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The first episode of the Family, Drama, series 7th Heaven season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 was released in 1997-09-15 by The WB Television Network. The TV show was created by and directed by Brenda Hampton. Actors in the cast include Beverley Mitchell, Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks, Mackenzie Rosman, David Gallagher, Barry Watson, Jessica Biel, Nikolas Brino, Lorenzo Brino, George Stults, Tyler Hoechlin, Haylie Duff, Mila Kunis. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

Season two of 7th Heaven—an American family-drama television sequence, created and produced by Brenda Hampton—premiered on September 9, 1997, on The WB, and concluded on May 11, 1998.

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Don’t Take My Love Away

air day: 1997-09-15

In the second season-opener, Eric and Annie renew their vows— they’re getting married as soon as extra. The youngsters aren’t truly excited regarding the bridal ceremony, nonetheless Ruthie must placed on a tuxedo. Mary is tired of strolling in crutches, nonetheless is afraid she may fall if she wouldn’t use them. Lucy stays to be indignant that Jimmy Moon goes out with Ashley now, nonetheless invites them to the wedding—she later UN-invites them. Matt and Heather are spending time collectively sooner than she goes away to highschool. Simon decides to attend sooner than shifting in his new room inside the attic. Eric helps a woman, Nora, converse to the person who killed her husband just some years up to now.

Episode 2

See You in September

air day: 1997-09-22

Eric and Annie are taking the day without work to spend time collectively as a result of it is the first day of college for the 5 Camden children. Although, points go array on their first day once more at school. Ruthie is caught sporting a hat backwards which violates college protection. Ruthie insists on sporting her cap backwards and ends up getting a ‘journey’ by her teacher. During Simon’s first day at Junior High School, he is caught with a knife that his mother had given him to cut his rooster. Simon is suspended for a day. Mary presents to help Lucy collectively along with her locker that doesn’t open as a consequence of Eric’s outdated lock that he had given her.

Meanwhile, when Lucy takes an aspirin that Mary had given her, the principal notices them with the medication and takes them to the office. Matt later joins his sisters after Mr. Koper catches him with a beeper- the one Eric left in Matt’s jacket after borrowing it. All three of them are suspended for a day. Also, Mary learns that Mr. Koper is her new basketball coach and he’ll he

Episode three

I Love You

air day: 1997-09-29

Mary tries to make Wilson say that he “”loves”” her, nonetheless Wilson thinks it’s a massive dedication and that they haven’t recognized each other prolonged ample to say these phrases to 1 one other. Meanwhile, Simon and Ruthie are learning Matt’s love letters to Heather and get caught. Matt ideas them by addressing considered one of many letters to “”Mrs. Matt Camden.”” By this, Eric accidently finds the letter leading to suppose Matt and Heather obtained married over the summer season, which worries himself, Annie and Heather’s mom, Mrs. Cain. Lastly, Eric helps Lucy’s good good friend, Laurie get nearer to her mother.

Episode 4

Who Knew?

air day: 1997-10-06

Eric accuses Matt of doing medicine after discovering marijuana within the house and after Matt’s good good friend Mitch askes him to hold his marijuana. Meanwhile, on the similar time Eric finds the marijuana within the house, it leads Annie to a confession of private her about her experimentation. Also, Simon teaches Ruthie regarding the good art work of doing laundry, eventhough Ruthie is little too youthful. Lastly, Lucy introduces her new garments of all black and her new boyfriend Rod to the family.

Episode 5

Says Who?

air day: 1997-10-13

One of the members of Eric’s congregation, Mrs. Bink persuades him to analysis the true motive of why her most interesting good good friend Mrs. Hinkle is shifting proper right into a retirement residence. Meanwhile, Simon and Ruthie are performing an experiment and are trying to steer Matt that Simon is shrinking, nonetheless the tables abruptly flip for Simon. Also, Lucy tries to unravel definitely considered one of her classmates, Shelby as she is rumored all through college of being bulimic.

Episode 6

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

air day: 1997-10-20

The Camden youngsters get a lesson in love as Mary decides to call it a quits with Wilson. Simon is obsessive about getting his first girlfriend, whereas Ruthie learns the do’s and don’ts of kissing on the varsity playground. Matt receives devastating info from his girlfriend Heather, which leads him on an prolonged journey to Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Lucy laments over being single until she accidently will get close to the varsity hunk.

Episode 7

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

air day: 1997-11-03

Simon turns into emotionally involved alongside together with his most interesting good good friend’s sister, Karen who’s a gang member. Meanwhile, in a gift of independence Lucy dons make-up and revealing wardrobe collectively along with her good good friend’s to satisfy guys on the mall and can get caught by Annie and Ruthie. In addition, Ruthie questions the speed of sunshine to everyone inside the family.

Episode eight

Do Something

air day: 1997-11-10

Against Eric’s advice, Matt takes a job caring for a dying boy named Steve. Annie goes into the muffin-making enterprise after being happy by her daughters Mary and Lucy. Annie goes into enterprise with a cookie retailer proprietor, David Friel who’s making an attempt to broaden his earnings, although it’s a lot more durable work for Annie than what she had initially anticipated. Also, Ruthie teaches Simon a hard lesson regarding the art work of being a salesman when being his opponents in selling greeting enjoying playing cards.

Episode 9

I Hate You

air day: 1997-11-17

Against Eric’s wants, Simon asks Mrs. Kerjesz (guest-star precise life survivor, Rita Zoharm) to tell her story about being inside the Holocaust in his class presentation. To variety a strong sisterly bond, Mary and Lucy decide to hate Matt’s new girlfriend for no good motive and end up hurting her feelings and breaking up with Matt. Also, Annie suffers heartache when Ruthie tells her she “”hates”” her for making her clear the partitions in her room after scribbling crayons on them.

Episode 10

Truth or Dare

air day: 1997-11-24

Mary coerces Matt into asking his good good friend Brian (guest-star Jason Behr) to take her out on a date no matter his lack of curiosity in her. Although, points begin to heat up between the 2 youngsters whereas on the date—but lastly ends in disaster after Mary finds out the truth. Meanwhile, Lucy is invited to a sleepover of widespread women, nonetheless Lucy is unaware of the group’s precise intentions for inviting her. Also, Simon begins to indicate Ruthie discover ways to swim with out taking lessons. Lastly, Eric turns into happy he’s fat and thinks he’s getting away with dishonest on his weight reduction plan.

Episode 11

Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way

air day: 1998-01-12

Eric’s no-nonsense father, John “”The Colonel”” (customer star Peter Graves) returns when he learns an array of points inside the Camden household. Mary is jealous of a model new member of the basketball workforce who’s getting loads of the attention. Lucy’s declining grades are attributable to her hanging spherical with a foul crowd, whereas Ruthie needs to repeat Simon in his quest to be a magician. Meanwhile, Eric is oblivious to all of the family troubles spherical him as he’s preoccupied with writing a sermon that is to be lined by a digital digital camera crew. Meanwhile, Annie is doing all the chores at residence and at church alone whereas everyone else is doing their very personal issue.

Episode 12

Rush to Judgment

air day: 1998-01-19

Eric and Annie try not suspecting the worst as soon as they uncover money missing from the church treasury and all the proof elements to Lou, the church treasurer. Later, all of them uncover out it is for his disabled son who was kicked out of his residence and should uncover a brand new one. Believing that Coach Koper has larger than basketball on his ideas the place Mary’s concerned, Matt and Lucy hazard alienating their sister to search out the truth. Also, Simon lets the game of golf overwhelm his life and ends up breaking loads of points.

Episode 13

Stuck inside the Middle with You

air day: 1998-01-26

Lucy ought to choose between her new boyfriend Rod and her former boyfriend Jimmy Moon after he is dumped by his outdated girlfriend Ashley, and wishes Lucy once more. While Lucy makes her selection, the rest of the Camden children are making bets to which man Lucy will choose. Eric and Annie are at odds as soon as they help newly married discuss with each other, nonetheless end up shifting into an unlimited battle themselves when discussing their burial plot preparations inside their very personal households. Also, a go to from Annie’s father stirs up extra points inside the Camden household when he arrives with out Ginger after not too way back breaking up attributable to his hair piece (toupee).

Episode 14

Red Tape

air day: 1998-02-02

Eric helps a single mother named Harriet and her son Clarence to aim to steer the IRS that she shouldn’t be answerable for her ex-boyfriend’s monumental cash owed. Annie confronts the children about their lack of tremendous manners after an incident at a “”Free Sunday Blue-Collar Special Lunch”” at a restaurant. The youngsters do not take Annie considerably and fool spherical. Meanwhile, Matt accuses Mary and Lucy of placing a non-public advert in his title inside the college newspaper for a date. Also, Simon and Ruthie try to find out discover ways to repay Happy’s unintentional financial institution card and purchase.

Episode 15


air day: 1998-02-09

Convinced that she’ll fail in her basketball comeback, Mary develops a horrible perspective making her pretty unpleasant. Eric laments that Mary under no circumstances talks to him anymore. Lucy is labored up over the prospect of her most interesting good good friend Suzanne coming to go to, until she learns the lady ran away from residence. Afraid of his science teacher, Mrs. Hunter, Simon loses his confidence in his capability to complete a class endeavor and feigns illness to stay away from it. Also, Ruthie is terrified of her first self-discipline journey contemplating that she’ll get misplaced from the group.

Episode 16

It Takes a Village

air day: 1998-02-23

When Eric helps his good good friend Reverend Morgan Hamilton secretly meet up alongside together with his partner’s ex-husband Kevin, they’re shocked on the ultimate outcome that he’s paralyzed from the waist down. While overlaying for the Hamilton’s daughter Keesha, Lucy unexpectedly goes on a double date with them. Soon Annie and Mrs. Hamilton bust the women when taking Ruthie and Lynn to the flicks. Back in school, Mary clandestinely dates definitely considered one of Lucy’s classmates.

Episode 17

Nothing Endures But Change

air day: 1998-03-02

Lucy will get an invitation to have pizza with two rebellious buddies, then blames herself for the tragic car accident that claims her good good friend’s life, and her sister inside the hospital. After Lucy’s good good friend is killed, the family rallies around her, noticing her unusually distant habits. In addition, Mary does a favor for her ex-boyfriend Wilson and baby-sits his son Billy so he can go to his promenade. Also, Simon will get his private room whereas Matt strikes into the attic.

Episode 18

My Kinda Guy

air day: 1998-04-06

After Eric agrees to soak up a French commerce scholar (Guy) as a short border, no person nonetheless Ruthie suspects the youthful man is unquestionably a con artist. Suave and romantic, the border attracts every Mary and Lucy after he flirts with them. Simon and Ruthie get sick as soon as they try and smoke Guy’s cigarettes. Also, Guy steals Matt’s date. Lastly, Eric and Annie uncover e-mail and chat-rooms on Guy’s laptop computer laptop computer and begin a romance with each other over the online.

Episode 19

Time to Leave the Nest

air day: 1998-04-13

Eric tries to unravel the thriller surrounding a youthful homeless girl, Sarah James, that Simon brings residence who’s misplaced. Eric tries to help her and her alcoholic father, Joe James. Matt delights the prospect of going away to highschool. Matt says he needs personal home when having a older woman sleep-over. Also, sharing a room begins to gasoline variations between Mary and Lucy.

Episode 20

Like a Harlot

air day: 1998-04-27

Eric asks Matt to take his good good friend’s daughter to the senior promenade, nonetheless he is unaware of her tainted kind and her being a harlot. Eric will get “”Snappy the Stegosaurus”” tickets from his ex-girlfriend for Ruthie. Meanwhile, Simon is uncomfortable after viewing a school film on the ‘data of life’ whereas Ruthie learns the truth about her costume character hero. Also, Mary and Lucy trick their strategy proper right into a date with boys they have no idea, nonetheless the joke’s on them.

Episode 21

Boyfriends (1)

air day: 1998-05-04

When Mary and Wilson decide to get once more collectively it begins to make Annie worrisome about their togetherness since Wilson and and his son Billy are hanging throughout the Camden house way more. Later on, Matt catches Wilson and Mary every sleeping collectively in her mattress and throws a match at them. Meanwhile, Lucy will also be anxious when her former boyfriends, Jimmy Moon and Rod workforce as a lot as adjust to Eric spherical for a class endeavor. The two guys even start calling themselves Eric’s “”MIT’s: Minister’s In Training.”” Also, Simon begins to educate Happy for a job in a canine enterprise whereas Matt is looking out for the proper time to tell his family that he obtained a job in Washington D.C. over the summer season. Lastly, after Happy wins the enterprise gig and is positioned on television, Happy’s distinctive proprietor and his daughter see Happy on television and wish her once more.

Episode 22

… And Girlfriends (2)

air day: 1998-05-11

In the second season finale, Eric and Annie are shocked and saddened that Mary could also be pregnant after a chat collectively along with her doctor over the cellphone. Meanwhile, Matt makes an announcement that he is leaving residence earlier than anticipated so he can begin a summer season teaching program in Washington D.C. Although, Matt rapidly realizes that “”The Colonel”” was the true motive of how he obtained into this technique and may decide whether or not or not he should take it or not. Also, Simon and Ruthie are despondent when Happy’s distinctive proprietor comes to say her. The family then tries their most interesting efforts into getting her once more. Also, Annie’s father, Charles and Ginger create a false engagement to discourage Eric and Annie when attempting to rescue Happy with the rest of the family—but shortly make the engagement precise. Lastly, an unlimited shock is prepared inside the wing for Eric and Annie as they uncover one factor nice.

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