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The first episode of the series Higglytown Heroes season 1, 2, 3 was released in 2004-09-12 by Disney Channel. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Frankie Ryan Manriquez, Liliana Mumy, Rory Thost, Edie McClurg, Jim Wise, Mindy Sterling, Kevin Michael Richardson, Rachel York, Lara Jill Miller. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Up per Tree / Missing Grandpop

air evening: 2004-09-12

Up per Tree: A fireman rescues a cat out of a shrub.

Missing Grandpop: Eubie sends his Daughter that a letter.)

Episode two

Twinkle Tooth / Flower Power

air evening: 2004-09-13

Twinkle Tooth: A plumber adopts Twinkle’s tooth by your drain.)

Flower Power: A gardener instructs the children about plant life maintenance.

Episode 3

First Snow / All Tire’d Out

atmosphere daily: 2004-09-14

First Snow: Kip’s grandmother knits the children brand new winter season outfits.

All Tire’d Out: On how into this shore, the automobile features a flat rail.

Episode 4)

Flappy’s Not Happy / Electric Evening

atmosphere daily: 2004-09-15

Flappy’s Not Happy: A vet helps a miserable bird.)

Electric Evening: An electrician aids within a while.

Episode 5)

Great Un-Expectations / Snow Dazed

atmosphere evening: 2004-09-16

Great Un-Expectations: A librarian assists the children know about fascinating creatures within their garden.

Snow Dazed: Even a police woman sends back the kids home whenever they have lost within the snow.

Episode 6)

Smooth Operator / Stinky Situation

air evening: 2004-09-17

Smooth Opeator: An operator assists Grandpa detect Aunt Susie’s phone-number.

Stinky Situation: A garbage-collector aids the children cleanup upward.

Episode 7)

Weather or Not / Green at the Gills

atmosphere daily: 2004-09-20

Weather or Not: Wind destroys Fran that the Squirrel’s Acorn Day barrel.)

Green at the Gills: A Expert enables the children look a card.

Episode 8)

Halloween Heroes

atmosphere day: 2004-10-18

Halloween Heroes: Uncle Lemo informs the Higgly children the narrative of this Pumpkin Monster.

air afternoon: 2004-10-25

Smells Like that a Mystery: A authorities dog will help detect Fripp’s missed dog cart that was hot.)

: A tug ship brings the children to protection if their ship runs independently.

The Happy Friend Sparkly Toast Club: Kip along with also his buddies begin a golf club.)

Episode 11

Catch Up With Ketchup / Star Struck

atmosphere evening: 2004-11-08

Catch Up With Ketchup: Fripp unlocks a fresh hot dog stand close the Ferris wheel.)

Star Stuck: The children opt to camp.

Episode 12

Twinkle’s Star

air evening: 2004-12-12

Twinkle’s Star: Twinkle’s Christmas need will come true when Pix that the elf permits her to wrap gift suggestions for Santa.

Episode 13

Twinkle’s Masterpiece / The Egg-cellent Adventure

atmosphere evening: 2005-01-02

Twinkle’s Masterpiece: An immediate pet assists a blind artwork teacher send Twinkle’s art.

The Egg-cellent Adventure: The children understand S-Lang.

Episode 14

Wayne’s Ripping Adventure / Meet Eubie’s Cousin

atmosphere evening: 2005-01-04

Wayne’s Ripping Adventure: Kip begins to split through the skies fastly however he will become stuck at a shrub.)

Meet Eubie’s Cusin: Eubie introduces his cusin into the remaining portion of this Higgly children) : A translator aids the children keep in touch with a brand-new lady.

Higgly Harmonies: The children know how to engage in with musical tools.

Episode 16

Wayne’s 100 Special Somethings

air evening: 2005-01-30

Wayne’s 100 Special Somethings: Wayne is requested to earn 100 of some thing, however he can not consider exactly what things to earn money.

Episode 17

Wayne’s Good Guess / Wayne’s 100 Special Somethings

atmosphere evening: 2005-02-06

Wayne’s Good Guess: The children figure how much candy will be at a jar.

Wayne’s 100 Special Somethings: Wayne has been requested to earn 100 of some thing, however he can not consider exactly what things to earn.

Episode 18

Patty Cake / Coach

air evening: 2005-02-06

Patty Cake: The baker instructs the children just how you can bake bread.)

Coach: The Coach educates Eubie along with also his friends just how you can perform Higglyball.

Episode 19

Bright Lights, Big City / Kip’s Shadow

atmosphere evening: 2005-04-04

Bright Lights, Big City: A cab driver assists the children if they become lost from the town.

Kip’s Shadow: The children look for a stray puppy when still playingwith.

Episode 20

Fran Takes per Hike / Mystery in Kip’s House

atmosphere evening: 2005-04-04

Fran Takes per Hike: A forest ranger enables the children if they eliminate their own trekking course.

Mystery in Kip’s House: The children attempt to detect the exact foundation of the mysterious racket.

Episode 21

Kip Joins that the Circus / Baby Boom

air evening: 2005-05-08

Kip Joins that the Circus: The Fricky Frack Funhouse grabs on flame.

Baby Boom: An ambulance driver accepts Mrs. Barber into a medical facility.

Don’t Fence Me In: Uncle Lemmo along with also his neighbor disagree across along with of the weapon.

Episode 23

Higgly Hoedown / Eubie’s Turbo Sled

atmosphere evening: 2005-06-20

Higgly Hoedown: A cowboy will help catch a more drifting cow.

Eubie’s Turbo Sled: A snowplow driver adopts a sexy dog cart caught at the snow.

Episode 24

Kip’s Dad Gets per Strike

air afternoon: 2005-07-18

A Truckdriver produces a dispatch of Kip’s daddy’s specific bowling chunks.

Episode 25

A Really Hot Day

air evening: 2005-07-19

A life guard watches across the youngsters if they see the swimming pool.)

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