s consent before suggesting, she claims that he search his consent before declaring their involvement. Meanwhile, Ted maintains his emotions hidden by hurling herself into going your own marriage.

atmosphere afternoon: 2013-01-21

Barney begs Ted to keep on watching his far younger, substantially wilder girl-friend, even although Ted has nothing whatsoever in keeping with heror his Meanwhile, Robin needs to adapt towards the ability of this bling. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily are worried that Ted’s brand new girl friend really is just a stalker. Meanwhile, Robin gets mounted on Marvin following finally keeping him to the very first moment.

Episode 17

The Ashtray

air: 2013-02-18

“The Ashtray” could be your 17th episode of this eighth season of this CBS sit com How I Met Your Mother, along with also the 177th episode over all.

Episode 18

Weekend in Barney’s

air: 2013-02-25

Barney’s mythical relationship Play Book, that Robin notion was ruined, rears its mind when Ted and also Jeanette split upward and Barney determines to work with his own chick handbook to greatly help Ted look for a brand new girl friend.

Episode 19

The Fortress

air: 2013-03-18

Barney reluctantly tries to promote his own flat by either holding a open home, throughout that Ted and also Marshall get confused for a numberof Tension originates among Lily and Marshall if her fresh occupation induces her to invest less time in your property.

Episode 20

The Time Travelers

air day: 2013-03-25

Ted and also Barney’s potential variants make an effort to convince present-day Ted to see watch Robots Versus Wrestlers. Marshall and Robin possess a dance-off.

Episode 21

Romeward Bound

air: 2013-04-15

When The Captain inquires Lily to go to Rome to get per year because his artwork adviser, she worries which Marshall will re sent her. Meanwhile, Ted and Barney come to be enthusiastic about a lady who’s concealing her wonderful figure beneath a delicate coating.)

Episode 23

Something Old

air: 2013-05-06

Robin desperately attempts to find the thing that she murdered inside Central Park several years early in the day to utilize because her “Something Old” for your own wedding.) Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily question Ted to simply help them package for Italy, and Barney invitations Robin’s daddy to engage in Laser Tag to be able to bond together with him.

Episode 24

Something New

air: 2013-05-13

As the group forces to move to Robin and also Barney’s wedding ceremony, Ted invitations Lily to find that the home he has finally completed adjusting upward. Meanwhile, Robin and Barney’s nighttime of comfort is destroyed through an obnoxious few, also Marshall chooses the child on an last-minute excursion to Minnesota to visit his loved ones.

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