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The first episode of the Crime, Drama, Mystery, series CSI: NY season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 was released in 2005-09-28 by CBS. The TV show was created by and directed by Jerry Bruckheimer, Anthony Zuiker, Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn. Actors in the cast include Carmine Giovinazzo, Anna Belknap, Robert Joy, A.J. Buckley, Hill Harper, Eddie Cahill, Sela Ward, Gary Sinise. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The moment season of both CSI: NY at first aired on CBS among September 2005 and also May 2006. It contains 24 episodes) Its average timeslot lasted on Wednesdays in 10pm/9c. The season established a brand-new shared personality, Lindsay Monroe, following shared Aiden Burn has been terminated. Vanessa Ferlito, who conducted Burn, had to leave the group to go after her own picture career.

Episode 7, “Manhattan Manhunt”, has been that the moment an integral section of the two-part cross over using CSI: ” Miami.

CSI: NY The Complete Second Season was established on DVD over the U.S. on October 17, 2006.

Episode Guide

Episode inch

Summer In The City

atmosphere evening: 2005-09-28

Stella and also Danny test every time a jewellery designer has been detected unworthy, taking the 8 thousand green back bra he ever generated, also analyze the mannequin he’d taken along with also her bodyguard. Aiden commences to select the rape instance she was participated on only a touch too soon, also can be place to stop the man early in the day than they could rape once more. Hawkes are certain to have to put in the world to your key period since he aids Mac in exploring the reduction in existence of somebody who chose to scale sky-scrapers.

Episode 2

Grand Murder in Central Station

air afternoon: 2005-10-05

Stella and also Danny are moving in to the area of cuddle occasions: caked occasions are grown ups study into the signature and devour one another. Meanwhile, Mac, Hawkes, and Flack test the reduction in life span of an despised cosmetic surgeon detected covered using lye with 1000’s of both eye witnesses all through run hour at Grand Central Station. While Mac and Stella assist Aiden at a rape instance, once she violates out an verification seal, ” Mac ought to return to terms with Aiden’s movement and operate the nerve up to FIRE side her.

Episode about three

Zoo York

atmosphere day: 2005-10-12

Mac and also Danny seem in to the cryptic decline in existence of someone torn apart from creatures about the Bronx Zoo, that contributes them into every one the unworthy person’s meat packaging plant as well as his own mafia kin. Hawkes and Stella are abandoned with all the event of the stupendous youthful debutante found futile about the carousel just hours early in the day compared to her pop ping outside. Flack team just as far as assess an instance concerning an teenager who loved to devote his time supporting the computer system only a-little an inordinate level of.

Episode 5)

Dancing With The Fishes

air: 2005-10-26

Mac, Stella and also Flack test the reduction in life span of some younger priest who’s never a long time past acquired the lottery, plus it isn’t long early in the day than they ever realise that her lack of lifestyle is closely connected to Lindsay’s evaluation about this reduction in life span of the tram motorist. Danny and Hawkes seem in the murder of the locality fish supplier, and also fleetingly find their way into a covetous friend who was simply offended that their modest one didn’t put right to a prestigious faculty.

Episode 6)


atmosphere day: 2005-11-02

When that a individual has been detected murdered within a elevator, Mac, Flack, Danny and also Lindsay test an entire universe that the region very youthful ladies enjoy sensual experiences having a ton elderly men. They’re still left wanting to learn whether or not their best result is just a defendant, a watch … or perhaps the imagined victim. Stella and Hawkes test the reduction in life span of an younger person contained in Central Park who perished out of a surplus tainted reply and research he was faking to be someone he was not.

Horatio Caine follows Henry Darius into New York so as they holds his assurance to some youthful boy in Miami, but at the purpose he or even Mac are competent of detect Darius he’s got vanished once longer, forsaking 6 extra his own bodies. Even a hyper link into the young sister of a few of the sufferers that was simply in addition Darius’ hostage is apparently always a futile ending, yet Mac and Horatio immediately detect the text among Darius along with his hostage, chief them into some psychologist who’d treated every single

Episode 8

Bad Beat

atmosphere day: 2005-11-16

Mac and also Stella test a murder of the whole lot of some surplus stakes poker diversion after having a player has been captured pumped and unethical outside of this activity. While Danny and Hawkes detect the hints that can create sure they are cure that the reduction in life span of an weather girl. Stella and Hawkes research in the increased loss in life span of a female with final cancers. Danny and Hawkes seem in the murder of just one in all New York’s coming harvest of authors.)

Episode 11


air daytime: 2005-12-14

Danny and also Stella find modern procedures to track contrary what the law states landscape where as Danny is trapped at an anxiety room with all the victim, that was simply usually the 1 man together with the security code.) As a locksmith operates to thicken from the fiberglass doors, ” the CSIs dash into track of this proof early in the day compared to victim implements further and Danny’s oxygen works outside. Hawkes and Lindsay test the murder of a distinctive priest found unworthy to the klieg tender

Episode 12


atmosphere afternoon: 2006-01-18

Mac, Danny, and also Dr. Hawkes test the reduction in life span of a run way mannequin who fell during a method gift. Meanwhile, Stella, Detective Flack, and Lindsay test a teriminally un well influenced man’s confession into the murder of the or her physician. Mac and Lindsay arrive to the scene and start out to Sur-prise whether Randy Williams expired from pressing on primary of this subway. His lack in lifestyle is quite a bit more suspicious once they consider the body extra closely. Stella assumed she had been about to Frankie’s area also to maybe not yet an art gallery. Outside the screen two men are now kissing and also you in most of these is taken over the back using a single arrow.

Episode 15

Fare Game

air: 2006-03-01

Lindsay, Stella, and also Mac are about the event of some futile ADA, that they discover, is worried in a “kill war” with water weapons. Meanwhile, Danny and Hawkes test the murder of the youthful girl who experienced a penchant for eating ingesting puts and also accepting them for whatever they truly are price.

Episode 16

Cool Hunter

air: 2006-03-08

After the body of some futile woman occurs at an watertower that the team instantly comprehends that the construction may maintain a much larger thriller than they ever predicted.

Episode 17

Necrophilia Americana

air: 2006-03-22

A youthful boy witnesses the reduction in life span of a memorial curator nevertheless wouldn’t will need to share with anyone around that. Danny explores the reduction in life span of a town golfer found futile to an improvement site.

Episode 18

Live or Let Die

air: 2006-03-29

The life of an transplant influenced man hangs in the steadiness as the team attempts to find the unmanned aircraft taking out the liverdisease. Hawkes find his clothing within an close-by mobile sales distance. Danny and Lindsay test the murder of an NFL noodle draft select, commonly referred as “Superman.”

Episode 20

Run Silent, Run Deep

atmosphere evening: 2006-04-19

Mac gets a mobile name signals into a obsolete homicide early in the day compared to caller simplifies suicide. The title direct the team to some football arena to find a body they often research the suicide victim is owned by this Tanglewood gang. They in addition locate a smoke which puts Danny’s project in the trail immediately after his DNA is located onto it.

Stella and Danny test the reduction in life span of a gentleman who utilized the most organizations of a expensive title woman support.

Episode 21

All Access

air: 2006-04-26

Mac and also Lindsay question Kid Rock being a consequence of that had been the last specific to visit his limousine driver living as soon as the driving drive was detected unworthy inside the street only sooner than Kid Rock’s encore efficacy live operation.

Episode 22

Stealing Home

air: 2006-05-03

Two women just about every announce are the partner of an homicide victim jolt Mac and also Stella to the conditions of the own relationships. Both women are at a trinogamous union with all the victim. Meanwhile, Danny and Lindsay test the murder of the youthful lady who is uncovered off a pier tousled in kelp where as she’s dressed like a mermaid.

Episode 23


air daytime: 2006-05-10

Mack and also Danny detect marine infantry unworthy nevertheless if problems don’t look proper regarding his lack in lifespan They detect a decline of blood onto his sleeve fresh indications of the wrestle and a lot of different awards onto his or her uniform. They every single Sur-prise why the Marine didn’t struggle because of his entire life. Hawkes are typical busy exploring a futile human anatomy in front of the auto they believe that the human anatomy to become this of Charles Wright. There is just one slight drawback Sid affirms that the body discovered inside the car is not Charles Wright. The body yet inside the car is still quite female. After Sheldon fastidiously commences cosmetic facelift of this cranium he’d make use of a system which may let him import this specific name in to the computer system therefore they could fit a face compared to the cranium. Sheldon includes a magnificent end outcome. The cranium along with also the picture game which of Aiden Burn. He has to arrive at grips with having allowed a maritime expire in Beirut in 1983. Also the team should maintain 1 step of progress of the bomber.

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